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"A new book that’s the talk of academia and the media, Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty, a 42-year-old who teaches at the Paris School of Economics, shows that two-thirds of America’s... continue reading

posted by radx 5 years 5 months 4 weeks ago • 1,125 views • 24:30

"In the second part of their conversation, Tyson and Bill discuss whether science and religion can ever be reconciled, explore the cosmic enigma known as dark matter and the possibilities of parallel universes."... continue reading

posted by radx 5 years 8 months 4 weeks ago • 1,081 views • 26:46

At Fort George "Orwell" Meade, home of the NSA and the US Defense Information School, managing the message of Chelsea Manning's trial was facilitated by a lack of public access to most of the court filings... continue reading

posted by radx 5 years 9 months 3 weeks ago • 626 views • 58:11

Based on her own experiences as an Intelligence Officer for MI5 (the UK domestic security service) and a whistleblower, Annie Machon will talk about the relationships between the wars on 'terror', drugs,... continue reading

posted by radx 5 years 9 months 2 weeks ago • 753 views • 25:01

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