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Anyone here playing KingdomofLoathing? (Blog Post)

If you're not familiar with the game... try it on It is free, filled with geeky references, surrealistic humor, haikus and general silliness.

You're fighting an erudite gremlin

This gremlin appears to have gone through some sort of genetic mutation that dramatically increased its intelligence. Sadly, the mutation did nothing for its looks -- it's still a slimy, mottled-green thing with a mouthful of fangs. It looks up at you, croaks "I...wanna...." and then begins speaking in a perfectly enunciated, mellifluous baritone. "I want to talk about what's going on in this junkyard," it says. "It seems that you are intent on engaging in some sort of altercation with me. While I am normally a pacifist, intellectual creature, I must confess that on some level I would really like to eviscerate, decapitate, and quite possibly defenestrate you."

You get the jump on it.

You stab wildly with your batblade. Your form is sloppy, but fortunately stabbing isn't really an exact science. You manage to deal 328 damage. SPLAT! BOINK! ZOT! SPLAT! WHACK! SMACK! WHAMMO! BONK! BOOF! KAPOW!

Iggy Pop delivers a horrorshow tolchok to your opponent's gulliver, doing 5 damage.

Iggy Pop can't think of a nasty trick to pull, so settles for kicking it square in its most sensitive area -- that's right, its ego -- and does 5 damage.

You win the fight!

You gain 46 Meat
Iggy Pop holds out the plastic pumpkin bucket, hoping for extra goodies.

You gain 11 Strongness.
You gain 20 Enchantedness.
You gain 17 Smarm.

a nice nederbeat tune (Blog Post)

The Hunters - Russian Spy and I

That's all, couldn't find a good vid. The song is on Pebbles vol. 23, and a couple other nederbeat compilations.

Inpiration for this blogpost was provided by Farhad2000 posting this wonderful hungarian beat song: - please make sure it won't stay in his pqueue for too long. is gonna charge 3 dollars a month... (Blog Post)

...but not for people who live in Germany, the UK and the USA.

"In order to keep providing the best radio service on the web, we need to ask our listeners from countries other than USA, UK and Germany to subscribe for €3.00 per month. In return you’ll get unlimited access to Radio, and a promise that we’ll be hard at work improving the service for years to come."

Seems wrong, and silly. Why stop at borders and not charge everyone?

your advice on travel @ prague & berlin (Blog Post)

i know most of you here are americans, australians, and other non-europeans, but some of you might have spend some time in the cities of prague & berlin i'm about to visit.

i don't know much about these places so any advice on places i really should visit there, parts of the town that are nice, and last but not least recordstores and concertvenues are very welcome. i'll ofcourse be researching online and asking friends but especially berlin seems to be such a big city (and my time limited) that any advice is welcome.

(i'll be staying in prague 1-7 april, then dresden* till the 12th and then till the 17th in berlin)

*the little trip is mainly a visit to my little sister in dresden, and going to see the St. Matthew Passion in the Kreuzkirche on the 9th of april with her. I'm also hoping there will be cheap tickets left a day later for the opera Parsifal in the great Semperoper. If any of you have advice on how to get a 50 euro discount on opera tickets, please let me know +_+

Advertising opportunity: promote your brand in my avatar (Blog Post)

Want to create effective brand-exposure for your website, deodorant or whatever it is you want to promote? And support Videosift while you're at it? Now you can, by advertising in my avatar.

You can rent the 125x125 pixel space of my avatar for one of the following amounts of time:

one day - 5 dollar
one week - 20 dollar
one month - 70 dollar - now with a 29% discount, only 50 dollar!
lifetime - 8870 dollar

upon purchasing the ad-space you agree to pay the money to Videosift using paypal and email or pm me the avatar you want me to use*. All images must abide by the Sift Guidelines.

* i can make you a custom tailored avatar with your brand name or logo for the small fee of 10 dollar.

Note: all ad-request will be treated on a first-come-first-served basis, so hurry up and order now!

