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Uh, hello, I'm the person who posted Kung Fu Porn

Jeez, I'm sorry I missed this. 72 posts! I'm really sorry if this video offended anyone--especially the women of Videosift. I want to make sure that all of you understand the spirit with which I posted. I found this video to be a hilarious spoof of porn. I think the names, the sounds, and the camera angles back that view up, and some of you pointed that out. Even if it came from a bona fide sex flick . . . my god, was it bad and funny. In addition, one of the hallmarks of porn to me is a general lack of a sense of humor--this one, I think, is a mockery of porn. It's absurd.

That said, I felt sure some might have problems with it, but I wasn't sure how to farm it out to Issy or Persephone to see if it wouldn't offend. Ultimately, I guess I just decided to post and let the system work. And I think it did. I am curious how many votes it ended up with though. But I enjoyed most of the comments.

One of the things I most like about the sift is that women feel, for the most part, comfortable here, and that's something very wrong with many sites, I feel. There's this unwritten code that men on the web can behave and comment like macho idiots as they sit behind big screens in the small rooms of their mothers' houses. This absence of women's views, and videos of interest bothers me, and it's something that videosift has been very good about. Inclusion and communication.

So, I really feel the need to apologize to anyone who was offended, or reacted negatively to this video. I hope you'll understand the spirit in which it was offered as I accept the fate it was dealt.

Thanks again for everyone here making this a daily destination to see interesting, enlightening, and funny (really really funny) videos. I'm happy to be a member.


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