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Stop the ESA, Petition and Boycott E3 (Videogames Talk)

While I wanted to post this in the main SOPA talk, I feel as though this deserves to be in its own topic as gamers are fighting out other battles as we get game developers to join our side against SOPA...

Petition: The ESA's support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), is a direct attack on free speech and innovation in gaming. SOPA would allow corporations and the US government to shut down any site on the internet. The ESA is a direct supporter of this bill, and as a gamer, you can fight back by signing this petition, and asking press to boycott E3, the ESA largest money maker. This petition is sponsored by the League For Gamers, a new gamer and developer advocacy group. Visit us at

Right now the count is almost at 24k and you can bet it will only get higher... If you are a gamer who doesn't wish to see SOPA pass, please sign the petition and tell everyone you know to sign this petition as well...

From all gamers everywhere,

Thank you...

Two Promotes to the man who finds me this clip! (Contest?)

I have had a very good run lately getting alot of videos on the top 15, and currently I have 6 points to use anyway I want. I don't know what to use the points on, but I finally figured it out; Use it for others. But again I don't know who specifically to use it for, and then it hit me. A while back ago, I remember there was a clip I wanted to watch, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I asked on Videosift, and wouldn't you know it, but someone found it.

So here I am going to do it again, another Video scavenger hunt, the person who might be able to find the clip (and even post it on videosift) will earn two promotions. They can pick how it is used; either for their videos or others. So here is the clip I want to find...

Fast Forward to 1:05, watch till 2:56

I've heard so much about this opening to Superman 3 and how ridiculous it is. I wanted to see it, but all I can find is people making custom intros for Superman 3. Granted I can understand that it might be because of copyright issues it can't be shown, but then if that was the case, you wouldn't see the cyborg scene in Superman 3... O wait, it got disabled, excuse me as I call it dead...

Anyway, I'll post this bounty up for now, and who knows, this could lead to something even bigger like a bounty board or something...

MikesHL13 gets his Ruby and goes mad with power!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It seems that Mike is sporting a new look and is enjoying it a bit too much...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Leave it to him to come up with a creative way to sport the Ruby... (Ok, so not the best editing, but I just had to do that first one)

Anyway, enough with the jokes (for the moment) and lets talk about the good things about Mike... Granted I haven't been around recently to see how fast he has sifted and his time on the sift has been as short as he is (or is it she?)... I mean that this guy has been on since March and he is already at 250, I can imagine seeing a diamond in this guy's future come March 2010 if he keeps this up... Can't really say much though for what he sifts since he is sifting a good varity of videos (from what I can tell) and has been very supportive of his fellow sifters, you can see it in his top 5 most feature quotes where each one is him complimenting his fellow members when they hit their own high points (except one about fingers...) Well guess what Mikey-boy? ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE AND GET SOME LOVE COMING YOUR WAY!

So please, show some love for this psychonut and be sure to visit his page to see his sifts, and get his five PQ videos sifted... Congrats again and welcome the Ruby club (We get free tacos on Tuesday enjoy it while you can! And be sure to come up with some creative channel too...)

A new channel Idea- Holiday?

After spending a few months away form the sift, I decided to make my return...

For those of you who don't know who I am, I was a guy who wanted to take over the videogame channel, but after many failed attempts, I decided to leave that behind me and try for a different channel... Problem is though that there are already alot of good channels and I wouldn't be able to say what is left to collect on, but I figured that one channel that hasn't been taken/suggested is something for the holidays... Doesn't matter what holiday it is (christmas, halloween, easter, etc.) but to have something like this...

Is this a good channel to make or should I try a different channel idea (or even consider making another violent attempt at the vg channel)

This is it! This is really it! (New channel or takeover?)

OK... Seeing how I am (or previously) the newest member of club 250, I will need to come up with an idea for an all new channel for videosift... Problem is that, I am like a stubborned mule...

For those of you who know me, I am the man who has made previous attempts on taking over the video game channel and didn't have any luck since Oatmeal (current holder of the Video game channel) has been on again and off again with posting comments and staying just active to prevent any hostile takeovers...

So here it is, I'm going to put an end to all of this right here and right now... I promise this will be my last attempt in taking over the video game channel... If I am not successful in this attempt, I'll stop and I'll go ahead and create a brand new channel...

