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Linux for noobs (Blog Post)


Can any good sifters recommend a Linux version for someone who wants to get to grips with using and supporting it? 

Its 6 years since I've used it and things have moved on so much that I'm confused as to which of the many packages available to go for. I just want to start getting familiar with it again, do some tinkering, mainly so I wont be lying in my next job interview



Media Streaming and Home Networking (Blog Post)

Okay, I had spent two hours typing a very long post about home networking, bridges, wireless singal strength and connecting various media devices to each other, all that good stuff and then I pressed backspace and Firefox went back a page and lost everything ****!!!

So heres the tldr:

Now that 6Mb broadband is available in my area I can now rent movies through my Samsung TV browser in DVD quality (broadband cant handle streaming HD here yet) and have them streamed to the TV. This turned out to be shockingly easy to set up and worked flawlessly. Imagine my surprise.

Its also very easy now to share all your video, photos, music etc. from the your home network to your TV thanks to Windows 7 and Media Centre, no more downloading TV shows and re-encoding to burn to a DVD or even copying them to a USB stick, now just watch them in the comfort of your arm chair, streamed from your PC .Heres a how to:

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