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What Should the *Win Channel Be Renamed?

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A total of 31 votes have been cast on this poll.

As @ant pointed out, there's a conflict with the new(ish) *Win channel and the previously-existing *Wings channel.

Because the former is a sub-string of the latter, when the latter is invoked in a comment, the former is also detected. This is the expected behavior because we allow you to invoke using creative text around invocations.

The funny thing is the system is designed to prevent this by disallowing users to create a channel that is a sub-string of another and by ensuring an admin approves of the channel. In this case, @seltar initially created it with subdomain Wins, and I ignorantly "fixed" it by removing the s, thus creating the conflict.

In short, the channel's subdomain/invocation has to change. Vote above on the option you think would be the best alternative.

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posted by ant 1 decade 4 years 9 months 2 weeks ago • 11,880 views

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