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PlayhousePals says...

Lovin' the trippy cheshire cat pic! Regarding your rant section below however ... um, hope you haven't been slipped some of that Stolichnaya infused orange kool aid that's been goin' around! Lemme know if you need me to call Betty Ford for you will ya?

poolcleaner says...

Oh hi, me, how are you doing? Fuck you. Daamn, sorry I freakin' asked. Yeah, you better be sorry. Okay, NOW I'm not sorry, bitch. What did you called me? Honey beaver. What da hell is a honey beaveh? It's a beaver that likes badgers. That don't make amy sense none whatsoever. Amy sense? Who's she? None of your bee's wax. Not bees wax beavers, honey beavers. Theys do not exist in this here uhh observable universe. I guess I'm just a little taller so I simply observe MORE of the observable universe: It's MY observable universe. Badgers don't like honey. Yes, they do. No they don't. Yes, they do. No way, dats da bears. Da bulls. Bullshit. Trump. Okay, you win. Dang.

newtboy jokingly says...

Can I buy some pot from you?

poolcleaner said:

The unemployment numbers of 28, 29, 35, and 42% is a weird sequence. So he starts by jumping 1%, then 6%, then 7%. So if we keep the pattern going if could be: 1 6 7 13 20 33 53. It may have been 28, 29, I heard 35, maybe 42, could even be 55, even as high as 88 or *gasp* 141%.

Or it could be up by 1, then up by 5, up by 1 and then up by 5 as in: 1 6 7 12 13 18 19 24 25

But since he stopped at 42, let's get the range: 42 - 28 = 14

Since it's America and it's somewhat appropriate, in the mystical ways of presidential numerology (the only way to understand Trump), the range of 14 must be referring to the 14th Amendment.

newtboy says...

No matter....once I drink the potion in the purple jade badger, my kung fu will be far superior!

Start at 1:24:04....it's Kung Fu Hulk!



poolcleaner said:

Yeah, but it's like when Donnie Yen as Yip Man trains all of the factory workers to fight over the course of months; yeah you can take one, two, maybe three or four peasant workers down, but then you get clubbed on the head by like 7 other women with bo staffs. Meanwhile, female Donnie Yen -- Michelle Yeoh is stalking your every move and you don't even see as she breaks every rib in your body with quick successive punches.

siftbot says...

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PlayhousePals says...

Ummm thanks. It really was more a comment on the language ... the vertical video was a good outlet for not getting my humor across as always

poolcleaner said:

It's more natural to hold a phone in portrait (vertical) than in landscape (horizontal). Typically landscape requires 2 hands -- and if filming landscape with one hand, it becomes easy to lose grip.

I know it ruins the cinematic quality, but he didn't film the dude for our entertainment, he filmed it as proof.

It's also a logistical issue, as it is easier to grip a phone vertically than horizontally. This is the reason why there are so many videos filmed in this mode. Especially in situations where people are unable to use both of their hands to stabilize the video, such as running, when in danger, or at the top of a bridge...

Also, his subject is a human which stands upright, so filming vertical allows him to distribute his subject matter across the entire canvas; whereas landscape would cut off the primary focus and distribute the background on either side of the subject, which is unimportant to the situation, in place of filming the man from head to toe in a single frame.

siftbot says...

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