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Summer flu is no fun! (Blog Post)

I am in the middle of a funny summer flu (courtesy of dear hubby NetRunner, who's at least almost recovered by now). The house is in desperate need of vacuuming, but I really don't care. I have way more important things to do, like watching everything possible on streaming NetFlix, trying to finish the first 'Game of Thrones' book and trying to find stuff to sift. Is all fun and good, especially when your brain is absolutely not working because your head is full of snot! Yes, I am failing miserably even on watching TV shows and remembering what I just saw..

OK, so I am not very productive, or rational!

I did manage to find my daily fun links, so here we go - if I can't share my germs, at least have my links!:

30 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Old Movies:


The 24 Weirdest Sleeping Positions For Dogs: (#5 is the favorite of my younger dog)

 I was going to post a few more links, but I forgot which ones. Hah! I need to take some medicine.. Maybe I will find them later today.

  EDIT: I found one of my old bookmarks today:

 According to aintitcoonews: "A reader calling himself “User897” sent in a link to a forum posting at The Prop Store site that has an incredible collection of photos from a group of Star Wars nuts who discovered the desert shooting location for the Tatooine sequences in Return of the Jedi and snapped vintage spy pics of the filming."



Crazy neighbors and taking your dog out (Blog Post)

I know, once again I am overreacting to things, but for God's sake, I am just sick and tired of some people in my neighborhood.

The thing is, obviously we have some people who do not pick up after their dog and leave the poop out there. I have 2 German Shepherds. They make big poops. I have ALWAYS picked up after them.

Still, I have been yelled at. Sometimes pepole drive past, roll down their window and yell 'pick up your shit!' when my poor dog is trying to pee. She's a female, she squats down when she pees! Obviously 9 out of 10 people in my area can't tell the difference between dog peeing and pooping. I have had people running AFTER me saying 'did your dog poop in my yard????' I tell them 'NO' and even try to show that I have a little thingy on my leash that holds poop bad that I use in case my poor dog poops.

My older dog refuses to do her before bedtime pee on the back yard. So, I take her out to the front, usually just walk around for a few minutes and get her to pee. Mission accomplished.

Tonight was more fun than ever. I took her out, to a different cul-de-sac sidewalk, I usually walk next to the 'main' road. She pees, I am happy, turn around and head home. I hear some teenagers whooping, but think they arer just yelling at each other.

Well, turns out that the kids that my dog pooped when she squated, and they told that to the lady who lives at the corner of the cul-de-sac and the main road, pretty much opposite to my house. My doorbell rings, and I go answer, and she is already running away from my house, yelling at me that I let my dog poo at her sidewalk. Not stopping, just running and yelling.

Excuse me?! I try to tell her that no, my dog only peed, but she is already inside her house. Great. I go yell at the kids because I am already quite ticked off! I ask if they told the lady my dog pooped. They said 'yes'. OK, great! I yell some more about my dog being female and just squatting down for 3 second to pee. Ask them to go tell the lady they only saw the squatting. Of course they refuse.

I try to go to the ladys house and talk to her, explain that I have poo bags with me and my dog didn't poo, and if she had, I would have cleaned. She won't answer the door. I ring the doorbell some more abd knock on the door too. No answer. Great, after all, she came to my door first, yelled at me for nothing and now she is not talking to me. I try a few more times, I get her yelling at the kitchen window, telling me to get the 'fuck away from my house' and so on. Lots of nice things. Oh, and she is calling the cops.

NetRunner drags me away, but I am sorry, I feel like I have done nothing wrong, I get yelled at and can't even talk to the lady. Stupid, yes, but I go back and try to talk to her. I mean, she lives right next to my house, and obviously she got totally crazy. I was getting scared maybe she is crazy enough to go poison my dogs because she thinks I am letting them poo on her lawn. OK, I know that is a bit much, but I love my dogs to the death, and I want to make sure nobody attacs them.

After about 4 rings she comes back yelling at me some more from the upstairs windows and she is calling the cops again. Great, now I am public enemy #1 because I just want to talk to her. I finally managed to get a word in between, the 'crazy bitch', 'fuck off' and 'stop ringing my doorbell'. She calmed down a little, and I was at least able to explain to her that I didn't do anything she accused me of. She keeps telling me that 'she has witnesses' .. OK, witnesses who what? see my dog squatting down and think she is pooping? See me walking my dog? Or see a rottweiler as big as my dog pooping? I know there is a guy with a rottweiler who walks him and does not clean up. She even says 'Oh, I have witnesses seeing you come out and let her poo at 6 every day'. OK, excuse me, I take my dog for her nightly pee between 8 and 9pm, not 6, NEVER at 6! Are you telling me there is another blonde with a German Shepherd pooping at your sidealk at 6? Or is it just another big dog? Or is it me letting my dog pee AFTER 8!?

I do not know.. All I know is that I have never not picked up after my dogs. This nice lady managed to get the cops come over and rings my doorbell. I talked with them, they were fine, one of them just suggested that I might want to leave an apology for the lady's mailbox the next day!

Yeah right?! I am getting accused of things I didn't do! She rings my doorbell and yells at me, but won't answer her door, and she calls the cops on me! I don't think I am the one who needs to apologize!

Sorry, just needed to vent.. But I am really upset about this.. I told the lady I will not walk my dogs anywhere near her house any more, then nobody would mistake a pee for a poop. But does that even matter?? If she has 'witnesses' and she has decided it is my dog who has done the random poos (and I wanted her to go see her lawn tonight, to realize there is no fresh poop there, but she chose to barricade to her house instead), is there anything I can do? I can keep my dogs in the backyard, never take them anywhere near her yard, and still her 'witnesses' might tell her 'oh, it was a big dog, it probaby was the blond lady.'

I am just so sick and tired of people yelling at me for not cleaning up, when I am definitely always cleaning up after my dogs! I am so sick of them thinking my dog peeing means she is pooping, and I am sick and tired of being told I am a liar!

I will try to walk my dogs now very early in tne morning, and after dark, nowhere near the crazy people. Maybe they will catch the real culprit. Do I expect an apolody from the crazy lady when she finds out who actually did it? No, I do not. Why would she bother. I amust be just dumb bimbo who walks her dogs near people's houses.. It sucks! I frigging told her I can take a DNA test for the poops. I am willing to pay, if it stop the false claims and yelling. She wasn't interested.

How can you convince somebody you are telling the truth? I mean, it isn't a big thing, just dog poop, and I didn't do it. Yeah, a small thing, but of course she managed to upset me.. I have never had anybody call me crazy bitch and tell me to get the fuck off. Thankdfully she didn't have a riffle..

Oh well, I guess I was asking for it.. Silly me for wanting to talk and clear things out.
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