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Would Like Some Help

I posted this video the other day:

and came back to find that it had been determined to be a dupe. I realize there is another video on the sift which is exactly the same footage, however, the video I posted had been tracked with authentic sounds of the period rather than some filler background music.

Can this be revisited, please? Here is the attending information as to the authenticity of the sounds employed in this version:

Post Effects:
This version of the film has been digitally stabilized to remove jitter.

Sounddogs, Youtube,, Wikipedia,,,, Prelinger Archives.

Automobile sounds are all either Ford Model T, or Model A, which came out later, but which have similarly designed engines, and sound quite close to the various cars show in the film. The horns are slightly inaccurate as mostly bulb horns were used at the time, but were substituted by the far more recognizable electric "oogaa" horns, which came out a couple years later. The streetcar sounds are actual San Francisco streetcars. Doppler effect was used to align the sounds.

Thank you.

Does Your Voting Depend on the Submitter?

  (9 votes)
  (1 vote)
  (1 vote)
  (54 votes)

A total of 65 votes have been cast on this poll.

I find myself gravitating toward those submissions from people I interact with in a positive way. I am wondering if we ought to have a month of anonymous submissions to see if that would change the weekly rankings . . .

How do you vote?

DVD Ripping Software

I have a need to rip several clips from some of my (yes I own them) DVD's. Can anyone point me toward a good program for doing this? Also, I would appreciate it if the clip is able to be played across multiple players (ie. Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp, etc). I have tried one program (321 SoftDVD Ripper) but am only able to see the video in VLC Media Player.

Thanks for any help!

ISP Blocked?

I can't get on the Sift except by stealthy measures. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? It started yesterday and the Sift was very slow. Now the site won't even load. It feels like my ISP is blocking the Sift or that my ability to access is otherwise being hampered. Anyone having a solution would be heroic.

I'm Being Nannied

Alright. What in the Sam Hill is goin' on?!!!! I go to downvote a comment and a nag box pops up saying "Are you really sure you want to downvote this comment?"

Yes! yes! and Hell yes! I pushed the button and I meant to do it and I don't need a box to remind me to check inside to see if my heart's in the right place. JEEZ already . . .

Sing the Praises of our Resident Raven!

The Fortnight of Fright has ended and Raven has shown the power of the Collective. Her "All Night Horroshow" rose from 11th position to take over the 6th spot in a two week tour de force. Five places! That is remarkable stuff. It's nice to see what Raven's ingenuity hath wrought.

If you haven't been to the Horrorshow yet, it might be worth a walk down memory lane for all those so inclined to skin-crawling cinema.

Thanks, Raven, for your contributions to the VideoSift Community!

All Hail Lunkwill, New Owner of "The Clouds and Beyond!"

The Clouds and Beyond is now operated under the new and capable ownership of our newest Gold Star member, Lunkwill.

In his honor, I have posted a welcome here:

Spectacular Croatian Meteorite

Please welcome him as the newest Sift Collective Owner by stopping in, sifting through the submissions, and submitting viddies yourselves to the small but potent 'The Clouds and Beyond' collective.

What Now?

Mr. Lunkwill, proud new gold star member, wishes to take over the Clouds and Beyond Collective. What do I do to make that happen?

Clouds and Beyond Collective

If anyone wants the Clouds and Beyond Collective, it's yours. It's up for grabs as of midnight. If not, all the videos will be thrown to the four winds. Collective dissolves in seven days.

MLX's Rock and Roll Collective Hits 10,000 Points!

It appears that the Georgia Satellites have put the Rock and Roll Collective over the 10,000 point mark. Congrats to MLX and her great work!

Soon a collective will have accumulated more points than a person.

And please forgive my appearance this morning. Deathcow has been at me with the chainsaw and I'm haunting the All Night Horrorshow for the next two weeks.

More Problems?

Just submitted a new video and received this:

You don't have permission to access /submit.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Profile Page Sizing is Fouled Up

When I go to the profile pages they seem to be all messed up size-wise. No matter how I resize them (ctl + mouse wheel) I can't get them to look "normal" any longer. Either the font is too small to read when everything fits on the page or when sized so that the font is readable things are now on top of one another. I'm using Firefox, btw.

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