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SOPA/PIPA not dead, revived as kiddy porn bill

The same bought jerkoff from Texas Rep. Lamar Smith who sponsored SOPA also submitted:

"Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011"

This bill will accomplish much of the same things and be reworked with the same hooks into the internet. What is really absurd is that they can already immediately shutdown and websites involved with child pornography, and they already have the ability to go after IP addresses of anyone involved with file sharing.

As the Megavideo take down shows, they don't need any of these SOPA/PIPA/PCIP laws. The difference is that big corporations want the ability to decide which companies to go after instead of having to influence the DOJ and FBI to enforce the existing copyright laws.

How to watch Comedy Central /MTV/ABC content outside US

Video Instructions here:

Firefox Addon "Modify Headers"

Install the Modify Headers addon
In Firefox, Go to "Tools"/"Add-ons" -> "Modify headers"
From the drop-down box on the left select "Add"
Then enter: "X-Forwarded-For" in the first input box (without quotes)
Enter: "" in the second input box (without quotes)
Leave the last input box empty, save the filter, and enable it
Click the "Configuration" tab on the right then proceed to check the "Always on" button.
Close the Modify Headers box and it should work.

For Hulu, it might still work but you also have to:
Block TCP and UDP port 1935.

I might use another US IP address because Comedy Central might stop accepting the IP address
This does NOT work with BBC iPlayer and a UK IP.

Check to see if it is working here by looking at the Headers your browser trasmits:

Electronic Voting Machines the HDnet Dan Rather Reports ep.

This episode should be active for at least a week. It is a must see documentary on the state of e-voting.

You may have missed Dan Rather's disturbing episode showing Sequoia failures during the 2000 Florida election was not an accident and how the punchcards were purposefully designed to fail in order to bring in a new age of electronic voting machines (which Sequoia was trying to sell).

CNN interview with Dan Rather does a good job summarizing the above episode.

Virus ad banners

Just FYI, Google Chrome flagged Videosift with the red NOT SAFE WARNING.

The website at contains elements from the site, which appears to host malware – software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a site that contains malware can infect your computer.

I can confirm whatever was in the ad banner launches java which uses exploit to launch acrobat which has vulnerability to install lots of malware. I personally have java firewalled off from internet and uninstalled acrobat a long time ago as it seems most websites can infect you from the pdf exploit.

rotten to the core

rottenseed from this sifttalk

>> ^rottenseed:
fuck this...ban me if you want but this bullshit will be *discarded

stop flamin'

I'm not sure why boring or trolling posts can't just be ignored, but if you want to start abusing powers just because the censor police know best, you better take your lumps.

You could have msg an admin and asked them to remove the entire discussion, you could have msg'd me and asked me to remove it.

The SiftTalk may have been a little trolly, but it was a valid discussion on people using polls to stupidly ask to ban someone when there already existed a 100+ post sifttalk on the subject.

Trust me when I say westy's single bad taste (but obvious) comment was less offensive then discarding sifttalks because you are the supreme ruler in your own mind.

Failed attempt at the barred practice of siftquisitions

Fjnbk proposed an ad hoc siftquisition of westy by using a poll. Currently over 90% of voters said NO (not counting abstains). Should Fjnbk be hobbled/reprimanded for his backdoor siftquisition?

I'd start a poll, but someone is hogging it.

Post in this thread your thoughts about trying to drum up the pitchforks and torches of yesteryear and what it means when you take up a poll to bitch about a user that 90% of the people say they don't want to ban, but you clearly know best.

Keyboard Cat hysteria

I appreciate keyboard cat as much as anyone, and it is a good meme, however, how many videos are going to be duplicated with the only thing different being keyboard cat slapped on the end.

Can't we reserve sifting keyboard cat for new FAIL videos, instead of taking any top100 video and resubmitting with keyboard cat slapped on?

Can we show some restraint cause there are plenty of newer or different clips with keyboard cat, like the Chuck Norris cancer kid.

- one of a kind
- o'reilly pissed
- folding ladder fail
- glen beck guest passes out
- etc

Ve demand images back into comments

I think someone finally fixed the backdoor to getting images into comments. You used to be able to trick the html parser with <div> or <embed> or <object> but now those kewl guys that know how cannot do it anymore.

Kitler commands you!

St. Patty's Day videos

Link to Irish themed videos. Do we have a holiday icon for St. Patrick??

[I also just realized a Drinking Channel could be cool with beer & wine related videos or people being drunk and stupid]

WARNING: do not vote or submit videos until your acct is fix

Some people are creating their original username -- but the are then sifting as normal but with 0 videos and 0 history.