So what do you guys think I should do? Should I try one last time for the video game channel, or should I cut my losses and make a brand new channel? and if I would make a new channel, What would you like to see?

Is it better to be a sexist or a racist?

Warning: the following maybe considered offensive to others and I do not intend to offend others with what I'm about to say... If I do however offend anyone, I will say sorry in advance... sorry... I'm also not doing this to discredit Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama, they are both qualified to be president in my opinion, even if I'm with the Republicans...

This election is starting to get a bit out of hand... With constant attacks from both sides and things being taken out of context, its going to be interesting how this comes to its finale... However there has been one thing that has been bugging me, and it started at the beginning of this year (if not eariler) when it was all talk about both Clinton and Obama... While there were so much being talked about by these two people, there was one question that went through my head... At first I was joking, but then as I thought more on it, it started to be more interesting...

Is it better to be a sexist or a racist?

In one stand point, if you were to vote for Obama, you could be voting for a man with more years in the Senate, but then people could accuse you of being a person who is sexist, whereas if you vote for Clinton, you would have someone who was (in some idea) already in the White House and knows how it works, but then you could have people saying the reason why you didn't vote for Obama was because he was black...

Now before you start flaming, I know darn well that this had nothing to do with Obama winning the nomination... however, that still goes without saying that no one could deny that in some idea, this was a question that was going through their heads... Another fun thing to think of is that IF Obama DIDN'T win, what would the chances have been that someone would call a conpiracy and civil rights leaders would be on TV saying that he was cheated?

So that is my question to you, Not just the first question that I had asked, but do you believe, especially with Sarah Palin in the mix, that this question could have a deciding factor as to who would become president?

Also I'm sorry for the description not being so good, I had a better explaination, but my computer froze and deleted my previous speech...

Tomorrow, we will be consumed by a black hole

Some guys in Switzerland are trying to recreate the big boom... Chances are they are going to make a black hole and we are all going to die...

So I would like to take this time to thank videosift for the fun times I had... I promise I won't forget any of you where we get consumed by the black hole...

Seriously why do we try to kill ourselves all the time? We should just work our way to a robotic uprising... at least we know we will still be alive when that happens...

Promotions last for nine hours?

Ok, I'm a bit concerned about this... I recently saw a video, and I loved the clip... In fact, I loved it so much, I restarted my membership just so that I can repromote it to the front page...

However, I check this morning and I don't even see it on the front page, almost as if that as fast as I promoted it, it was gone... What gives?

Study show Parents More Concerned About Violent Video Games

There has been many stories about this... However I thought I would give my thoughts on this...

This has to be an overexageration in my eyes... To think that parents are more concerned of violent video games than Alcohol, drug, gangs, guns, Pornography, etc. is just... I'm at a loss of words, though I can understand why...

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a gamer (and failed horribly at trying to take over the video game channel) and I will admit that about 7/10 games I play have violence, guns, blood, and/or horrible death sequences... If I had a younger brother or sister, I would be making it a top priority to ensure that my games would get in their hands (unless if they are suitable for them)... But in this case, it is a simple idea of parents saying that they can't simply keep these games out of their kids hands and believe that they aren't going to notice this...


I'm looking for a clip...

I have been trying to find clips from Superman Doomsday, but all the clips seem to focus on the two fights at the beginning and the ending of the movie...

The clip I'm looking for is the one that superman threatens an old lady when the cat gets stuck in a tree...

That scene was as funny as it was scary considering that superman was threating to kill her just because her cat got stuck in the tree and superman took considerable offense to it... If you seen the movie, you would get what I mean...

If anyone can find this clip, I would be very thankful for it...

Let the Videosift Roast begin! Zifnab takes center stage... (Parody Talk)

Welcome one and all to the videosift roast! Tonight we have a special treat as tonight's roastee is currently the Ranked Number #1 Zifnab!

What can be said about Zifnab that hasn't been said yet? (That is what we are going to find out...) He is a man who has contributed alot to the sift, and is likely to be the 2nd person to get their crown... That goes to show you that this guy doesn't have much of a life, especially since 1000 of his votes have been thanks to Zero Puncuation and beating everyone to posting it week after week...

As always, as my role as MC, I got to send Zifnab the famous Videosift Questionaire in hopes that he would reveal his darkest secrets to us so that we can exploit them... Here was the review!

