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NeuralNoise goes Gold

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It only took a year and a few months, but Sifter NeuralNoise has broken the fifty point mark. You might not know Renato, but there's a good chance he's voted for your videos, because he's got more votes cast than comments even after the 3/11 Siftpocalypse had wiped out vote tallies.

So congrats, Renato, and let's take the customary gander at the his Pq

I don't want to play favorites, but...

Mauz15 is totally awesome and deserves more votes for the awesome documentaries submitted to VideoSift. Thanks, Mauz! Oh and one more thing: awesome.

Mauz doesn't make trouble, provides insightful commentary and contributes truly excellent content. The posts tend to be well annotated and dutifully tagged and channeled and are enlightening, enriching, educational, and entertaining. Mauz has also been here since the Dawn of the Sift, and has been made all those laborious YouTube playlists for our edification. So three cheers for Mauz and let's do some voting and learn something in the process.

Mas8705 FINALLY Gets his Bronze Diamond!

Mas has been using the brute force method in Sifting his way to 250, and this can be proven by looking at his pqueue with an astonishing 227 submissions in it. So there's really no difference between the amount of effort it has taken him, and the effort put forth by a Silver diamond. A great number of his submissions are for the Videogames channel, which you probably know if you've ever run into Mas in a SiftTalk thread, where he has clearly identified his desire to take over the existing channel. He has sent a polite note to Oatmeal about it.

A word of caution about Mas, though. If you find him immediately behind you in rank you better go through your queue and check for *deads because he's going to. And if he does, don't take it personally, because his sifting style could be equally applied to any 8-bit videogame with great success. Congratulations, Mas, your dedication is impressive! Level UP!

Avatar confusion

I would like to make a call to all sifters: don't change your avatar. Even if you've had it for months or even years and are sick of it. Just leave it be.

Now, before you scoff, hear me out. This might have something to do with the fact that I've got the memory of a 90-year-old Alzheimer's patient (particularly when it comes to names), but a lot of the time I'll remember people mostly from their avatar rather than their name. So sometimes it'll happen that I'll see a name that I know, but with a new avatar attached to it, and I'll start thinking, "Wait... Who is this guy again?" My memory is worse than average, but I can't be the only one with this problem. Can I?

So yeah. Don't change your avatar! And I'm only half-joking when I make this suggestion.

VideoSift Get's It's Fiftieth Diamond! CALVADOS!

Do you know Calvados? You probably do, because he's been here since the start, and has sifted the hard road all the way to diamond as witnessed by...

We all like to brag about the quality of videos on VideoSift, but if you've ever tried sticking to videos that didn't have the dubious appeal of nutshots, pop comedy, or inflammatory grenades of political rhetoric, you'd quickly discover that you'd have a bloated PQ, too.

So thank you Calvados for bearing that cross for us!

From his profile page...

Single white male, straight, 30; Canadian, Quebecker, Montrealer; reservist infantryman, civilian air pilot, university student. Likes: motorcycle riding, pints at the pub, being late to school. Dislikes: climate change, peak oil, running out of milk.

Celebrating Two Years of Non-linear Thinking

Today the Sift enters it's third year of wild conceptual bushwhacking with the Mighty Choggie. He shows no sign of relenting, but he's generally in a better mood if we make a bit of a fuss of him. So here's to the wild mad monk of Sift. Congratulations, Choggie.

My defective process compels me to recognize a top-notch Sifter. Love the posts, all the timeless stuff and bending the Sift until it almost breaks, it's that much stronger for your effort.

Alien Concept Gets the Yellow Star

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Do you know Alien_Concept? You should. Interesting, edgy, artful and musical posts abound in her queue. This new goldy has a tough, confidant commenting style that never placates or tiptoes, but is at the same time thoughtful and modest. It's been a while since I've seen a Sifter with this kind of strut and swagger. Showed up February of this year, and surprised herself that she would even get caught up in a web community. She's got cronies around, and is part of rich movement here on the Sift. Check out the queue and pq, because she takes the time to look at yours. Three cheers for Miss Scissors and her cutting style!


