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Finding Recent Dupes

Other than happening to notice a 'dupeof' invocation in recent comments or on a video page, is there any way to view videos that have been nominated as dupes? With the confirmation 'isdupe' now required, we need some way to know when and where to look for them, especially older videos that happen to come up in searches and are nominated.

In the meantime, I've found a few dupes that need confirmation if anyone cares to confirm:

5 Things You Hate About Videosift

Inspired by Jeff's recent post, I thought we should include the flip side. Here's the 5 things I hate most about Videosift (again, in no particular order):

1. popularity trumping quality
2. software bugs (as rare as they are)
3. mob rule
4. the lapse of intelligent commentary
5. sifting while drunk

Step up and air your grievances! Nah, actually maybe we can figure out the things that annoy the hell out of everyone and fix them.

[edit] See my comment in the other post for reference if some of those items see out of line.

Happy 6th Birthday VideoSift!

Am I mistaken, or was yesterday VideoSift's 6th anniversary?

I can't really bake a cake, so I brought a box of donuts shaped like 6's. I hope you like them.

Carry on below with congratulations, adulations, reckless gyrations, and oaths of fealty to SiftBot.

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