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Congratulations to Pumkinandstorm on reaching Galaxy!

An incredible ascension - so quick that we don't quite have her new badge ready yet - but I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for all your contributions and tell you how amazed I am that you've reached this level so quickly.

We may not have your badge ready, but, as is our custom with galaxy level Sifters, I have written and performed a song in your honor. With great apologies to the Fab 4:

(and we really need to sort out that whole which one of you is a cat thing)

Blankfist's new sock puppets

Looks like blankfist has 5 sockpuppets.
playhousepals posted this video
and the first 4 comments are also sock puppets.

I went to one of the profies.... it read "I love cats and puppets" so I instabanned that puppet.
IMHO the same should be done to the other 4 remaining puppets.

These puppets are here to harass Issykitty and DystopianFutureToday. If you read the comments you can judge for yourself.

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