Hearts, Moons, Stars, Clovers and now, DIAMONDS!!!

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That's right, Lucky760 just went Bronze diamond. And as far as I can tell, he did it fair and square. Heaven knows he could have twisted Sifty's arm, er, crank, but nope.

As you know Lucky is by day Mild Mannered Rommel Santor, site administrator and author of Varo CMS, the brain that runs the Sift. But in most ways, Lucky is just a regular Sifter, regardless of all the tremendous demands that he has to fulfill each day running a site like this. He spends his time in the Siftmines along with the rest of us.

I've never come across a site where the "management" is so open and accessible, willing to listen to user input, and so exceedingly competent at the same time.

So thanks, Lucky for all you do!

And you all know the drill, let's hit his queue and find all the *dead vote for his videos...

Sift Sunday Crossword

July 6 2008

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1. How to avoid 10
4. Varo CMS Author
9. The King's Co-conspirator


2. Another way to avoid 10
3. New diamond
5. Natural 500
6. Leaving the Sift posts
7. Schmawy and Critttter's first song
8. Elitist Menace
10. Sifter's Bane
11. Top rated commenter


Notes on the puzzles:
These puzzles can be thought of as a "week in review" of the goings-on on The Sift. Some of the clues probably can't be found without the 'advanced search' feature, so don't be shy, it's not cheating! Blankfist has a<FLASH VERSION which will be replacing my low-tech one here soon, and will have significant spiff factor. If you're interested in submitting a clue or or more, contact us and you can be on the Sift Crossword Panel!


Sift Sunday Crossword

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1. The New Issy and DFT
3. Human Shoes Article
7. MD Can has Promotes
11. Randomize's Father
12. Dagland

2. Choggieland
4. A Sift Hero Passes On
5. Famous Flameout
6. Canada Hits 200
8. Avatar of the Dead
9. Choggie Flatters a Noob
10. Prominent Basset's Nickname

Printable Version:

oops, clues are not updated on print version, use the ones above

Wake Up! Snoozedoctor is Gold100!

The ultimate sleeper, Snoozedoctor, has finally prevailed in reaching the 100 mark with 94 videos Sifted.

It certainly has been taken effort. Sifting unusual Folk, Bluegrass, Country and Rock videos is sometimes the hard way to go, but all the players of things with strings here took notice.

Many of his posts contain remarkable musicianship that reflect his long experience as a player himself, having performed all over the country in his day at all sorts of venues. Many of his excellent posts are the more obscure and well crafted tunes by incredible lesser-known and highly innovative players.

The downside of his fine and unique tastes is a bloated personal queue of over thirty videos, so let's give it a perusal, shall we?

He's also added a great perspective to the Sift regarding the world of medicine and science, being a professional anesthesiologist, although he has failed to put me to sleep.

Congratulations, Snoozy, you're a "gas"!


Yes, that's right. Arsenault185+100=Awesomesauce!
Craig has a new rank, come and salute or end up cleaning the officer's latrine!

Arsenault was first checked out on this equipment in November 'o7, and has contributed steadily since then, except for a breeding break:

So if you want a taste of some of his new promote power, get on his good side now and work some stuff out of his Pq:

And, being a wise sifter he's made sure his Queue is full, too...

For a little more info, check his entry on MG's recent Sift Post: >> HERE:
In which he claims to be the "better half" of MarineGunrock. I'm sure that's up for debate.

Arsenault also has has a good comments to votes ratio, He's a hard wokin' Sifter who has probably voted for many of your posts.

So Thanks be to Arsenault! Keep up the good work!

Serious Sifting: The Crowning of Eklek

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Member Eklek has reached the Gold 100 mark. A Sifter of few words, usually preceded by an asterisk. Eklek doesn't reveal much in comments but I have had the good fortune of this Sifter laying an expert hand on my tags and channels resulting in a more cohesive, efficient and streamlined VideoSift.

Even Eklek's avatar is mysterious, and I've come to regard Eklek's presence as that of an minor Sift Deity. I know not gender nor nationality, but I've heard rumors of this Sifter being Dutch. Or Swedish.

