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SiftPollQuisiton of Queen Isobel for Abuse of Power

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Nineteen hours ago, crowned member IssyKitty instabanned probationary member BobKnight for reasons that are unclear. Considering his comment history, many may not feel that it is a great loss to The Sift, and I to a small degree agree. What troubles me is that there has been a trend towards purging The Sift of anyone who is not overtly liberally or politically oriented to the Left. We rally against them en masse, and any dissenting political view is summarily quashed. In my opinion this has adversely affected the fabric of the site and is threatening to homogenize the political views and content on this site to the point that it is starting to resemble a bizarro Free Republic.

My personal feelings aside, the question that remains is the culpability of Member Issykitty on the charge of Abuse of Power. I don't think I see anything in the banned member's comment history that justifies her use of the power she was entrusted with.

Below is the straw that I think broke the kitty's back...

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