A post for music lovers....De luisterpaal (Blog Post)

So you like music?

Then i hope you've heard of de Luisterpaal. It's part of the dutch music-website 3voor12 and it features a changing selection of full, free and legal streaming of upcoming albums. A lot of them available before they're released.

Check it out on

Now available, amongst others, albums by Lilly Allen, Beirut, M Ward, Asobi Seksu, The Vendetta vs Don Diablo, Ben Kweller, Buraka Som, Grand Duchy (Frank Black of Pixies fame and his wife), Kyteman (dutch hiphop orchestra), etc etc.

A great place to find new music.

The 3voor12 site also has lots of djsets and concerts online (and lots of musicnews, radioshows, etc - in dutch)

If you like de Luisterpaal you might also like another dutch music site, Fabchannel, a site with loads of video's of concerts online. (and yes, they're embeddable!)

super-mega-giga-ultra-extreme-upvoteday! (Blog Post)

megagigasuperultraextremeupvotepaul4dirtsvidsday aka paul4dirtabuseshisblogonesagainohdamnhessuchanoob starts NOW! so feel free to upvote this video by Paul McCartney and Allen Ginsberg. The Ballad of the Skeletons - just 5 votes needed to save it from the shame of being pgqueued.

If you're into indie rock, might i recommend Amazing Baby's terrific song Pump Your Breakes (3 votes and its saved!) or maybe you're into reggae, postrock, rap, electro, minimal, rocknroll, pop, metal, stoner or soul, i'm sure you'll be amazed by at least one or two of the vids you can find in my pqueue

And finally, i'll take recommendations on what to sift. Anything goes. perhaps you want me to find some ballet videos, like the one here? :

(Quintett by William Forsythe, danced by ao. Francesco Nappa)

Or something completely different.. Let me know, i'd like to do a bit of sifting-on-demand ~

Was ich kann und was ich könnte weiss ich gar nicht mehr (Blog Post)

Because my queue is filled with other crap videos i like - and because not a single Sister of Mercy vid seems to make it to the sift anyway, i'll just post what i wanted to sift here:

Sisters of Mercy - Marian

The Sisters Of Mercy Marian (Version)

or if you prefer crappy mono sound but with an actual video:

And something for those who think Sisters of Mercy is depressing gothic nonsense: Mary Hopkin

why not abuse my blog.... (Blog Post) spam some of my unsifted/pqueued vids. (and provide a bit more info+links about the vids while im at it)

Yann Tiersen - A Ton Etoile - for example. It's one of the greatest songs i've heard and here it's played live on Yann Tiersen's Black Session. Sung by Noir Desir singer Cantat. 'Black Sessions' are music performance sessions in front of an audience in France. They are featured on the 'C'est Lenoir' tv-programme. Among the artists that have recorded a 'black session' are Radiohead, Coldplay, The National, Eels and Pulp.

... more inside ...

zZz - Ectacy - my first nsfw sift. In essence just a psychedelic rocknroll song. Ecstacy, give it to me.

 My Brightest Diamond - Hymne a l'amour Another great Blogoteque (who do the 'take away concerts') production. My Brightest Diamond's Shara Wurden covers Edith Piaff

 And finally, because i like rocknroll, a true 60's rocknroll classic. Billy Preston - Short Fat Fannie



Blog Action Day - Poverty (Blog Post)

Today it's Blog Action Day, the day thousands of bloggers from all over the world unite and blog about one issue, poverty. Raising awareness, and such. 

I'm not really a serious blogger myself (not if i have to blog in english anyway), and to support the fight against poverty i prefer donating time or money to small charities, so i'll leave you with:



Yes, Love. It's not such a big word if you believe in it.

And even though i'm not sure if i support everything they do, i firmly support the 'make trade fair message' of oxfam.


You might also want to consider joining in on the Blog Action Day fundraising by lending your money through microloans on Kiva or donating to The Global Fund:

Donate at

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