The videos Eklek submits are certainly some of the greatest in quality, perhaps so much so that the time and mental investment needed to grasp their depth leave some Sifters in the dark. This has lead to a disproportionate PQ which I think we owe to ourselves to revisit...

Eklek's Sifttalk posts are also characteristic in style, those of a clockmaker or careful craftsman, all pertain to the finer workings of the Sift, and how to make it better.

So please let's all applaud this master of the Sift, because for all the times we didn't tag correctly or messed up our channel assignments, Eklek was often there to pick up our slack.

Congratulations Eklek!

How do you measure a man? Kronosposeidon

No longer contented with coasting by on his good looks and snappy comments, KP has finally sifted his last two videos and Actually sifted his 500'th video. Yes, he's been a silver diamond forever it seems, but he has enough applauded comments to make any probie gold. So, how do we measure a man? Let's use Lucky's fab search-o-tron and look at the numbers:

Member Stats
unsifted videos (2)
personal queue videos (0)
sifted videos (500)
Rank: 9
Rating: 600 star points
Votes Received: 13668
Votes Cast: 10701
Comments Posted: 2849
Comments Applauded: 53
Sift Talk Posts: 39
Quality Sift Talk Posts: 20
Blog Entries: 2 • browse
Dead Pool Fixes: 28
Public Playlists: 12 • browse
Profile Views: 27962

ANAL: Videos (0) Sift Talk (0) Blogs (1) Comments(6)
SEX: Videos (10) Sift Talk (1) Blogs (1) Comments(24)
VAGINA: Videos (0)Sift Talk (0) Blogs (0)Comments (6)
PENIS: Videos (0)Sift Talk (0) Blogs (0) Comments (11)
BAN: Videos (0)Sift Talk (2) Blogs (0)Comments (40)
BEG:Videos (0)Sift Talk(0) Blogs(0)Comments(13)
BEG VAGINA:Videos (0)Sift Talk (0) Blogs (0)Comments (0)
GAY:Videos (7)Sift Talk (1) Blogs (0)Comments (50)
THANK YOU: Videos (4) Sift Talk (5) Blogs (0) Comments(150)
PLEASE:Videos (10) Sift Talk (7) Blogs (0)Comments (62)
CONGRATULATIONS:Videos(0)Sift Talk (5) Blogs(0)Comments(26)
AWESOME:Videos (14) Sift Talk (2) Blogs (0)Comments(54)
TERRIBLE:Videos (3) Sift Talk (0) Blogs (0) Comments(28)
HATE:Videos (7) Sift Talk (2) Blogs (0) Comments(66)
LOVE:Videos (35) Sift Talk (3) Blogs (0) Comments (121)
PROMOTE:Videos (3)Sift Talk (0) Blogs (0) Comments (223)
(emphasis mine)

So what we have here ladies and gentleman, is a sifter that loves more than he hates, never has to beg for vagina, promotes lots and lots of other peoples stuff. So let's toast the toastmaster with a quick Huzzah!

...and find out what that 'anal' blog post is all about.

Start Your Engines! It's The Issy500!

Image Hosted by
Holy Cats! IssyKitty gets her 500th star point! Valued member since August of '07 Issy has made her mark on the Sift in both culture and content. I have been a disciple of Iss the Great, since our initial exchange was the first time the internet really talked back nicely to me. I am a student of the IssyKitty school of comment upvoting, which is if you have something nice to say, say it. If not prepare for a scratchin'! A little rundown on what it is to be Issy:

First (and characteristic) comment on the Sift:
>> ^Issykitty:
Yes, agree with twiddles... the annoying grating sounds of the bipeds were highly distracting from fully enjoying cuteness.

Her first Sifted Submission (I think):

Highest Rated:

She had the astoundingly good idea for a *happy channel a couple of months ago, and it's proven to have a lot of use.

Here's the key to Issydom, though: instead of running your mouth all the time, hunker down and get to voting. Look at these stats:

Votes Cast: 8993
Comments Posted: 1958

So let's congratulate Queen IssyKitty on her silver diamond coronation! But remember, be nice!

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