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I can't visit Videosift from my home computer

Since February I was not able to log into Videosift from my home computer. Has anyone else encounter this problem as well? My ISP is RCN.

Right now I am at a different location, different computer with different ISP. And I am able to view Videosift fine.

Does this have something to do with SOPA/PIPA? Is my ISP blocking Videosift? Or is there something wrong with my Computer? I am able to view everything else just fine. Youtubes and fourchans and stuff...

Why just Videosift? I have no idea.

*SiftTalk: Earning a Star Point in VideoSift

*This post discusses the current star point award system in VideoSift and how it ultimately goes against its mission of collecting a database of better quality videos from the internet.

*The post is made recognizing that a star point is considered a higher commodity value than a power point. Collecting star point allows users to gain higher administrative powers, thus a means of upward mobility in user status and more tools that help their participation on the website. Power points have a lesser commodity value since it only allows users to remain in the same status.

I'll be honest and admit that I'm not the most vigilant sifter when it comes to scouring the internet for new and interesting videos. I do sift when I see a video that I have enjoyed and nobody has sifted it yet, but often good videos get sifted by more enterprising members.

This forces me to scavenge for videos of lesser qualities or contrary to my interests. I was surprised to find myself at one point sifting videos that I did not personally enjoy, but was sifting them anyway because I knew they had a higher chance of being sifted. And at some point of my sifting career I found myself spending more efforts on creating a catchier title for my sift rather than putting more efforts trying to find a higher quality video.

I was sad to find myself censoring my own interests just to gain a star point. I found it contradictory to my own interests and decided to stop myself from doing so. But then suddenly I realized I had placed myself in a situation where I had no other means to gain a star point.

Presenting the video in a more approachable and tasteful manner is a skill and adds to the viewing experience and I am not speaking against it. But I am pointing out the fact that sometimes it is being used to mask the lacking quality of the submitted video, and takes away from putting my efforts into seeking and submitting a video of higher quality.

And I believe this is happening because of the way our current star points system is set. There is no other way to earn a star point other than getting a video sifted. And this system pushes its users to submit any videos, as long as they get sifted. This goes against the founding spirit of VideoSift, setting out to gather quality videos over the internet. The current system no longer promote quality, but promotes more of better presentation skills and identifying existing public interests. Again, both traits are significant in its own right, but often does not necessarily focus on quality control.

I believe that members should be rewarded for contributing to VideoSift by maintaining its higher quality.

VideoSift has grown enough that it is becoming more difficult to notice a good sift through piles upon piles of queued and unsifted videos floating around in the system, which has made it difficult for real quality sifts to be noticed. Members who recognize the values of these unsifted videos and promoting them to the front page to give them better recognition should be awarded for their efforts with a star point.

Members who fix embed codes should also be rewarded with a star point. By making existing good sifts available in the system not only remove redundancy in the VideoSift system, but also gives its members an opportunity to get a star point without having to resort to lesser quality videos, which ends up clogging up the system with junk.

Fixing embeds did give you a star point some time ago, but recently I've noticed that you can no longer earn star points from doing either of these things, instead replaced by a power point. I would like to know why it is no longer the case to earn a star point from fixing embeds in VideoSift, and what different ways are available to earn a star point other than having a video sifted. I visited the FAQ section to see what other ways I could earn star points on VideoSift, but I couldn't find any mention so far.

Legacy0100 needs help pulling embed from website!

Hello, sifters!

I need some help pulling an embed from a video which is uploaded within the website in jwplayer form.


I've tried looking at the webpage's source code, but I then quickly realized that I am not a programmer and I have no idea what I am doing. So I require your help! Smart People!

Please help me get an embed off of this video!

Discussions from: "Police Brutality, Denmark" sift



Guys, as much as this all sound nice and happy, 'hugging' and 'persuading' just wouldn't work in certain areas. I'll come right out and say you guys are being delusional here.

Just with that video kronospeidon posted:

(In reply to this comment by kronosposeidon:
We've got the same thing in America! This is how New York cops hug cyclists:


That biker probably ignored the cop's orders to stop and attempts to weave through. So cop had to use necessary force to stop him.

You might say 'you can be nice while enforcing the rule'. Oh yeah? You think these guys would give their own time, purposely stop for you and wait for you to order you around? Not in NYC at least.

You think nice words would've made him stop instead? He would've past right through without a glance. If he had listened to the first warning and stopped, sure, give him a hug, a kiss, a reach-around and what have you. But when you fail to obey, you gotta crack the whips in order to make them listen.

Do I think all that force was necessary just to enforce someone to wear a helmet? No, I do think it was excessive. But that's not the issue here. The main point I'm discussing here is that 'nice words would NOT have stopped this man'.

If the biker had listened to the cop in the first place, this never would've happened. But he purposely ignored the cop giving orders to stop.

I currently work in a Gym in New York City, and I've got a bunch of meatheads from the city coming in to the gym and do whatever they wanna do. They're all pumped up from the energy drinks and dumbells. They're hyper, loud and full of testosterone.

I was nice to them back when I first started working here. But then they how far they can push the line, and they test you over and over and over. You have to put your foot down otherwise you're the only one getting hurt. They don't see you as a person, but merely as a 'worker they can take advantage of'

You give someone a break, and the next day they ask for the same thing, and then something else. And if you allow this to continue, they'll keep pushing until they get everything.

