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Gwiz665 becomes royalty, starts talking to skulls


The Melancholy Dane has cause for happiness today as he gets his crown. Just remember, with no power comes no responsibility. Just tell one of your friends (teehee) that you just got your crown on VideoSift. "Videowhat?" You see what I mean.

Live it up anyway. Have a shot with your beer. Smoke an unfiltered cigarette. Order a Royale with Cheese. You've earned it.

EDIT: Lann did it, not me:


Hide/Show NSFW feature – Return it to original location

Most of what is posted on VideoSift is suitable for work, but a large chunk is not. This is no surprise to registered members, but may be completely unknown to unregistered viewers. Why? Because right now, by default, all NSFW content is hidden unless you take the following steps:

1. Look for the New Users button
2. Click Quick Options
3. Then select 'show' for NSFW Content

That's not user-friendly to the casual viewer. For such a viewer, going through three steps just to reveal content that you never knew was hidden in the first place is ridiculous. It's not like any page at all on VideoSift says “We have NSFW content, but you have to figure out how to view it yourself,” and the New Users buttons is not intuitive enough for most unregistered viewers to make this discovery. This has to change.

This is how the old NSFW button appeared. It's right upfront, no successive clicking is needed to find it. That's where it needs to be returned to.

Here is how our front page should look with the NSFW button restored. It doesn't look cluttered at all to add the NSFW button. It also belongs there because it expands and contracts the total number of videos you're able to view. The NSFW button also should be added to the Unsifted page.

One more thing: make NSFW videos viewable by default. That's the way it used to be, and it won't hurt to return it to that way because all NSFW videos should be clearly tagged with the bright red NSFW tag in the first place. You can't give a much better warning than that. As far as entertainment sites go this place is safer than most for work, so we don't need to oversanitize and Disneyfy it.

Please return the NSFW button to its original location, and please make NSFW content viewable by default. It will improve the experience for VideoSift's unregistered viewers, who greatly outnumber registered viewers. Their ease of use should be just as important as ours, maybe even more so. Let's make it happen.

I want a sandwich.

Alien_concept gets crown, royal consort


Or would this one be better?

Oh well, you decide.

What you will NOT decide is her rightful ascension to Sift royalty. Alien_concept has earned her position here. No one hands you a thousand stars, that's for sure. And she's accomplished this while being fun and good-natured, which is what I like best about her. She may be royalty now, but she's never been a prima donna.

So bow before your new highness, and while you're at it, also commend her on her choice of royal arm candy. (I'm a little gay for Prince William, and very straight for Kate Middleton. God save the queen!)

Midterm mania: I voted much for that

Well Election Day is finally here.

I live in Wyoming, and as far as states go they don't get much redder than mine. So basically my vote for Democratic candidates is an exercise in futility. However, Republicans don't win every single office in the state. Teton County, Wyoming (the Jackson Hole area) votes Democrat quite consistently, but that isn't where I live. In Casper, WY, the only Democratic candidates that get elected here are DINOs. So my votes that are actually successful still go to God-fearing, states-rights Democrats. And the state's outgoing Democratic governor is conservative on most issues.

So why do I even bother? I have only one reason to vote: I keep hoping that Republicans will win by smaller and smaller margins, enough so that it will encourage good Democratic candidates to throw their hats into the ring in the next election cycle.

Okay, enough about Wyoming politics. At the national level I despair for the country, because Republicans will not hesitate to screw the little guy in any way they can when the win control of one or both houses, and they will do all they can to protect their wealthy, corporate masters. You know they will try extend the upper class tax cut, yet they won't help the unemployed. In general I've been disappointed with Obama's job performance so far, but I know things would be far worse if we had elected McCain and given the Republicans control of either or both houses in 2008.

So what do you think? And what's going on in your state, county, or city this election day? Unload. It may not help, but it couldn't hurt. I think.

Break videos slow to load

I doubt this is just happening to me, but I have to ask anyway: When you click the play button to start a video from, does it take around 15 or 20 seconds for the video to start? I first noticed this problem a couple of weeks ago, and I assumed its origin was at and that they surely would fix it soon. However the problem persists. Test it on your end with the following video to see if you're having the same problem as me:

Any info you can provide about this problem would be helpful. A remedy would be even better. Thx.

