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Member Since: September 29, 2007
Favorite Sift: Surface of Eceon: Time lapse video of the South Pole
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Comments to kronosposeidon

Fusionaut says...

I'm having a release party on September 29 but I think I'll release it a couple of weeks earlier around the 15th or so. Just waiting for the artwork to get finished up and then it's off to the manufacturer! You'll know as soon as it's ready

kronosposeidon said:

Just briefly stopping by. I pulled up my stakes a long time ago.

Hope you've been well. Make sure to drop me a line when your CD drops. September, isn't it? Don't forget, or I'll get stabby.

Lann says...

No probes. Man, talk about a let down!

kronosposeidon said:

Hey you're welcome. It looks like you've been abducted by aliens. They haven't started the probes yet, have they? Don't sweat it. They're not as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

UsesProzac says...

I'm fine and dandy. The crotch fruit has amassed three years on this earthly plane. Time does indeed fly. I'm delighted to see you on the sift again. You're a pillar of the internet.

kronosposeidon said:

I hope you're well. I hope your kiddo is too. How is old is that young'un now? I'm guessing around 27. Man, time flies.

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