1. What do you do when you are not at the computer?
Spend time with my family, read, play badminton, play volleyball, play pool, watch hockey.

2. What is your favorite of your posted videos?
hmm Tough one, I'd have to say these two:

Fry's 100 cups of coffee
My favorite Futurama bit.

Hockey Player Hit Through the glass.
Because I was at that game and I remember it fondly.

3. How many avatars have you had since being a member? What were (are) they?
I've had 6 so far. First dragon, second dragon, Gandalf for a change, dracolich for the Fortnight of Fright, Dragon Yin-Yang (didn't last too long), and my current dragon.

4. What non-self-involved site do you visit most often?
There's more to the interwebs than the sift?? Proably Slashdot and TSN.

5. If you had a time machine would you keep it clean?
Nope, I'd just go back in time to when it was clean.

6. What is your ratio of pairs of shoes to underwear?
umm I'd guess 1:10. I don't go counting my underwear very often.

7. Is that underwear boxer, brief, or birthday?

8. Do you run a Mac OS, Windows, or Linux?
Windows and Linux when I can.

9. Would you most prefer to be involved in a monumental one-of-a-kind hiking expedition, working on a breakthrough cure for a debilitating illness , or presenting the discovery of a revolutionary new way to parse data?
Presenting the discovery of a revolutionary new way to parse data.

10. What is your favorite ice cream topping? Favorite (non-ice-cream-related) spice?
Ice cream topping, hmmm don't eat too much of it, I'd have to say strawberries.
Spice, Fresh ground pepper.

11. Are you a tits, ass, or legs man?

12. What kind of pet(s) do you have? Include name(s).
15 un-named fish.

13. What kind of pelt(s) do you have? Include name(s).

14. What is your favorite kind of soup?
Hot and Sour

15. What is your most frequented source of news?
Radio while I drive in to work.

16. What is your beverage (poison) of choice?
Fresh squeezed orange juice (Yes I'm boring, I don't drink alchohol).

17. Have you ever been arrested?

18. What’s your go-to move for making a good first impression?
I just try to be friendly and chat with people.

19. How would you describe your coif: bangs, balding or rug?

20. Is your face clean-shaven or do you have a beard, a goatee or a mustache?

21. List your five most cherished possessions.
Family pictures, Wedding Ring, Pool Table, Autographed Trevor Linden jersey (see hockey vid above), Computer

22. What religion, if any, did you practice as a child?

23. What about now?

24. What is your favorite memory?
My son's birth and my wedding day.

25. What was your favorite childhood television show?
Knight Rider

26. How would you describe your personal style/sense of fashion/taste for life/artistic flair?

27. What is a reason not to go to Burning Man?
As cool as it is, it's not my type of crowd.

28. Who is your favorite Sift Hero?
mlx (She is missed)

29. Do you have any image(s) of yourself online that you're willing to share?

30. What goal to you have while a Videosift member?
To take over the sift and rule with an iron thumb! Or at least get a crown...

31. Do you upvote comments more for their originality, sense of humor, or self-deprecation?
Originality and sense of humor.

32. Who started calling you the “Dark Lord of Videosift”?
MycroftHomlz when he called me out for a sifquisition when I hit 20,000 votes. He also has a very strange playlist dedicated to me and yahtzee...

33. Do people seem to take shots at you because you’re the number one man?
Most of the shots seem to be over my posting of Zero Punctuation reviews and the number of votes they consistently get...

34. Do you blame Canada?
Yes and I'm glad

35. Are you a lover or a fighter?

36. Do you have room for an apprentice, O Dark Lord?
I'll accept applications, but be warned the path to the dark side is surprisingly easy.

37. How do you feel about Zero Punctuation? (Since you have posted the majority of the videos)
I really enjoy Zero Punctuation reviews, they still haven't gotten old for me. I laugh every time, if I didn't enjoy them I wouldn't sift them no matter how many votes I thought they'd get.

38. Who do you respect the most on videosift?
I'd still have to say mlx, but since she's not active anymore it would be krupo and firefly.

39. Do you consider yourself emotional?
A little bit, I don't get emotional very often.

40. Why am I asking so many questions?
To make it seem like you are doing your job.

There you have it... a Family man who cares about other people and members on the boards and blames his country for no reason...

