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siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 10 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

newtboy says...

Yep. No surprise, that's why they snuck it in last minute and tried to pass it before it could be read. Fortunately, to get the votes they tried to connect some of the tax cuts to economic triggers, which is apparently illegal somehow, so the bill is being rewritten today. This might stay in anyway, it just isn't a secret Xmas present to the zealots anymore.
FUCK!!!!!!! Time to Westxit.

radx said:

First time I'm hearing this. Sweet zombie Jesus.

newtboy says...

Lucky he survived.
If body cam footage supports his story, Jones is going to be a rich man....a disabled rich man with permanent medical needs.

radx said:

You're going to like this one:

Attorney Justin Moore said Jones “was dealing with a minor car issue after accidentally triggering his alarm and being unable to disable the security system” when police arrived. According to Moore, Jones was then “commanded to step out of his vehicle.”

When he exited his vehicle he tried to “explain the issue” and he was then “shot once in the stomach” by the unidentified Mesquite police officer, Moore said.

"Several officers then attacked Mr. Jones and attempted to perform an anal cavity search on the streets. Mr. Jones reacted to the unlawful sodomy and was consequently shot a second time in the back,” according to Moore.

Shot, sodomized, shot again, detained, isolated from legal counsel.

Mesquite Police Department. Off to the gulag with everyone involved in this shit.

newtboy says...

Here, I've seen them get so bad that they eat the bark off my plants and trees. I find them by the dozen in Apple bunches still in the tree. Under pots and yard fabric I usually find a carpet of them. This is new over the last few years, before then we had them, but not the swarms I see now. I have to wonder what's changed to swell their numbers, and what that means for the food web.

radx said:

A different type, but yeah, they can be found under just about every pot these days. Every somewhat covered crevice seems to harbour some, really.

I had only seen singular examples in damp corners until maybe 3 or 4 years ago when they started popping up in ever increasing numbers. Nowadays, go outside and lift any pot, you'll find 5+ of them scrambling. When I pulled up the edge of an old sheet of rolled roofing the other day, there were dozens of them.

newtboy says...

It's pretty horrific to think that this precipitous decline is being measured in reserves in a country with some of the stricter regulations on toxins.

Since you've noticed such a decline in insects where you are, have you noticed a corresponding increase in pill bugs (really crustaceans)? I have here in N Cali

radx said:

The data of the study came out of Germany, where the effects of a change in temperature are much more moderate than in many other areas. Basically, this decline is attributed mostly due to farming, the saturation of everything with pesticides, and, generally speaking, the destruction of the ecosphere. Even worse, this is in a country with comparably extensive regulation on all these matters, unlike, say, India.

As you say, this really is no bueno.

Driving past fields of rapeseed in the late '90s meant a windshield full of bugs. We used to head into the fields wearing yellow shirts just to see who can get the densest armor of bugs. Now, I can walk past the very same fields outside the town I grew up in with less than 5 bugs on a yellow shirt.

Or how about another anecdote: when I grew up, barbecue in my (grand-)parents yard meant paying attention to all the wasps, so that you don't swallow one by accident. I haven't seen a single one over several barbecues this year. Bees and bumblebees are still around, though less plentiful, but wasps are a complete no-show. Haven't seen a hornet in two years.

newtboy says...

So much for keeping temperature rise below 2 degrees above preindustrial averages (or even the Paris 1.5 degree goal) being "safe". We're at 1.2 degrees and rising last year, and it seems like Ragnarok is upon us.
This is pretty good evidence that the anthropogenic extinction event is well under way, not something to fear might happen in a dystopian future. Both the natural food web and agriculture are dependent on insects. A 3/4 reduction is probably at or beyond the tipping point.
This business is going to get out of control, and we'll be lucky to live through it.
Fuck. We all better call up Jim Bakker for some apocalypse food buckets quick.

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