The problem is when your acct is re-connected to your former self, the new activity is lost in limbo. (Technically, you can sneak in a few extra votes this way)

When your old acct is re-connected with your username, the temporary acct (with zero videos) is renamed to "used-to-be-Username". It's not clear if Lucky will eventually destroy all of these accts.

So just post a msg in the main SiftTalk if you still have zero videos and no history yet.

VideoSift account policies

It appears Facebook is undergoing similar upheaval about making all user content permanently the possession of Facebook Inc. or whatever corporation that buys them out. They look like they will revert to allowing user created content to be the propety of users who can delete their accounts anytime.

Obviously a site like this is damaged if a user could delete all of the content, but I think VideoSift should adopt a similar policy allowing for users to delete their account. I think all the submitted videos should transfer to Siftbot or some other account and the Channel be put up for adoption. But the comments and blog posts should be allowed to be deleted.

This will allow users to leave gracefully without resorting to vandalism. It's not clear what to do with banned accounts, but I think a banned user who expresses a desire to just delete their account should be allowed.

Also of interest is the move toward a sift-like community discussion/voting on policy changes like has always been encouraged here.

Anyways, I was kind of disturbed when the unilateral decision was made to make comments undeletable and if you tried to discard your videos or otherwise close your account it is no longer allowed.

I think it can technically be done with the submission ownership (it might be too much work). I guess deleting comments is a sticking point and it looks silly to change the name on the comments. I don't know if I care that much other then it messed up some older threads. In addition any quoted comments will always link to the username.

In summary I don't really care other then I think users should have control over their accounts and content, but it does affect some people who naively use the same username all over the internet and then have remorse like karaidl.

Hobbling Users - what could possibly go wrong...

I wanted to put a poll up, but the one poll limit is also a bad idea because someone can just keep piling on *promotes.

I'm sorry the admins don't realize what a bad idea *hobbling is. What could possibly go wrong with the ultimate abusable power. While I think hobbling is a very good idea and auto-hobble on Siftquistion is a good idea, it should not be something for users to decide.

Why not just *hobble people automatically on some secret criteria of abuses, like 10 dead in a row, or killing someone's queue, or downvoting one members videos. If Lucky tells me it is too CPU intensive on a cron job to examine the last 100 comments and flag on certain criteria.. then fine. But it should be done automagically and then if it was an accident the person can contact to have it listed. Worst case is a few false positives that limit someone for awhile.

I really am sad if you look at recent behaviors and abuses and then allow for all of gang wars.

the fate of the *doublepromote

I maybe shouldn't point this out, but your doublepromotes are no longer useful.

On that matter... (before we start the great promote wars of 2009)... should there be a cool down period before you can promote again?

Like can you keep promoting a video every time it falls of the promote list. I'm still waiting for a group effort to keep one video on the front page for a week straight. Does it make sense to say a promote is ignored until 12hr/24hrs since the last promote?

Open message to cheapos

If you are not a Charter member and a cheap jerkwad like me that has enjoyed the Sift for years, the least you can do is click those ad banners up there ^ ^ ^ ^.

Let's say we all click like 10 a day, hopefully from a few different pages and different companies.

If a couple hundred people do it, it does make a difference. I know that might mean turning off your adblock or crippled etc/hosts file, but should be easy enough to drop a portable opera directory somewhere to browse from.

You don't have to do anything with the pages, that's what tabs are for, just open them in the background and then when you are done with the sift, close the browser and all the tabs. I recommend a trial period or say a month and admins can report back if they saw any extra ad revenue from it.

*highdef needed?

Is there interest in being able to view higher quality embeds? Eventually over time more and more videos will be HD or at least better then 320x240.

Any thoughts on HQ tags? invocations?

I'm assuming lucky might be able to do it automatically based on the embed call with width=640 or something like that.

Need more car stuff

(from The Beast)

Oh and for the record, GM destroyed all their 100% electric mass production vehicles in the desert and then sold their battery technology patents to Chevron. True story. Today's Prius' etc. have to use toxic heavy metal batteries because of GM selling their patents to an oil company.


Reposted the links for blankfist
For reference: (last years sifttalk) (this years original discarded sift talk) (yet another attempt at this year's sifttalk)

If someone wants to pull out the highlights, go right ahead. I can't see out this idea is not a blatant violation of the rules if you do go ahead with Upvote Everything Day (TM)

Please discuss this idea and send your name to blankfist if you want to join in his annual turkey day tradition.

Viral videos need truth-in-advertising

Finally someone agrees with me on the horrible state of b.s. viral ads that plague the intertubes.
Well, the fun is over. Today, a short five months after the videos were revealed as a phony, the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus released a statement (PDF) that whips a ruler across the knuckles of Cardo Systems, the company that released the videos.

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