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Sydney Sift Up Pics

The Sydney Sift Up, though intimate, was a heck of a lot of fun. I can now reveal that the secret fly-in Sifter is @maatc. He was in town for a wedding and didn't want to spoil his surprise arrival for the buck's night. We were also joined by @Volump nee @volumptuous (long story) who had flown in recently from the US. Although I'm a naturalised Australian - there was definitely an international flavour to the afternoon and evening. We talked a lot about the big LA Sift Up of 2009 - as Volump was there. This was also the second Sift Up for Maatc - who attended the Euro Sift Up, also in '09 (a good year for Sift Ups).

Circular Quay was beautiful at 2 PM. Street musicians were playing by the dockside right next to the massive ferries making their way to Manly and other suburbs.

Lots of skyscrapers as Circular Quay kind of blends into the business district of Sydney.

The train station is where I got off - Maatc came by ferry and Volump by bus.

This is the moment when Volump arrived - he took a picture before we even knew who he was. Maatc was up getting another round.

We talked about all of you - Volump and I drank Fat Yak, Maatc drank Coopers. The mysteries of the Sift were revealed

Cheers! After an afternoon of pints we took the train to Sydenham - for dinner at a great grungy pub that Volump knew. Really nice chicken schnitzels, BBQ and IPAs - though I was on ginger beer by that time girding myself for the drive back to Canberra.

Siftweek Video Podcast anyone? (Blog Post)

We've flirted around with the idea before- but I still like the idea of a 30 minute sift show that highlights the big posts of the week and other things going on around the Sift. With a roundtable panel of Sifters new and old.

First off, does anyone know of a good software solution for group video podcasts?

Secondly would you be interested in participating?

maatc reaches 500 Diamond - The Good German is here

The upper echelon of the diamond club is getting crowded
maatc, leader of the *downunder channel, has become the latest member. Let the celebrations begin!

maatch has also featured in and/or made a number of sifted videos. Here are a few of them:

Major congrats maatc, you're a top notch sifter and a really nice guy! Everybody should check out your queue and PQ.

and remember: nobody mention the war!

London Sift-Up?

I have learned two things today. Firstly, if I open my mouth it gets me right in the shit, and two, dag is a sift-up whip cracking nazi. Having taken this into consideration, I kind of do need to try and get something rolling this end (but if at any point someone wants to take over this, they would be more than welcome). So I guess first things first...

Who would be interested and when are we looking towards? I can say right now, that I won't be up for doing anything before August of this year, but any time during or afterwards is great for me. I absolutely don't mind if people would want to do it sooner, but I won't be able to attend (i'm sure that's not gonna stop most of you ). It also seems from the few comments i've read today that a bunch of people would be up for flying in from wherever, so I guess it's gonna need some time for people to start saving pennies and possibly arranging their holiday around this if it can't be just a one day thing and then home for them.

Let's be havin' ya then, who's provisionally in?

VideoSift v3.3

Welcome to VideoSift version 3.3. It's been a long time since our last major upgrade and in this time we have been considering lots of your great suggestions and some ideas of our own to present an upgrade that offers serious improvements to the individual and community user experience. There are so many new things it'll be hard to spit them all out in one breath, so I'll list them below in no particular order.

[More updates inside]
... more inside ...

Start YouTube Video At Specific Time

Google Blogoscoped blog has a tip on starting videos at a specific time.

I thought it would be useful for some videos, such as the popular "5th grade reporter asks Joe Biden "What a does a VP do?" where the pertinent point of the video is 3m45s (or 225 seconds) in to the video.

Essentially you add:
to two parts of the embed code of the video after:

I've posted an example of it working here, where I start the video 15 seconds in:

I know it's a bit technical, but I've come across some videos that would greatly benefit from this tweak. Perhaps those who are familiar with embed tweaking can give this tip in some comments to the videos.

Just a thought.

Maatc Getting Famous as a Professional Escalopter (escalopteur?) (Blog Post)

As I'm sure you remember, Maatc started his escalopteur career here on the Sift. Lucky should gets full credit for the coinage of the word. (My helilator just didn't catch on)

Choggie submitted the term to Urban Dictionary and now the term is sweeping the world. Now, Maatc has been interviewed on German radio about the move and the word! I didn't get much of it - we need a translation.

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