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Sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed from within the United States

Hulu is committed to making its content available worldwide. To do so, we must work through a number of legal and business issues, including obtaining international streaming rights. Know that we are working to make this happen and will continue to do so. Given the international background of the Hulu team, we have both a professional and personal interest in bringing Hulu to a global audience.

If you'd like, please leave us your email address and the region in which you live, and we will email you when our videos are available in your area.

Dunno if you are aware of this issue.

I think it does not affect all videos (was be able to see one yesterday), but still...

I remember we discussed about a similar issue with another host a year ago, didn't we? Dunno what happened later.

Commercial of the weac #3: the old and the new

Hereby I present you two commercials that definitly deserve more attention:

Mr. Whipple Charmin Commercials: a vintage weird commercial about people who can't resist toilet paper. Vintage commercials are important, don't understimate them!

and also

Gucci by Gucci (parfume commercial by David Lynch): a very artistic commercial about a parfume. Parfume commercials are often well above the average. What average, I don't know.

Weird news in continental Europe (issue #1)

Since most sifters live in the US or in the Commonwealth countries, I've decided they will probably be intrested to know what's happening in continental Europe. I can write something about Italy, and I'd love if other fellow countrymen from northern regions would talk about their countries too
We often hear news about US, UK and France, but unless there are elections, seldom receive any news about other countries... but hey, Internet will save us all.

So, let's start issue #1.

The weird Italian royal family

As I hope most of you know, Italy is been a republic since after WWII. It wasn't a coup: we've lost (or won, depending on your point of view) the war, so after it we held a referendum to decide if we should've kept going on as monarchy or switched to republic.
Republic won, briefly, and the new republican government decided that the royal family had been a great failure for us, so they exiled them.

They, the Savoia, lived in Switzerland, and didn't recognize Italian government. When they wrote to the president for some reasons, they called him "senator".

A few years ago, for some reason I fail to understand, they were allowed to come back, take an oath, and gain citizenship.

Now they sued the state, asking 260 MILIONS of Euro (more or less 500 milions of Dollars) of moral damages, and they want back all their properties that were confiscated.

I can say only "WTF".

update: Amedeo di Savoia told, more or less, that his relatives are acting stupid and he has nothing to do with this initiative, he thinks he doesn't deserve any of this money nor do they.

At least there is someone with brains out there...

If sifters are intrested, maybe I'll post more. Maybe I'll cross-post them to main talk, maybe post them only in the politics talk, I don't know that as of now.

a PC inside a wall

(damn, it doesn't let me include the image)

This is the Jack PC by Chip PC Technologies of Israel. This very small unit will fit snuggly int your wall, running Windows CE and use the AMD Au 1550 RISC processor running at either 333 or 500MHz, which is “equivalent of a 800MHz to 1.2GHz x86 desktop processor,” says Our Picks

There are 3 different models priced from $410 to $690.


Searching for Futurama clips

As most of you knows, some weeks ago most futurama and family guy embeds just died.

I've been able to restore almost half of the family guy ones with myspace video, but to my disappoint it didn't have the Futurama ones!

Did someone find a site which still hosts them?

College Humor embeds

Ok, partnership with collegehumor is great.

But they, by default, give embeds too large for videosift.

Changing dimensions by hand is doable, but brings up two problems:
• I'm lazy (but I have a handy calculator)
validate doesn't work
really, because if you change dimension by hand, either you enter the EXACT dimension someone else entered before you, or the check will always succeed, even if the same embed, with a different dimension, was posted.

I understand, as lucky said (IIRC), making an automatic resizer work for every site is a pain. Could it be done instead just for comedycentral? It's unusual for other site to have big embeds, while they do that almost always, so...

Commercial of the weac #1

I've decided that some commercial clips need more promotion, and that I am the user entitled to do that.

So I'll start here the "Commercial of the weac" series, posting here in the Commercial Talk links to our videos who need to get some attention.