It took so long for this page to load that I am now dead

WTF is going on? I can navigate to some pages with relative ease, while others are slow to load, or they don't load at all. Specifically, when I click on a video title, the page NEVER loads.

It took 57.327 seconds for the home page to load.
It took 3.3596 seconds for me to navigate from the home page to the Sift Talk page.
It took 3.5374 seconds for me to navigate from the Sift Talk page to my profile page.
It took 57.4651 seconds to navigate back to the home page.
It took 4.0043 seconds to navigate back to my profile page.
It took 57.455 seconds to navigate to my Comments Posted page.
And clicking on a video title on ANY page gives me a '502 Bad Gateway' error, after taking at least a minute of loading just to get that damn message.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. And it isn't a browser issue, because the same thing happens on all my browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, yadda, yadda, yadda).

Think about the children!

May I rest in peace. ✝

Start YouTube Videos At Specific Time: UPDATE

A while back @doogle posted this helpful information about how to start YouTube videos at specific times. Now, in an effort to confuse YouTubers even more (just try to find a playlist embed code these days), they have changed the way you code the start times in the embed code. Please read the following example.

Let's say you want to start a YouTube video at the 2:20 mark. That would be 140 sec, so do this:

You add:


to two parts of the embed code of the video immediately after:


Basically all YouTube did was change the ampersand code - & - to a semicolon - ;
Don't ask me why they did this, but they did. Thought you all might like to know.

Wonder Woman - 69 And Still Smokin'

I've always had a soft spot for the character of Wonder Woman. Or should I say hard spot:

So this article caught my eye today: Wonder Woman 2.0

Attention all obsessive comic fans! Set your mood dials to "outraged." Wonder Woman, one of the most popular superheroes of all time, is getting a new look.

Even casual fans of the Amazon Princess can spot her famous threads a mile away. Blue shorts with white stars, a bold bustier, and bright red boots that make Superman's look downright tasteful. All that's about to change, though. Starting with this month's comic, Wonder Woman starts wearing pants.

You can almost hear the fanboys screaming. But, according to a popular blog from CNN, there is a reason for the switch. Writer J. Michael Straczynski, who is taking over writing the comic, commented on a DC Comics blog post, "I wanted to toughen her up, and give her a modern sensibility." She's been saving the world for 69 years. If you ask us, it's only fair that she finally treat herself to some new threads.

So, what are the specifics? The biggest news is that she'll lose the hot pants, and wear tight blue pants instead. The famous bracelets are still around, but, according to Straczynski, they'll be more colorful, "with a script W on each of them that form WW when she holds them side by side…and if you get hit by one of them, it leaves a W mark." As Straczynski puts it, "this is a Wonder Woman who signs her work."

So without further ado, here's what Wonder Woman 2010 looks like:


Personally, I like it. It makes her look more like a real superhero, and less like a Playboy bunny. And she's still teh hot. Here's the old look, in case your memory needs a little refreshing:


Now I'll be the first to admit that the old look had a certain je ne sais quoi, but on screen it it can't be taken seriously, IMO:

But that doesn't mean there will be no jiggle space in the new duds, right ?

So what do the rest of you think of the 'new' Wonder Woman? For that matter, what do you think of Wonder Woman in general? And why haven't they ever made a Wonder Woman movie? Is it because the old outfit just couldn't be taken seriously? If so, I hope this new outfit gives a Wonder Woman movie a better chance of being made. Does a Wonder Woman movie sound appealing to you? I mean a real, big budget movie, on the same scale as Iron Man. I hope Catwoman didn't kill any chance any future female superhero movie might have had of being made.

And if you have to, rub one out first before you respond.

Changing the appearance of the Member Rankings pages

The Member Rankings pages have been the same forever, even before I joined. And when you look at them, you see how much space is totally blank, right in the middle of the page. Now that we have merit badges I believe the Member Rankings pages should be updated, just to swish it up a bit. Here is what I have in mind:


Click here to embiggen

Note the following changes:
1. All merit badges are displayed for each member.

2. The Dead Pool Fixes number has been eliminated, as the Necromancer badge now indicates how good a member is at fixing videos. Besides, fixing dead videos no longer gives members star points, so it is not useful displaying this number in the Member Rating category anyway.

3. The Total Videos Posted stat has been corrected. As it is right now, that number only indicates the number of Sifted Videos a member has, when in reality Total Videos Posted = Sifted Videos + Unsifted Videos + PQ videos. The numbers below Total Videos Posted breaks down how many videos are in each group.

