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Powerpoints with Expiration Date?

Hey folks,

a thing that crossed my mind:

How about we give powerpoints an expiration date like one week or so?

Why you ask?
I realized I have a bunch of points and they are really just sitting there and don´t help anyone. Having an expiration date on them could convince people to spend, rather than hoarding them.

"B̶u̶t̶ I̶ d̶o̶n̶'t̶ w̶a̶n̶n̶a̶ b̶e̶ a̶ p̶i̶r̶a̶t̶e̶!̶ " "But I don´t know what to use them for! Don´t force me!"
Good point. I guess you could try a little harder and try to find something worth spending them on. Which would have the desired effect and raise interaction with the site.

Or/And: If you still can`t find anything: what if expiring points went towards a good cause on the sift?Like another user or to the wise siftbot to distribute?

Further thoughts:
- Maybe the expiration date should only apply to earned points, not the renewing ones.
- Maybe you could use 100 (or amount x) of them to pay for a month of premium service for yourself or someone else. (Like the "give gold" feature on reddit)

And what about limiting the number of total available points on the site to amount x per registered user? This would impact inflation and make them almost like a currency.

Who knows: Maybe powerpoints could end up like Bitcoin and the Winklevoss Twins will invest a Gazillion Dollars in the Sift...

Looking forward to a discussion on the general idea.

Badge Idea

Hey kids,

how about a badge for early adopters?
I think if you are one of the first (maybe in the first 10) to upvote a clip which later becomes successful you should earn some recognition for that.
Other values that badge could take into account for calculation is an upvote of a clip "before it hits the hot list" or "before it gets 100 votes" or something like that.


Could SOPA kill Videosift?

Hey kids,

I just read through these two articles and became a bit worried about my favourite surf spot.
How SOPA could actually break the Internet and
SOPA will mean the end of reddit says general manager

Questions that come to mind are:
Is the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) something VS needs to be worried about?
What are the possible consequences for users and admins?
Are we all doomed?
Would siftbots scrap metal be enough to pay legal bills?
Does lucky have to move to Sweden?

Can anyone out there with law brains explain what we are looking at here?

German Siftup!

Hey kids,

anyone up for a german meatspace Siftup?

It seems like there are quite a few germans around.
Anyone willing to travel over here is welcome too of course.

As a location I suggest Berlin or Hamburg sometime in mid January.
We can work out the details once we get a few people on board.

So let us stick our videocrazy heads together for a few cold beers!


Edit: January 14th (Saturday) seems like a good date.

Social Voting

I just had a revolutionary idea!

What if we got rid of the voting system on Videosift, and replaced it with an average sharecount from the social networks to measure popularity?
Or an average of Likes, +1s, Tweets and whatnots?

- Content on VS would spread more outside
- More non VS users would get to see clips

- People not active in social networks could not participate
-Multiple shares by a single user would be possible (-> more than one vote: BAD!)
(but maybe your vote total on a clip could never be more than 1. So if you share it once it counts as one vote, and if you share it to two networks, your net votecount would stay at one by dividing your vote by two)

Obviously I haven´t thought this all the way through.
I am counting on you guys to tell me why this idea is probably silly.
Also it would probably be a shitload of work programmingwise.

Should be an interesting discussion.

Ready? Box!

Superawesome @Username Feature Request

I`ll make it short and sweet: I would find it super useful, if usernames that get mentioned in a comment or post would automatically become a link to the userprofile when prefixed with an "@".

So just like it works on Twitter, @maatc would be magically turned into @maatc

Bonus: Getting a notification when someone mentions you
(or a link on the site that functions as a search for recent mentions)

@lucky760 @dag @campionidelmondo @siftbot What do you think? Useful? Possible?

Everyone elses feedback is welcome too of course!

UPDATED! EURO S⇧FTUP 2009 now with confirmed location!

Sept 5. Update:

Confirmed Location: CANTALOUPE in the East End (off Old Street), starting from 8:00 pm

Location on Google Maps

We have five confirmed participants so far: BreaksTheEarth, gwiz665, ornthoron, haldaug and maatc

I have reserved a corner for eight people hoping some more local London sifters will show. The more the merrier!

Here is an accomodation suggestion for out of towners
... more inside ...

Feature Request: Include Comment in Notification Mail

This would be an awesome addition in my opinion.

Seeing the comment right there in the mail and not having to navigate back to the site to see it.

I love this place for its comments and I am always happy when a new "New Comment for XYZ post" mail arrives in my inbox.
However I get most of these on my phone while I am out and about somewhere and I always feel like I have to rush to the nearest internet cafe to see what is going on. Having the comment included in the mail would really make that it easier to decide wether that is necessary.

What do you think?

Wes Carr wins Australian Idol 2008...

... and he deserves it!

I normally don´t care too much for these phony talent shows, but in this case a rare thing happened:
For a change the winner was not some plastic teenager whose career was constructed out of thin air, but someone with a great voice, great songwriting skills and years of performances under his belt.

Check out his winning single "You" here

So what makes this guys win really remarkable?
Two things I would say:

First: Most other times these shows choose a winner that best represents what the producers of the show want, not the person who deserves it the most.
(I recommend reading Ben Eltons novel "Chart Throb" on this topic)

Second: Most talented musicians with integrity would not dare go near any of these shows, for fear of selling out to a system that they are trying to avoid like hell.

So congratulations Wes, and good on ya!

And just so you can see what kind of range and talent this guy has, check out my favourite track by him: White Rabbit Day, or another one of his early tracks
Princess, right here on VideoSift

More information:
More Tracks by Wes on
YouTube results for his Australian Idol performances"
Wes Carrs MySpace
Wes Carr on Wikipedia
Wes Carrs profile on Australian Idol

Video Wanted: Reward!

I have been looking for a clip for a while now that I think needs to be on the sift. It was available on Joost for some time here, but not anymore. Maybe one of you can help.

It is the shortfilm documentary "Murbah Swamp Beer" which won the Tropicana Award at Tropfest in Sydney in 2002

More info here: IMDB entry for Murbah Swamp Beer

I am not asking anyone to pirate it, I just hope someone has better luck than me in finding an embeddable version somewhere in the depths of the web.

Reward: I´ll donate five powerpoints towards your account (worth 10$)

Good luck and thanks in advance!

Edit: eric3579 found the clip!
I posted it here:

Metropolis - Missing scenes found!

From :

"The cinematic world was today celebrating the rediscovery of missing scenes from German director Fritz Lang's legendary silent film Metropolis - thought lost for 80 years, until they were found in the archive of a museum in Argentina."

Can´t wait to see the full length restored version.

Full Story,,2288990,00.html

Fair dinkum!

G´day old china plates,

just letting you know that thanks to dag and lucky my brandspankin' new sharper than sharkshit Australia, NZ and Pacific Channel is now live!

Make sure to check your posts for all things Koala, Kiwi or "Kama te" and use *downunder wherever you want to add something to the list.

So what the bloody hell are ya waitin' for???
Throw a shrimp on the barbie 'n' ave a go yer mugs!

Happy siftin' y'all!

Channeling in

Alright, since there are over 250 stars in my galaxy of lately I have now gained the right to name a colony.
Here are some thoughts on possible channels for you to toss around after the jump:
... more inside ...

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