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siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 6 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

SpaceOddity says...

That's quite the story to share, I commend your courage to type it out here. Bravo!

My personal story has similar details, but in a kind of strange reversal.

I just turned 30. I have an athletic/skinny build. My metabolism is such that I could eat fast food almost every meal and not become overweight, although that will surely change, and doesn't mean the other ill effects of fast food don't harm me. I have no allergies, no diseases, I've never even broken a bone.

But on multiple occasions I've sat in the dark alone, 911 predialed on my smartphone, fingers on my pulse, wondering if it was the moment I'd finally gone too far with the amphetamines.

I've had a physical since; doctor said I was healthy as a horse.

But I still fear the toll it took, that if I exercise too vigorously or have wild enough sex, my heart will just explode.

I suppose there's worse ways to go out.

shang said:

I'm overweight, had a heart attack 9 years ago when I was 30. I'm on low sodium diet, have 2 cordis brand stints in my chest. Grade 1 diastolic dysfunction from a little scar tissue on left ventricle.

I had severe depression and the heart attack at 30 messed my head up fierce in my thinking. First off I've never had a physical before then and I've never been sick. When my parents caught flus and I didn't they had me tested and I was a 1 in 10 or 100 thousand I forget that are immune to flu. Once a year I donate blood here in Ga that is sent to Emory in Atlanta I get paid $350 for my blood once a year.

But back to heart attack since I never had physical due to never sick I knew I was not eating healthy and used to smoke and nicotine is a vascular constrictor. It triggered the attack and was my last cigarette. It scared the addiction out of me and never had withdrawals.

But my severe mental depression although obese I became scared to eat, I went on starvation diet. I'd drink water but no food at all.

After 5th day I was so weak I couldn't move. Later I realized it takes a lot of calories to move my fatass. But I had a new danger that almost triggered cardiac arrest.

I live alone and was able to crawl to phone and call 911. They first thought it was another heart attack but heart was slowed but no problems. They did blood test and took 7 vials. About 6 hours later was the embarrassment.

Doctor came in, along with psychiatrist, nutritionist, and another counselor. I was hypokalemic. Which means potassium was dangerously low almost fatally low. Which was red flag for usually the stereotypical teenage girl with anorexia.

Took 2 IV bags of riggers lactate, shot of potassium, a little amphetamine to boost blood pressure up to normal and 24 hour observation on regular saline IV.

I still have severe depression due to weight. I have degenerative disc disease in my back so I can't get around very good. My diet is set at 1800 calories yet my I only lose 1 to 2 pounds a month. Extensive testing has shown my metabolism has come to a stop. So even though I eat very little calories and low sodium protein diet with barely any carbs with no metabolism the body only stores it as fat because at zero metabolism the body thinks it has to store instead of burn thinking its starving but its not.

But my cardiologist and general doc are trying an extremely dangerous and risky treatment to try and JumpStart my metabolism. I have to record my blood pressure hourly and go in once a week for ekg and blood enzyme test but they are using a drug not made for this as "off label" use and you aren't supposed to even use it with heart disease but that's the strict monitoring by both my doctors. The controversy is they are using adderall to force my metabolism up. Your body is forced to burn through energy stored, and the idea is once my metabolism kicks back in it should stay up on its own.

Tests look promising its my second week on it and I was averaging 1-2 sometimes 3 pound loss in one month. Now since the low dose adderall trial I lost 5 pounds in 1 week!!!

And that little victory has done wonders for my severe depression. I've actually got hope.

iaui says...

For the uninitated and are linux commands for face->unhappy() and face->meh(), respectively.

Edit: oops, didn't mean to reply directly to your profile. Doesn't look like I can delete it so I'll just leave it.

shang said:

Or on a Linux system at command prompt type or copy&paste

){ : & };:

Doesn't need to be root watch system slow to crawl and freeze

Fork bombing ftw :-P

Bah stupid auto emoticons

newtboy says...

I'll hope you were joking. Post product review vids and/or adds and you'll likely be banned instantly.
Dag made this site, so he can post whatever he likes...the rest of us can't.

shang said:

Cool didn't know we could post our own videos and products, I've got a lot of product review vids I get ad revenue, video sift could help get more clicks

eric3579 says...

Fair enough. Interesting I also worked at Macys in California.

shang said:

Well never had any lawsuits, but of course people understand that loss prevention will follow you around an upscale store. Did it in Macy's in New York for 10 years. People whined and were asked to leave if they didn't like the policy. And if people came in with baggy clothes or pants sagging, they were also asked to leave the store. Macy's wasn't a public park to goof off in. And on the door they reserve the right to refuse service to any one on any reason.

but that's upscale "Snooty" stores for ya, but hey, it paid damn well.

and I wore a suit, but we did have plain clothes that did work in same department, but the suit was to put public pressure as everyone knew what I was up to when I followed a customer. And if someone refused to empty a pocket, a cop was available to check them and if they were clear they were free to go.

IT was a bit gestapo I admit, but that's how it works in large cities, and there has been no lawsuits and won't be, cause the company has the right to run their business any way they wish. If customers quit buying the stuff in mass then of course they'd change or whatnot, but customers won't, plus Macy's and many upscale stores in New York pride them self on being assholes so they can sell to a specific demographic, rich/celebs/etc. that demographic won't be caught dead in a crappy store like Walmart for most part.

UsesProzac says...

I know you're butt hurt right now, but that's ok. Literacy is something to be proud of.
In reply to this comment by shang:
Yea, short dick man was their only hit though.

here is the uncensored video

I actually still own the Vinyl, no idea why the fuck I'd get the vinyl.. but it's sitting amongst my other vinyls, when I saw this posted I had to see if it was same group that did short dick man.

And @<a rel="nofollow" href="" title="member since August 2nd, 2007" class="profilelink"><strong style="color:#80beed">UsesProzac who clicks a fucking video? I watch the video from the main site. if you watch a video from the main site you don't see the description, you'd realize that if you werent trying to be a mong tard troll about it.

bareboards2 says...

Ah well, that is what I did but Siftbot says it is invalid.

Thanks for trying....

In reply to this comment by shang:
If you go to liveleak link and click "Get Embed Code"

it should popup the code to copy and paste

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Dunno if that will work, I'm not sure about a lot of the embed codes, but that should work.

I know to get the liveleak embed code you just click "Get embed code" under the video and it gives the code to copy and paste.

In reply to this comment by bareboards2:

I am pretty computer illiterate -- when I copy the code noted, the Sift says it is "invalid."

Do you know how to get a good embed out of it?

It's all greek to me....

Either way, thanks.

In reply to this comment by shang:
Here is liveleak link for it you may can fix the link

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