They don't limit themselves, and then the rules go haywire. They ask to get a break. But then what happens to other members who adhere to those rules? They ask for the same favor now, and the rules are no longer valid.

You wanna know how my day goes? Let's say someone is not wearing proper gym attire. Trying to work out while they're still in their Jeans. I call out their name to tell them it's not allowed in here. And guess what, they just walk right past you.

But they DID hear you, but they CHOOSE to ignore it. They know that once they're past the front desk and into the main floor, they think it's a done deal. Because nobody wants to chase after a person, either because they're lazy or because it's not worth it.

But I personally get out of my station and chase them down. They call me a hard-ass for doing that. But I only do it because ONLY THEN they listen to you. Otherwise all they do is get past the front gate as fast as possible, not make eye contact, pretending to listen to their IPOD. And then do whatever the hell they want once they're inside the gym. Ignoring all the guidelines and rules.

This one time the guy knew I was following him downstairs to give him a warning, so he decides to go into the spinning bike room and locks the door. You can see right through the plastic windows. I know he can see me, but he CHOOSES to ignore me, pretending to ride the bike with his head down.

I knock on the door, mouthing 'come out'. You know what he does? He pretends he can't hear me over the loud music playing on the overhead sound system... LOL Is he in middle school? you might ask. Nope, the guy was 32 years old.

Guess what, this happened perhaps at least 3 times a week when I first started working at the gym. Back when I was being the 'nice cop'. Nowdays I don't give a damn about their feelings or whatever lame excuse they gotta give. I don't do them favors nor do I care what they have to say. And guess what, only after I act like an asshole was when they started listening to me.

Even still, there's still one or two people (sometimes girls, especially the ones in their late 20s to mid 30s) trying the same shit on me per week. I admit I'm still not used to dealing with these types. I feel uneasy when I have to 'act' tough and be an asshole. But you gotta do what you gotta do in order to enforce rules, otherwise nobody will listen to it.

Nowadays they know I don't do them any favors and know I'll do something about it when they ignore me, either by talking real loud about their bad behaviors and embarrassing them in front of everyone or putting a hold on their membership.

It's like being in a iron cage with a bunch of wolves. If you appear too nice, these fuckers will perceive you as 'weak'. And they take advantage of you until you do something about it. They try to assert themselves whenever they see an opening, it's like a fucking prison cell. Of course, not all of them are like that, but it only takes a few of them to push the line, and rest would mimic the same behavior because they now know it's possible.

And once they know how far they can push it, even the nice ones who never behaved such ways would start to do it. They learn from what others have been doing, so they learn to mimic the techniques and tries to pull off the same shit on you.

Environment you live in, and the culture that dominates is a scary thing. It really is.

That is why niceness is such a dangerous tool to use. It's a double edged sword.

Dag Image Photoshop Challenge

Bottom line is that I was bored out of my mind, and wanted to draw stuff on that pretty boy's face.

Was trying to make this my avatar, but the strict 100 kb size limit wouldn't let me upload it

[img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/legacy0100/Dag_big.gif [/img]

Do you think you can do better? Photoshop dag's face into whatever your fancy and post your work here. If the members like your work, you'll get 1 star from +15 vote on your post

Mkone vs K0MMIE + Goofball_Jones

Recently through QM's siftquisition I came to noticed that Mkone has been downvoting a lot, if not ALL of K0MMIE and Goofball_Jones' sifts.


Somehow mkone doesn't strike me as a devious figure that easily holds grudges and reverts to immature tactics in order to achieve vengeance. But I could be mistaken. So...

Care to explain what exactly is going on fellas?

Where's the Embed code for this video?

I know there are ways to embed videos that aren't officially supported by videosift. I've seen some quicktime .mov files being embeded before and I'd like to know how I can embed this video to the sift.


So far I couldn't find any youtube links on it. And I don't yet know how to save videos from webs and upload them on youtube. Besides, that would be self-linking.

I've tried looking at the page info, and I couldn't find anything that looked like your normal embed code, so I had to settle with this


I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is somehow java scripted video or something. I'm not very tech savvy so I wouldn't know.

Can any techies of videosift help me out on this one?

7 Countries considering abandoning the US dollar

7 Countries (with large US dollar holdings) are considering abandoning the US dollar.

It’s no secret that the dollar is on a downward spiral. Its value is dropping, and the Fed isn’t doing a whole lot to change that. As a result, a number of countries are considering a shift away from the dollar to preserve their assets. These are seven of the countries currently considering a move from the dollar, and how they’ll have an effect on its value and the US economy.

1. Saudi Arabia

2. South Korea

3. China

4. Venezuela

5. Sudan

6. Iran

7. Russia


Random ideas that always been with me

1. ability to create manual checkpoints, which then enables me to return to that specific spot in listing (by checkpointing a post or something), and view new sifts from that point on. Easier to navigate the unsifted area.

2. voting gives you added sift bonus (encourages voting).

3. Easier way to view Sift Talk? Maybe it's just me being used to default forum styles. I just can't get used to sift talk section with the content of the post being shown right below the title. It just confuses my eyes.

4. Making a separate Recommendation section? I didn't know where to put this.
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