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Can VideoSift ever be an effective long-term video library?

There seems to be a fundamental problem with the current thinking on *dead videos. At the moment, when a video is *deaded the original submitter has 7 days to fix it before it is discarded. If he/she does not - or cannot - find an alternative source for the video, the video will be discarded and one post will be subtracted from the submitter’s total number of published posts. In some unfortunate cases – often when many videos go dead - this can mean that the submitter may drop from a powerful gold star to a powerless silver. This result is not only unfair, but it also raises an important question about the nature of the Sift – can the Sift ever really be an effective long-term video library? VideoSift is not a site like YouTube which directly hosts videos. Rather it is a site which allows users to post videos from other sites which do host videos. As non-self-linking Sifters we are at the mercy of the host sights and the original uploaders. If a video is pulled by the host or the uploader our video goes *dead, and often - particularly in the case of more obscure videos – we will not be able to replace it. This means the Sift can never be anything more than a short-term place to see videos. However, the current thinking on *dead videos seems to reflect the idea that the Sift can be an effective long-term video library. Surely we should just accept that the Sift can never be anything more than a short-term library of videos, and consequently not punish Sifters when one of their videos goes *dead by subtracting one post from the submitter’s total number of published posts.

I have a problem submitting videos - please help!

I tried to submit a video, but it instead of posting to the queue it was discarded (the same also happened with Sift Talk posts). When I try and resubmit the video it says that there is a duplicate url. But the duplicate url is for the video I tried to submit in the first place which is now discarded. Please help!

Videos submitted to collectives that expire in the queue?

I have a question regarding collectives. If a video is submitted to a collective but it doesn't get the required number of votes to be published, is it removed from the collective or does it remain there? I would personally prefer videos to stay in the collective but be flagged discarded - like videos in a playlist.

'Long' tag added to videos

The experimental 'long' tag which was added to a video recently was a good idea - you don't always have time to watch a long post. But I don't like the 'zzzzzzz' because it implies that a post is boring. Some subjects are too complex to do justice to them in a 5 minute clip. Furthermore, there are some long clips online which are not available anywhere else and which really deserve to be watched.
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