I've called it "weac" instead of "weak" because I'm not really sure I'll do it once a weak, I'll probably be pretty random.

This weac: Razr Sharp 2, by Motorola, a great bizarre action commercial involving cellphones and a great and appropriate soundtrack.

Sift almost unusable on ubuntu O_o

I'm trying to sift on firefox/ubuntu/i386, but it's almost unusable.

mostly, it's mad javascript.
· if I click on a video thumb in the list, it redirects me to the video page instead of opening it here
· if I click playlist, it redirects me to a blank page
· each time I load a page with a video, everything goes dark (like when you login) then I get an error about "unresponsive script"
no idea why I get these errors here, while on firefox/*/ppc works.

New youtube embed problem for fixing deads

With former classic youtube embed, you had two way of fixing a dead video you didn't watch:
1) same middle frame
2) lenght is very similar, and other clues point to it being the same

you could learn the lenght of a dead video by clicking play on it. Now you can't anymore. That's bad.

You have other smart advices on fixing?

Please wait... (Sift problems?)

Do the Sift have some problems?
I'm getting a huge amount of... "nothing" when I try to load a page. Sometimes I have to try 5 or 6 times to get it loaded. Using ajax features is almost out of question, they simply "please wait" forever...
It's just me or what?

Little feature: improving *promote

Now we have this:
Promoting this classic video back to the front page; last published [DATE] - promote requested by [USER].

How about this one instead:
Promoting this classic video back to the front page; last published [DATE] - it had [VOTES] votes when it was promoted - promote requested by [USER].

Abraham Simpson vs. Missouri

I remember an episode where Abraham had a US flag with 49 stars, and said something like "better to die than to recognize Missouri as a state!".

I still wonder WTF?

Did it make any sense, or it was just random?

Rugby World cup 2007

Just in case someone didn't notice, rugby world cup has reached quarter finals.

Today current champion England beated Australia 12-10 and qualified for the semifinals, and in a few hours there will be New Zealand vs. France.

Tomorrow we'll have South Africa - Fiji, and Argentina - Scotland.

Watch them if you can

Forum-like sift talk

Sift talk is getting a lot of posts.

Problem with this blog-like visualization is that old posts die, no matter if people try to continue replying.

I really think a forum-like visualization would be *MUCH* better.

Explanation for non-geeks
Blog-like shows threads ordered by last created, and shows the content of the first post directly in the main page.

Forum-like shows threads ordered by last post (so if you post in a thread, it's "upped" to top), shows in main page only title, author (+time) and last poster (+time).

I understand it's a big change, but I think it's necessary.

PS: a bug. If i click "Email me when someone leaves a comment on my post" nothing happens. I have to bookmark the thread to get notifications. And then I get two notifications. But if I unbookmark, none.

Let's try to find out all deadpool problems

# Many stars for the same video
I post a video, I get one star point and a lot of votes.
Then video dies. AFAIK i temporarly lose the star point and the votes.
Then someone fixes it, he gets a star point, and I get back both the point and the votes.
Then it dies again. I again lose temporarly the point and votes, the first fixer doesn't lose anything (IIRC).
Somebody else fixes it. Point for him too, and so on, and so on.

SOLUTION: a fix is worth less points than a post, and if it dies again, fixer loses points he got.

# Fix is worthless
Someone fixes my video. I find a better embed and i fix it again.
He got the point anyway.

(partial) SOLUTION: don't remove the "2 days" before sending it to dead pool.

# People don't fix enough videos
They wait for 1 day to pass.

SOLUTION: every video gives you points, but less points.

# Video is fixed with wrong replacement
It can be +deaded again, but replacer got the point anyway.

SOLUTION: as before, if video dies again, the point should be removed.

# Someone got a fix but can't use it
Solution could be moderated fix. I.e. he can post the fix, but it's not effective until a gold star passes by and says it's ok (i.e. clicks a button).

I'm sure there were other problems but as of now I don't remember them.

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