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English is important, but math is importanter. 2+2/2=3. Deal with it.

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siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your dedication to finding diamonds in the rough and pushing videos of other members to success has earned you your "Assister" Level 125 Badge!

bobknight33 says...

You using Snopes as a fact checker is rich.

U.S. President Joe Biden has a speech impediment.

False. No speech impediment just too old.

No speech impediment in 1993. 12 minutes of pure coherent speech .
Maybe as a kid but not by 1993.
2021 Must be to old feeble to speak with out bumbling/ stumbling.

Just admit Biden is too old to be POTUS. Grandpa Joe will be gone soon and the unpopular VP will take over. Yet a bigger joke.

newtboy said:

Um....are you really that ignorant and delusional? Oops, forgot who I was addressing....sorry. (I hadn't noticed you flatly denied he has a speech impediment)

Lol. At least he can give a speech with complete sentences and thoughts and without pooping his diaper. Trump can't, just watch his my pillow speech from Saturday when he slurred and mumbled his way through more whining and sour grapes about losing the decrepit he was unable to open his eyes the entire rambling seated speech (maybe involuntarily closed due to rancid full diaper stench), or the pictures from his recent New York trip where he looks on deaths door, pale, frazzled, and exhausted, without his taxpayer funded makeup team he looks like Palpatine after a fight...and you still think obese, dementia riddled diaper Don has it in him to be president. He never did, that's why he spent 1/3 of every day watching tv, and 1/3 of every day frantically rage tweeting nonsense, and astonishingly a full 22%, 308 days of his single term playing golf at tax payers expense and his profit, leaving 11%+- of his time in office for governing, family time, travel, and sleeping combined. He doesn't have it in him to do any physical activity more strenuous than cheating badly at golf while using a cart to go 30 ft., even on the green. Biden runs and bikes long distances constantly, and isn't obese or dementia riddled.

Don is a worn out old con man who should be gripping his soap with all his might in the prison shower....and who may be doing that soon for the rest of his life. Lmfahs!
Also, when Trump eats cookies with his grandchild, he's also having cookies with his child. They're the same person.

geo321 says...

Btw if you guys are worried about getting the vaccine I got it and it was fine. As I told my niece it's cool just like this instructional video from Tarantino...

newtboy said:

Deal, but it's not the Tarantino you're thinking of.

BSR says...

7% and dinner with Tarantino.

newtboy said:

7%, final offer, and stay away from craft services on set. I can pick handcuffs, your threat doesn't scare me...I might like being hobbled.

geo321 says...

Lucky wakes up to everyone handcuffed on the floor

newtboy said:

...and so began the hardheaded hobbling horror of 2021, culminating in the brutal banning backlash of 2022 when all members were automatically banned including new accounts.

chicchorea says...

I was looking forward to contacting you upon finishing my foray.

imagine my happy surprise at your rather wonderful and welcome intercedence on behalf of all things light and transcendental in nature.

Thank you old friend.

I applaud and thank you further for the enlightened and inspired suggestion to resolution of the situation though I infer there to be a lag in implementation at best.

As I was unaware of the possible agitation my efforts evidently caused, I somewhat bristled at the unjustified, that is to my mind, action taken at no infraction of which I am aware.

Is instahobbling not regarded as inappropriate thusly invoked?

In any case, my reaction to such was averted by your intervention and I, again, thank you.

newtboy said:

Racking up the grim reaper badges. Damn!
Why are so many of Choggie/Chingalera's videos dead? Do you plan on removing them all?
I put in a question to lucky about making invocation only posts seems some are upset that the comments page is full of non comments. Not me, but if I can diffuse a fight before it starts, I will.

chicchorea says...

You're welcome, thank you.

newtboy said:

Sweet zombie Jebus, that's some serious housecleaning. Is everything he ever posted dead?
Thanks for doing the work.

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