4. Average Votes Per Video has been added. Some members have been requesting this, and it would be nice if we could sort the Member Rankings by this stat. Of course the way this stat is being calculated currently is incorrect (as I mentioned in another Post), so that would need to be fixed too.

I’m totally open to suggestions on how this idea could be changed or improved, even if you think the way Member Rankings are currently being displayed should be left unchanged. Your input is welcome.

Video embed backup – An idea for the submissions page

First of all, this isn’t an original idea. Some sifter already mentioned this idea a little while ago, and though I thought it was a brilliant idea, I don’t remember who originally came up with it. My apologies in advance.

Moving along, I love the embed *backup feature. I kind of went nuts with it on some of my videos about a week ago, and I do it now with all my new videos if possible. However I believe there is a better way of backing up embeds when they are your own videos. You do it during the submission process, and you can always go back and add backup embeds later, just like any other modification. It involves giving us backup embed boxes on both the ‘Submit New Video’ and ‘Modify Video Details’ pages. I envision it looking something like this:

... more inside ...

Average Votes Per Video stat needs to be corrected

I mentioned this problem over a year ago, but nothing's been done it about so I thought I should mention it again.

Right now the Average Votes Per Video stat is not being calculated correctly because it isn't including the number of Unsifted videos and PQ videos in the formula. I'll give you an example by using the account of mas8705, only because I want to use an account whose numbers are currently stable, due to him not being here for a while.

Right now mas8705's Average Votes Per Video is shown as 28.35. However, by doing the math, I can tell that the formula included neither his Unsifted videos nor his PQ videos, because his total Votes Received count (9129) divided by his Sifted Videos (322) equals 28.35 votes/video. Now remember he received a total of 9129 votes for ALL of his videos, including his Unsifted and PQ videos. Therefore the Average Votes Per Video formula should look like this:

Average Votes Per Video = Total Votes/TOTAL videos


TOTAL videos = Sifted videos + Unsifted videos + PQ videos


Average Votes Per Video = Total Votes/(Sifted videos + Unsifted videos + PQ videos)

Therefore, if we were to plug in numbers from mas8705's account, it would look like this:

Average Votes Per Video = 9129 votes/(322 Sifted videos + 0 Unsifted videos + 289 PQ videos)

= 14.94 votes/video

As you can see, this makes a HUGE difference in the Average Votes Per Video statistic. Therefore if we're going to use this stat it needs to be properly calculated. I'm no code monkey, but I would think that modifying a simple formula wouldn't entail that much work at all, so I hope it can be fixed soon. Thx.

Poll: Should polls be shortened to two days?

  (22 votes)
  (12 votes)

A total of 34 votes have been cast on this poll.

I think polls need to be shortened to two days. As it is, a poll sits on top of the Sift Talk page for damn near half a week. This is unnecessary. Two days should allow plenty of time for members to vote. And if you miss a poll, oh well, life goes on. It's not like we're electing the leader of the galaxy. And even if we were, we'd probably end up with Chancellor Palpatine. And we all know how well that worked out.

Clip Art Makes My High School Reunion Shit

I just got this in the mail today, an invitation to the Class of '85's 25 Year Reunion. Outside of reducing the image size (to easily fit on the screen), cutting off the right third of the page (the reservation form) and obscuring the location (I don't need any of you savages dropping in and pretending to be me), it is completely unaltered.


Unfortunately I will not be in attendance, though the boxed wine is awfully tempting. I really did not like high school. All of that "best days of your life" shit is for the birds. I really don't care to see middle-aged versions of people I generally didn't care for when they were in their prime. So sue me.

On the dark side of things, on the back of the invitation there was an 'In Memory' section that listed nine people (out of class of 300 or so) who have already died. Jesus. I suppose statistically speaking that this is normal, but it sure doesn't make you feel confident about your expected life span.

Anyway, have any of you attended a class reunion? How was it? And if you happen to know, how many ghosts has your class given up already?

