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The (small) *win contest!

1. @PlayhousePals -
2. @Lann
3. @UsesProzac

--- THE CONTEST (closed) --- is now LIVE!
And for the occasion, I'm starting a contest!

Either sift a new *win video, or add a video that's already sifted to the *win channel.
Make a comment here with a link to the video to be eligible for the contest.
One video = One "ticket" - so the more you post, the better your chances are.

I will pick 3 tickets at random in 72 hours. (Maximum 1 win per user)

1 gig from - You pick, I pay!

How about a *win channel?

  (31 votes)
  (5 votes)
  (8 votes)

A total of 44 votes have been cast on this poll.

I'm nearing ruby, and I've been thinking about getting a channel.
Give your votes on what you think about getting a *win channel. Seeing as we have a *fail channel, I feel something has been missing.
I also keep wanting to put stuff in *bravo or *woohoo, so this will probably sooth an itch


As you might have noticed, there's a new avatar fad going around.
Just check out @Lann, @pumkinandstorm, @UsesProzac, @eric3579 or me (@seltar)

Join the rainbow! Taste the rainbow! Be the rainbow!

Edit -
These people have recently joined the awesome rainbow fad
@Fantomas, @deathcow, @Barseps, @dotdude, @bareboards2, @dag, @chingalera, @oritteropo, @gwiz665, @PlayhousePals, @ant & @lurgee!

Edit 2 -
And of course the original rainbow @Zifnab

Mini Sift Up in Norway!

Markus (@smiley), Fredik (@geronimo1) and myself (Yonas / @seltar) have had our first official sift up!

We started the evening with Fredrik making mojitos as an apetizer! - mojito - @seltar, @smiley, @geronimo1

After getting a bit tipsy, it was about time to start the main course, beef salad. - man salad

Having some good homebrew! @geronimo1 is quite the beermaniac. - like sirs - yay, food!

The awesome beef salad (with bacon of course) - close up of food - close up of food, another angle

And then we ate a raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream! Yay!

@smiley says "Hello World!"
@geronimo1 says "Awesome party at Yonas' house!" in reference to the movie Project X that we just watched!

Yay! Successful Sift Up!

Good night everybody!

YouTube video commercial rant!

You might have noticed YouTube adding the "You can skip this ad in 5 seconds" bit, and playing a video ad before the original video starts playing.

The amount of time wasted by people waiting to skip the ads is tremendous. YouTube is now literally making people waste their precious time before the "treat". And because we are dependant on YouTube we just take it, and wait those 5 seconds.

For a decent viral ad with 1 million views, 1388 manhours are wasted on just skipping the ad (assuming everybody skips the ad).

... As if there isn't enough time being wasted in YouTube land already (referring to all the crappy videos, not the cool sift worthy ones of course).

Rabble Rabble!

F**k tubechop!

Or TrendMicro OfficeScan, which keeps blocking tubechop's videos.
Nothing I can do, so I urge you to not chop the videos, or at least post a link to the original somewhere.

Rabble rabble rabble!

That is all.
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