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Comments to oritteropo

JiggaJonson says...

I was in tears for months when I saw that, but I had to keep it together and keep raising my little girl. So I'd be doing finger paints with a happy face and then disappear into the bathroom and weep for a bit. It was a pretty dark time in my life.

The research and trials they are doing are a testament to modern medicine and science though. The doctor who is doing the trial with us dramatically changed the course of my family's life. Click here if you want to feel better about all that: https://fightnpc.com/en/drug_trials

Just LOOK at what a difference it makes in other mammals, and they already see very similar results in humans they are testing on. They've managed to nearly halt the progression of symptoms in most patients.

See also: http://www.fiercepharma.com/animal-health/cats-and-febreze-may-hold-key-to-treating-devastating-niemann-pick-disease

oritteropo said:

Thanks for the promote. I'm not sure if I really wanted to click the link though, it's exactly as horrifying as you promised

eric3579 says...

I just tried to use an embed that allows full screen when sifted, but doesn't when same embed is used in a comment. In the comment it doesn't change the iframe embed like it does when you sift it.

eric3579 said:

What do you mean by blocked by default?

I just went back and changed the embeds for my last 5 videos and it fixed all of them.

eric3579 says...

What do you mean by blocked by default?

I just went back and changed the embeds for my last 5 videos and it fixed all of them.

oritteropo said:

I tried it out, and no luck.

You can put in the attribute, but it still doesn't allow fullscreen on the ones where it's now blocked by default.

PlayhousePals says...

HAHA! That cat had HIS number. Very cool and oh how I can relate. It's hard/impossible to avoid/ignore attention grabbing behavior around here ... try as I might

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