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10 years, but I made it to Bronze!

Thank you all so much... for your inclusion, encouragements, suggestions, and upvotes. I hit my 10 year anniversary here yesterday, and finally got my 25th Star Point today, finally stopping Sifty (siftie) from halting 90% of my invocations. I've gone through so much during this time, such as the birth of two of my daughters, two heart transplants for my first daughter (and her subsequent death), the purchase and foreclosure of my first house and finally throwing in the towel at my career of being an Architect (I get paid more by being a drafter, anyways...and less stress and getting paid for overtime).

Anyways, you people have been there for me for a long time, though you may not have realized it. I have missed those whom have moved on, like Farhad2000, KnivesOut, and even Choggie (at times..in his reincarnation)...but I appreciate all of you in this community of freaks. Huzzah!

Ima Llama

I've been a mostly silent, but active, member here for 9+ years...and yet i know (of) many of you. Almost daily, I upvote a number of vids and seethe over Siftbot's denials of my rare downvotes and privileged requests. Seeing Oritteropo's Galaxy status, I am reminded that I need to bump up my own profile here. Thus, I have decided to peep in the forums, so for my first trick, I'll feign ignorance and ask all of you what is the best way to get integral here.

I mean to say, that I love this community and have found it quite valuable for a number of reasons. The ebb and flow suits me and has become my go-to site for any number of moods I may be in. I just want to find a way to finally give back in a small way.

And a shout out to ant, as he was my introduction to this site via Blues News.

ps- I would like to earn my first star before I hit 10 years, you know.
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