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PlayhousePals says...

Ummm thanks. It really was more a comment on the language ... the vertical video was a good outlet for not getting my humor across as always

poolcleaner said:

It's more natural to hold a phone in portrait (vertical) than in landscape (horizontal). Typically landscape requires 2 hands -- and if filming landscape with one hand, it becomes easy to lose grip.

I know it ruins the cinematic quality, but he didn't film the dude for our entertainment, he filmed it as proof.

It's also a logistical issue, as it is easier to grip a phone vertically than horizontally. This is the reason why there are so many videos filmed in this mode. Especially in situations where people are unable to use both of their hands to stabilize the video, such as running, when in danger, or at the top of a bridge...

Also, his subject is a human which stands upright, so filming vertical allows him to distribute his subject matter across the entire canvas; whereas landscape would cut off the primary focus and distribute the background on either side of the subject, which is unimportant to the situation, in place of filming the man from head to toe in a single frame.

siftbot says...

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lurgee says...


poolcleaner said:

Ahhhh fuck yeah shit YES I needed some Die Antwoord in my life tonight, baby! Zef style! I will let the demons possess me tonight. But no drugs. Just the pure madness of a freak on a leash needing to vomit out its soul. I might get hurt. I might be in pain after I'm done hurling myself at trees and walls and off of things; into things; out of things...

But more importantly, zef-portantly: what do I wear whilst embodying such madness?

PlayhousePals says...

Well typed [and I couldn't agree more!]

poolcleaner said:

Seeing him in action and not just through the speaker made this. Perfect ending!

I remember my brief few months in fast food. They weren't bad at all. I enjoyed myself and the people. You gotta love your job no matter what and make people smile -- when you think of the people you're serving, and you distance yourself from workplace negativity, you'll love every minute of the day.

And when you no longer love enjoy your day -- which is inevitable -- that's a sign that you need to move on to bigger and better things.

Guys like this do their thing and then move on. That's the natural progression of quality employees. Don't get stuck. If you don't put on a show, it's time to move on.

bareboards2 says...

I had the same reaction.

When I watched this vid, the feeling I got was that she wanted to howl with her pack. She doesn't have a pack.

So she created a howl that she could respond to.

Made me sad, too.

poolcleaner said:

This comment confused me.

bareboards2 says...

I know you were making a joke -- and I loved your last line.

I just wanted to say that "boys don't cry" is an example of the horrible sexism that men are subjected to from childhood onward. I honestly believe that so much "toxic masculinity" is rooted in this oppression of the range of human emotions that is forced on men all their lives.

Don't want to poop on your joke, so I came over here to say this.

What men are subjected to is soul-crushing, I swear.

poolcleaner said:

Boys don't cry --

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