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English is important, but math is importanter. 2+2/2=3. Deal with it.

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BSR says...

pssst... you forgot... *looks over shoulder*

newtboy said:

D’oh! Numbers are out….from Trump’s first to last month in office, GDP raised 1.6% per year, the worst since Hover in the Great Depression. So much for being an economic genius, he’s literally the worst on the economy in living history.

How many more ways will he be determined to have been literally the worst? Already judged the worst by lack of leadership, abundance of division, worst economically, worst at public health, worst at trade deals, worst on the environment, worst at telling the truth, worst at civility, worst/most criminal convictions of any administration, …..what’s left?

siftbot says...

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bobknight33 says...

The threats came to him day before his Jan 6 speech. Not from Trump supporters but from the Democrats, the true racist of America,

Brooks, what was at the June 14 shooting ( Nut bag Bernie sanders supporter ) during the practicing for a charity softball game in Washington DC.

Guess facts in contest don't matter for you.

Just admit your a propaganda tool. This fact is clear as day.

newtboy said:

So, Republican Mo Brooks, who spoke at Trump’s Jan 6 pre coup rally, knew days ahead of time about the impending attack, didn’t go home but slept in his office from fear he might be followed home, and wore a bullet proof vest when he told them to “start kicking” because he had been warned there would be many armed and violent people in that crowd he was inciting. He apparently did not warn fellow representatives of the attack he had prior knowledge was inevitable.

He admitted all this publicly.

bobknight33 says...

That vid is awesome.. I ended watching about 5 more about it. There is also another style on same principle.

Totally cool concept. This could really help remote locations or 3rd world places.

newtboy said:

Thanks. A nice simple design is always best

siftbot says...

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