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UsesProzac says...

I'm fine and dandy. The crotch fruit has amassed three years on this earthly plane. Time does indeed fly. I'm delighted to see you on the sift again. You're a pillar of the internet.

kronosposeidon said:

I hope you're well. I hope your kiddo is too. How is old is that young'un now? I'm guessing around 27. Man, time flies.

UsesProzac says...

What a delightful surprise to find that you had gifted me a power point! Thank you kindly and may the wind be ever at your back and the sun shine warm upon your face!

alien_concept says...

I so did read them. Guess what else I read... the worst porn literature IN THE WORLD. So abysmal, I really enjoyed it. I'm allowed though, cos I do read reputable things too. And now I have a kindle, my new baby... fuck the kids, what kids???

Good to hear from you sugar, hope all is well in your world and your sons too. I'm glad you are only "semi-retired", the internet would definitely not be the same without ya! And Elton John died back in '97, shortly after Diana. Tragic times, we couldn't cope with the loss of two queens. Embalming fluid, puppetry and mirrors, no one knows the difference.
In reply to this comment by kronosposeidon:
It's about damn time. I thought I was gonna have to kill some videos just to speed up the process. My tired, lazy, "old man" ass can't handle being on top anymore. Doctor's orders.

Enjoy your retirement. It's pretty sweet. I'm semi-retired from the entire internet these days. I actually started reading shit again. I wasn't sure if my addlepated old brain was up to it, but amazingly I can handle it. And there not even books about sparkly vampires. (Ha ha, I still know you read them.)

Now open your front door and brace yourself for a bright light. It's called the "sun". (Or maybe not. In England I think the sun only comes out once per monarch.)

I hope the kids are doing well. And you too. God save Elton John!
In reply to this comment by alien_concept:
I am now placed firmly on top of you! Finally, my greatest dreams recognised. I can now go into retirement, save me a comfortable armchair old man xxx


Lann says...

Man, they don't give out drugs for anything!

Seriously though, I've only been to the doctor a few times here so I am no expert on the system. Sometimes it takes a while if it's not an emergency but that's a decent sacrifice considering I almost never went to the doctor in the states.

I don't have a lot going on either besides language classes and some other stuff.

Anyrate, I was just seeing what an old sifter is up to. (P.S. I like the photos you got there ^)
In reply to this comment by kronosposeidon:
I'm good. Nothing exciting in my life right now. That's not always a bad thing.

And you? You still living in Danmark? How do you like socialized medicine? They've had Obamacare longer than Obama's been alive. How'd they pull that one off? Those fuckers are sneaky.
In reply to this comment by Lann:
How you doin'?

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