Alright then... Ladies and Gentlemen! Let the Roast commence! Remember... You have about 2-3 hours before the Roastee Zifnab takes a shot at all the people who took a whack at him...

edit: Whoops... I just been informed that the roasts last for about 24-48 hours... sorry, but then again more time to roast right?

Videosift Roast announcement: Zifnab's turn to get toasty!

Greeting everyone... For the next roast, I'm actually going to be the MC and as luck would have it, Zifnab has been selected as the next person to get roasted...

I find this a bit ironic considering a few days ago I was the one who posting how Zifnab's vote count was over 30000... Anyway...

As you all know, Our little dark lord of the sift is currently numero uno and is loved and hated, though mostly loved...

From what we have discussed, we are going to perform the Roast on Friday around evening time, ergo be sure to get ready... For all the people who always wanted to take a jab at Zifnab for being where he is today, now is your chance...

Channel Takeover?

I admit, I'm still trying to figure out what channel I should do if I ever get to diamonds, but if anything, I still want to take over the video game channel...

I have no offense against Oatmeal, but if I'm not mistaken, he has been MIA for almost 3 months now and I am still throwing my hat in the ring so that I could take over, if I could...

My question is simple... What would someone have to do to takeover a channel? Elections or hostile takeover?

Zifnab Vote Count: Its Over 30000!!!

Love or hate Zifnab, its hard to ignore the fact that he is the most popular person on the sift with over 30000 votes in his favor...

Congrats Zifnab on contributing so much to the site...
(Just get to 1000 stars so that you can get that crown...)

Videosift elections?

While I was thinking of more videos to add for the video game channel I came to the realization of something... I haven't seen oatmeal or any of his actions for the last three months... Of course this may not be my place to say, though since he hasn't been seen on the sift, I would like to see taking over his channel...

Of course, though I came up with a fun idea of us having elections on the sift talk for not just the video game channel, but the other available channels whose owners haven't been seen on the sift for a while...

If this idea isn't allowed, go ahead and discard, but if it is taken into consideration... I would like to be a nominnee for the video game channel...

Best of Personal Queue has over 1000 views!

Woo Hoo!!!

Four months back, was we the personal queue was introduced to replace the requeue command... I decided to start the Best of Personal queue to help allow most videos to get sifted...

Now over 1000 views later, countless videos have been sifted and I have to thank everyone on the sift for checking it out...

Though of course there are still well over 300 videos I have in there still, most of them are literally 1-2 votes away from getting sifted, and are really good videos, even ones not submitted by me...

So if you can, please check out the Best of Personal Queue and help get these videos sifted out...

Youtube to extend videos past 10 minutes!

If there was one thing most people were getting angry about youtube, is that you can't have videos over 10 minutes... But now if youtube actually allows this, we could be looking at the beginning of online movies...

EVERYONE WINS! especially youtube since there wouldn't be a reason to use any other video player if this were the case...

I have a few questions ...

After reading how videogames got kicked, I got worried a bit (even though I don't know why since I don't even have a video to my youtube account)... but I feel that I should ask a few questions so that I can better understand a few things...

1) I admit that twos sources of my power comes from two accounts (One from a channel that takes the best of nut shots, as seen on my skater video, and the other is from my
good friend Judgespear... MUSHROOM KINGDOM FUSION!!!) Are we allow to keep posting videos from the same subscriber or will that be against rules?

2) I have seen alot of video games in my time, I have been wanting to share them with the sift, although of course I can't self link, am I allowed to have other members go into my account and post?

3) Most videos I have are videos that can easily be replaced, although it can't be found online but rather can be record by me and reposted... Are we allowed to fix dead videos that we post ourselves?

4) From one of my previous post of I stated that "this is as close to breaking rule 7 as I could possibly get to..." and I stay by what I said eariler since the scene could easily be mistaken as the other type of Japanese "entertainment"... Was this video the closest thing to breaking rule 7 or was there an even worse video that I'm not aware of?

5) Coming up where I live is going to be an anime con... Whenever it is going on, they record all the events and post them on youtube, I even saw me in one of the clips from last year... That was when I thought of these final questions... Are we allowed to post local events? Are we allowed to post videos that had us in the video without us knowing about it?

That's about it... Sorry for asking so many questions... the more you know I suppose...

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