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the world is a bit less brighter today

videosift is an internet community that is rare in today's day and age.unlike sites like reddit where people become comfortable in anonymity,or the deluge of clickbait sites which seek solely to distract,titillate or shock.videosift over the years has become a haven for people who genuinely seek to share their interests,voice their opinion or just hang out.

some extraordinary people have frequented this site and shared their profound insights,revealed new perspectives and new ways of thinking,engaged in some glorious arguments and even a few all out brawls,but always with a humanity that most other sites lack.many of us have fostered real and genuine friendships.

on october 3rd videosift lost one if it's pioneer members who helped foster this amazing and very human atmosphere and i am here to sadly report that our own rascal cat schmawy Everett is no longer with us.

schmawy shall be greatly missed,for his brilliant wit,his disarming charm and an ability to bring a sly sense of humor to the most volatile of situations.

for those who may never had gotten the opportunity to interact with schmawy,you missed out on one the most human people i had ever the privilege to engage,for those who did know schmawy...well..then you know his soft ease and comfortable charm which would make him instantly likeable.

so if you would like to leave a memory here of your encounter with the human formerly known as all means..leave a comment.or if you are a facebook friend with him,go to his page:

so while the world is less bright today,
here is to you schmawy evereet.../tips glass
shine on you crazy diamond.

PQUEUED MONDAY 3: British Music

People are flying in from all over europe for the already legendary siftup party on september 12th.
Sadly, quite a lot of us sifters won't be able to attend, but in honour of the party we might as well show our appreciation of british culture.
British humour is already highly regarded on the sift, and gets its fair share of votes. So on this 3rd Pqueued Monday let's focus on another thing the Brits are pretty good at: music.

Here's what to do to participate: post a link to 1 (or 2, max) pqueued vids that fit the theme, not from your own pqueue.

PQM2: Time

inflatablevagina gets pumped up for her GOLD STAR

What can you say about someone who calls herself inflatablevagina? Well, judging by her sifts and having talked to her a few times you can be sure she's awesome, feisty and has great taste in music! Every vagina may be inflatable, but Cari is quite unique. And Cari has gotten herself a gold star! And even though her no-nonsense feminism probably tells her otherwise, I'm sure she enjoys getting some shiny jewelry

Ivy is another example of the GREAT female presence on the sift and being a big fan of rock & roll, she has been supplying us with lots of quality music and even a highly successful self-link. That's the first (and hopefully, last) time I've seen a 15-foot inflatable sexual organ.

So put down your bongs and give Ivy her much deserved praise! And if anyone craves more of her great rock vids, have a look here. Congrats!

The Great VS Sifting Challenge

(not to be confused with the Great VS Fisting Challenge - ask kulpims for details)

Today I pondered 2 things:

1) That we could use a fun activity, a contest of sorts, centering around some type of video-hunt,
2) whether a video could be sifted today that COULDN'T for the love of all that's holynoodly be placed into ANY of the current channels. No *comedy, no *wtf, no nothing.

So I figure if at this point there's anyone who hasn't yet grasped what this contest is all about, they're either Glenn Beck or have watched too much of him.

After such a video is sifted (links to old, existing ones don't count!), is linked to in the comments of this thread and is deemed as one fulfilling the criteria (no channel assignment possible) by me and at least one other sifter (apart from the submitter, of course), I will award AT LEAST 1 *quality and 2 *promotes to whoever is first, and their name will be engraved in the VideoSift Hall of Fame by none other by Siftbot itself (possibly - yet to be negotiated). Other folks wishing to congratulate the lucky winner may jump in with additional rewards, as well.

With that and wishing good luck to all, I hereby announce that the contest has begun!
Deadline: 10.00 GMT Monday morning - 7th September 2009.

PQUEUED Monday 2: Time

The second edition of 'pqueud monday', the one day in the week we give a little bit of extra attention to pqueued videos.

And like Deano suggested, it's a themed edition. In honor of the incredible '9.58' the theme is 'Time'.

It's quite a broad theme, so it's not gonna be too hard to find some great pqueued videos that fit the theme. Post 1 pqueued vid, preferably not from your own pqueue, and try to stick to the theme. Enjoy!

Ill start with

Your Opinion is Requested on a Court Case.

From "In Keene district Court today Mike Barskey of Derry had a trial related to a speeding ticket given by Swanzey Police. Judge Burke found Barskey guilty and imposed a $200 fine of which Mike stated he will not pay. Judge Burke gave Mike 30 days to pay the fine."

What say you of this court case? Is Mr. Barskey wrong because he should be following the law because, well, it's the law? Is his decorum reprehensible therefore he's deserving of punishment? Or, are speeding laws ridiculous because it's a victimless crime? Is a $200 fine appropriate for speeding? Do you think it's fair courts can add a penalty to a penalty?

SiftPollQuisiton of Queen Isobel for Abuse of Power

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A total of 1 vote has been cast on this poll.

Nineteen hours ago, crowned member IssyKitty instabanned probationary member BobKnight for reasons that are unclear. Considering his comment history, many may not feel that it is a great loss to The Sift, and I to a small degree agree. What troubles me is that there has been a trend towards purging The Sift of anyone who is not overtly liberally or politically oriented to the Left. We rally against them en masse, and any dissenting political view is summarily quashed. In my opinion this has adversely affected the fabric of the site and is threatening to homogenize the political views and content on this site to the point that it is starting to resemble a bizarro Free Republic.

My personal feelings aside, the question that remains is the culpability of Member Issykitty on the charge of Abuse of Power. I don't think I see anything in the banned member's comment history that justifies her use of the power she was entrusted with.

Below is the straw that I think broke the kitty's back...

This Is Not The Greatest Post In The World, No...

What with the election still roaring on and tensions being relatively high across Siftland recently, thought it would be cool to post something a bit more fun. Well I s'pose it depends on your idea of fun...

I expect something similar has been done before, but most of us enjoy getting to know each other a bit more. Here are a bunch of random questions (some lame and easy, some a bit more involved), answer however many you can be bothered to and go into as much detail as you want!


1) Season
2) Place in the world
3) Children's book
4) TV Series
5) Word
6) Film
7) Curse
9) Past time

Which one?

11) Dog or cat
12) Sweet or savoury
13) Cereal or Toast
14) Tan or pale
15) Shoes or barefoot
16) Desktop or laptop
17) Drive or walk
18) Drama or comedy
19) Sex or food
20) Futurama or Simpsons

The Sift

21) Your fave personal submission
22) A great comment on one of your vids
23) Most off the wall member
24) Favourite user name
25) Your most used channel
26) Personal dumbass moment
27) Best avatar
28) Partner in crime
29) Do people offline know of your sift problem
30) Idea for the site

About you

31) Where do you live
32) Smoker/non-smoker
33) Left or right handed
34) Hair colour
35) Relationship status
36) How tall
37) Children
38) Ever had an operation
39) Best feature
40) Use four words to describe yourself

If you could...what, who, when etc

41) Bring a famous person back from the dead
42) Give 50 grand to any charity
43) Send someone on a one way ticket to the moon
44) Relive a moment in your life
45) Have a superpower
46) Find out one thing you've always wanted to know
47) Have the opposite gender deal with something you have to
48) Be president for one hour
49) Delete a period in history
50) Achieve one thing

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