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Pqueued Day 6: A Dark Masquerade

It's been over a year since the last installment of the series of 'pqueue day' so why not try and revive this shortlived tradition started by Deano and see where it goes.

Pqueue day is a good day to give a little extra attention to videos that have drowned in the information overflow to languish in people's personal queues. The rules are simple: post a link to good pqueued videos that fit the theme, not from your own pqueue.

The theme is 'a dark masquerade'. Interpret that any way you like, or just go for something dark and/or surreal. And yes, videosift has lots of good dark & surreal pqueued videos, for example in the dark channel. (or use the advanced search with your own keywords)

PQM5: Chains of Love
PQM4: Pride
PQM3: British Music
PQM2: Time

Pqueued Day 5: Chains of Pqueue Love

This is the day of the week when we give a little attention to videos that have drowned in the information overflow to languish in people's personal queues. The rules for the 5th edition are a little different but very simple, so please read on.

Your submission (one pqueued video, not from your own pqueue) has to be based on the post before you. Someone posts a worthy vid to start with, the second poster gets his/her inspiration from that video (its title, its channels, a tag or something shown in the video) and posts a new interesting pqueued video based on that, etcetera.



PQM4: Pride
PQM3: British Music
PQM2: Time

PQUEUED MONDAY 3: British Music

People are flying in from all over europe for the already legendary siftup party on september 12th.
Sadly, quite a lot of us sifters won't be able to attend, but in honour of the party we might as well show our appreciation of british culture.
British humour is already highly regarded on the sift, and gets its fair share of votes. So on this 3rd Pqueued Monday let's focus on another thing the Brits are pretty good at: music.

Here's what to do to participate: post a link to 1 (or 2, max) pqueued vids that fit the theme, not from your own pqueue.

PQM2: Time

PQUEUED Monday 2: Time

The second edition of 'pqueud monday', the one day in the week we give a little bit of extra attention to pqueued videos.

And like Deano suggested, it's a themed edition. In honor of the incredible '9.58' the theme is 'Time'.

It's quite a broad theme, so it's not gonna be too hard to find some great pqueued videos that fit the theme. Post 1 pqueued vid, preferably not from your own pqueue, and try to stick to the theme. Enjoy!

Ill start with

Promoting the videos of others should be available to

  (15 votes)
  (5 votes)
  (20 votes)
  (25 votes)
  (6 votes)

A total of 71 votes have been cast on this poll.

I think it wouldn't harm the sift if the promoting-limit is lowered a bit so that either goldstar or charter members also get to promote videos of others.

Every time i now spend a powerpoint i either have to beg or selfpromote, promoting my sometimes mediocre siftings while there are so many gems already on the sift (or in that dark corner of the sift called pqueue) waiting for a compassionate passer-by with a couple powerpoints to spend.

I'm in favor of at least give chartermembers (and preferably also al 50-starmembers) the possibiliy to promote the vids of others. with the "Two (2) Power Points per recharge period" benefit it seems rather silly to spend those on yr own videos every single time.

sorting vids by votes divided by views

now that we can see the number of unique views for a video i thought it might be nice if vids could be sorted by the percentage of (logged in) viewers voting for (sifted) videos

it's only an option for unsifted vids and not for sifted ones (and there its more relevant imho) in search nor anywhere else on the site unless i missed it and i think it might be quite useful, or not?

the Official Videosift Catcount

Because the siftlounge keeps getting back to the cats & kittens subject, i thought it might be fun to know the ratio cats:sifters.

1. How many cats do you have? (if '0' goto question 7/8)
2. What are their names? (and why)
3. Where did you get them? (and how)
4. How old are they?
5. What do they look like (pics!)
6. What are their specialities?
7. why cats or why not cats?
8. and ok, ok.. whats your fav catvid on the sift?

(note: this thread is open to random cat ramblings like 'ahhhh, my cat just did random-extraordinary-cat-thing-X', 'awwww, i lurv kittens so muchhhh xxx lurv lurv heart heart', 'my dog just ate a cat' or maybe even discussion of questions like 'can i be a succesful sifter even if i don't own a couple cats')
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