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siftbot says...

Congratulations on reaching new heights on VideoSift. You have earned yourself 58 stars, earning you status of Gold Star member. You have been awarded 1 Power Point for achieving this level. Thanks for all your contributions.

eric3579 says...

As you may know Ive created a playlist of many of the dead videos on the sift. As its been there for awhile, and there have been quite a few views of it, very few vids have been fixed or discarded. I thought a list just of yours might be of some help. The list below are all your videos on my playlist. There may be a few errors, but I gave it my best shot.


Farhad2000 says...

That was really interesting and informative, don't blame yourself for long comments am exactly the same way. Add me to Google Talk at farhad.agza@gmail.com

I really loved Switzerland and would love to have immigrated there, my brother was there for a long time working for Reuters in Zurich.

In reply to your comment:
Tanks for your post :"

Farhad2000 says...

Wow thanks for your post, thats was real informative it's odd that joedirt and I basically asked the exact same time of question...

When I visited my brother in Zurich I was struck by how on time, clean and nice everything looked. Then I met his girlfriend, Rachel, who turned out to be a sharp shooter and also like you had a rifle in her closet. I was fairly young at the time so I don't remember what they hell it was but for some reason FN Minimi keeps coming back to my mind....

How does Switzerland feel letting go off it's previous role of isolationist nation? It must be an interesting question that pervades the thinking, I mean imagine if Switzerland was part of NATO during the NATO assault on Serbia, would have the Swiss send their contingent of F-18 and F-5s?. And are you serious they still use F-5 Phantoms? Training? Wasn't it first used by the US in Vietnam?

Wish I could immigrate to Switzerland, but I heard that is hard and that the Swiss are a bit xenophobic. It was odd because one time walking around Bern, I saw these kids riding on their bikes besides me, and they were talking my language (uzbek), I was totally baffled as I never see people from my country anywhere else... I have been all over the world.

In reply to your comment:
oops, sorry. maybe i took the german meaning of rhetorical (f***** false friend words). i was thinking of a question that stands for its own and doesnt't need (want) an answer...

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