Bryce, Brycewi19 got his ruby - baby


Bryce Bryce baby, Bryce Bryce baby

All right stop, collaborate and listen
Bryce’s gold star has gone missin’
Replaced with a stone cold ruby
Hamlet said To be or not to be

Born, when the president was Carter
Double-digit inflation made life harder
Two thousand eight is when he started siftin’
If you’re old you should avoid heavy liftin’

Comments, he don’t post them often
Don’t mean that he lives in a coffin
Nice guy who always shows gratitude
Longitude is opposed to latitude

Now it’s time to congratulate Bryce
Just like a wedding throwing some rice
Y'all should be thankful that it’s finally time
For me to stop busting these ludicrous rhymes

MrFisk gets to 500, surrounded by controversy


MrFisk, whose name sort of sounds like it belongs to a cat (Mr. Whiskers?), just got his diamond. Again. And he did it the hard way: By posting a lot of controversial stuff, which makes it difficult to get stars. And a lot of hip hop videos too. Which also makes it difficult to get stars. So marvel at this achievement, and love up his PQ while you're at it (conveniently sorted from highest to lowest votes.)

Did you know he's a Nebraska boy? I'm from there too, which makes us brothers. With the same wife. Our sister. Help out a brother. My brother. And brother-in-law.

Excluding VideoSift from Adblock, to help site revenue

This is not an original idea. I occasionally read DailyKos, and they've had this suggestion stickied to the top of their site for the past couple of weeks at least. Any way, if you're not a charter member but run Adblock on Mozilla Firefox, you CAN help this site out a little. According to dag most of this site's ad revenue is derived per impression, and not by clicking the ad. Therefore you can help this site by following these simple steps:

1. In Firefox click Tools > Adblock Plus Preferences> then click on 'Add filter...'

2. Copy/paste : @@http://** to the 'New Filter' field.

3. Click 'Add Filter' at the bottom of the window, then 'OK.'

Like I already suggested, if you're a charter member then you're already excluded from ads. However, if you're not a charter member, then you can help this place out by following these few simple steps. Help out the team. Please?

Arvana gets his crown; wants peace, love, and understanding


We have another crown in our midst, siftizens, and it's none other than Monsieur Arvana. By now everyone who's been here for more than a few months knows his name. He's the dude who routinely brings us some of the most interesting and most entertaining videos the net has to offer. That arvana. (You know, the one who reminds you of Jeff Bridges. Or maybe it's just me. Hey, I still remember his long-haired look, and even then he reminded me of Lebowski. Sort of. Or Patrick Swayze. Just ask rottenseed. Except he's alive. Arvana, that is.)

Okay, so where was I? Oh yeah, arvana just got a thousand stars, so I whipped up this half-assed shopped photo of him. Blame it on Monsieur John Daniels for its amateurish....ness. And my lack of shopping skills. But give it up for arvana while you're at it. He deserves it.

And here's my recent favorite arvana video, so vote it up if you haven't done so already. It's been such a long time, baby.

9/9/09 is a Day Without Cats On The Internet. Oh Noes!

Can you survive a day without cats on the internet? Can we possibly go a whole day here without cat videos? Or could you not give a shit?

It'll be interesting to see how much support this effort receives. Probably very little. It ain't like Urlesque is one of the four corners of the intertubes. And personally, if I see an effing funny cat video, I'm effing posting it. You effers.


Why is VS so slow today? Navigating from one page to another is like walking through a swamp. I've also noticed it's been kind of slow off and on in recent days, but today takes the cake. Someone pull the gerbil out of blankfist's ass and put it on the wheel already.

Just saw 'District 9', and the verdict is...

...Very good. I don't believe in lengthy reviews, mainly because they often give away too many plot points, so I'll just say a few things. The special effects were good, but they didn't overshadow the story. Plenty of action. It is somewhat gory, so don't see it with someone if they're squeamish about bloody scenes. And the story? Well, considering how savage we are with each other, I can completely see human beings behaving in the way they're portrayed in the film.

It's a dark film, if you couldn't pick that up from the trailers, so don't expect a typical Hollywood ending like in 'E.T.' or 'Cocoon'. If it had one like either of those films I wouldn't be giving it a positive review. Now don't get me wrong. I enjoyed both 'E.T.' and 'Cocoon', but those were "cute" scifi movies, and for the "cute" scifi genre they satisfied. But 'District 9' ain't no 'E.T.', even though it did have a couple of touching moments.

So I recommend it. So does RottenTomatoes, and as of this moment the film stands at 88% on the Tomatometer. Pretty impressive. Definitely worth the price of admission.

Now let's get back to treating each other like shit, so that when aliens come we can focus all that hostility on them. Do it for the species.

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