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the new gig (Blog Post)

 this is the new gig:

think of it as a small, privately-run, for-profit Better Business Bureau.

 if a company screws you, and you can attach a reasonable dollar value to your losses,  you post a complaint article here.  the people behind this site will arbitrate on your behalf, with that company, in exchange for like 15% of what they were able to recover for you.

don't  try using it yet.  still in the process of building it.  and please don't make me regret posting it here, by having you all create Heywood Jablome and Amanda Hugginkiss as clients.  ok?

my new avatar pic (Blog Post)

click below, and you can watch me, drawing it:


screencap of final product


i doodled it today, on a friend's Facebook page.

 her name's Larissa, and it's her birthday.  so i scrolled through her pics, and saw a bunch of shots of her cats.   one is named Athena, and has a warrior reputation to suit her namesake.

original pic i worked from

the tough part was that the app is completely stripped-down.

you have 1 brush.  it's round.  7 or 8, stepped sizes, from 1 to 25 pixels.  that's slider #1.

256 colors.  slider #2 controls transparency.  and that's it. 

zomg. probie donations. :D tyvm. (Blog Post)

just thought it was pretty cool, that while scanning the honor roll of donors, i came across some probationary and unstarred members.

not entirely unexpected, but thought i'd send a little extra thank you, since they can't *invoke, etc.   shout-outs to:

as well as 6 non-members:

Paul Hyman, Timo Kujanuu, Mark Orr, Dave Anderson, Roger Wheeler, & Janice Johnson.

i'll update this list as i catch 'em, or as updated by comments from others here.

   tyvm, all

my hard drivez essploded (Blog Post)

yeah.  yesterday.

woke to the sound of chattering chipmunks, scraping away at my hard drive for information that was no longer there.

something corrupted, something lost, chipmunks search to no avail.

 i lost a lot of work, on that hard drive.

i'm trying to think of it as an unintentional, and poorly timed, spring cleaning. 

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