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EndAll gets a new Ruby for his dog collar!

Our little boy is growing up! EndAll now has his ruby. Who says pot heads can't get anything done????

If you have spent time any amount of time talking to Ollie, you know that he is a wonderful and lovely person. Not only is he fantastic but he also is the youngest sifter that I know of. I have had the pleasure of talking to him on many occasions and I can tell you without a doubt that he is a quality member of the sift. His contributions have been many, and I am willing to bet he will be one of of crowned members in the not too distant future. He also loves a good conspiracy and has a bit of the art bug in him.

So get his PQ sifted and leave him a note. Take a drop by his Flickr to see some of his art work as well.

Ollie you are a real treat and, on behalf of the entire community, thanks for being a part of the ever growing family!!!

P.S..... I don't do HTML or else I would have done a picture, sorry Ollie.

I've got the playlist blues.... I need some help.

I have playlists that I try to take care of ever so lovingly.
The problem is that I want to move my playlists up to sort them. Right now they show up in the order they were created. I want some of them moved up to get more attention. Is this something that is possible and I just haven't figured it out?
Since I can't promote yet, I want my "Needs More Votes!" playlist to show first. Right now it is practically at the bottom. I want to add more to it, but right now it is practically invisible, and I love my playlists.

Thank you,
Helpless in Texas.

can I put this in the *femme channel since i am a foxy lady?
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