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Comments to gwaan

bizinichi says...

ah i also found something else via boingboing that'd interest you:

"Hometown Baghdad was shot by an all-Iraqi crew and tells the stories of three young people trying to survive in Baghdad.

Chat the Planet is a global dialogue company. We connect young people from around the world to talk about everything from politics, prejudices and war to sex, music and life in general.

Chat the Planet is uncensored, unscripted and unlike anything else in the mainstream media.About Us

In 2007, we are launching an innovative internet platform that will transform the way people engage globally. It will transcend both cultural differences and long distances.

This one was particularly interesting. The ending will hit you like a punch:
The Forbidden Salad

Not sure if i can post it to your collective as its more political than about Islam. What do you think?

bizinichi says...

Another issue I want to raise to your attention: I've seen lots of preachers out here that come to the campus and insult every religion, race, gender, of any age by labeling them as sinners. Their disrespect and arrogance in 'saving' everyone from themselves is their argument in general. But more so for Muslims in the audience, their argument is this simple assertion: that Mohammed is a pedophile (referring to the consumation of marriage with Aisha when she was nine years old) and such a standard of morality cannot serve as a timeless role model of ethics/morality for future generations. As such, the teachings of Mohammed cannot be trusted and as a result the religion of Islam is not credible.

What is your take on this?

There has got to be more than this "that it was ok at the time, lots of people were doing it at the time" etc.... the prophet's behavior is supposed to be of pristine character that can be emulated in ALL societies, past and present.

bizinichi says...

You might find this interesting:

Does cricket machinima infringe copyright?
Cricinfo 3D is a service that converts narrative descriptions of cricket matches into 3D animations, where you can pick the camera angles and so on. It's basically machinima cricket. Sky, which holds the exclusive right to broadcast cricket matches, believes that this might be copyright infringement, though it's a dubious claim

redthing says...

Cheers again for the save gwaan
Jean-Pierre Jeunet is one of my favourite directors and out of all the videos I've submitted that was the one I was genuinely sorry to see go - so I really am grateful that you've given it another chance in the queue
Take care

choggie says...

gwann, in case you don't find my response to the woodworkers, you included, on this post
"The well-meaning, have nothing to sell, they do it where they live, automatically, like breathing....

seeing a deranged group of repressed, busy-bodies that use nothing but derision to describe the state of affairs of their country of origin, adopt a cause like a puppy at the shelter, and publicize their mania as would a devotee flagellating themselves on a the point.

Do nothing theo??? Some people do what they must, others what they can.....and what are YOU doing??? Besides pointing a finger of ridicule, in the direction of anyone professing faith???

These women personify the passive-aggressive disease that the world is dying from...What Real Good Are They Doing??? Making sure they have food before the attack?? MEH!

try not buying anything made with pertroleum for a month....if you really wanna see changes.....


This is the intercom code in hospitals, when someone is attempting to steal an infant, to alert the security staff, and seal exits.

Fitting name. "
In reply to your comment:

"The American public rarely saw the Iraqi people on television. In an apparent attempt to affect the media, CODEPINK was granted Visas. And from the streets of Baghdad CODE PINK hoped to attract the media's attention to the fate of the Iraqi people."

How can you take offence to what these people tried to do? It is just unfortunate that more Americans didn't try and do what they did.

Downvote for the whole tone of your post - not the people in the video.

btw - stay away from the catnip!!!

quantumushroom says...

"Hindus and Buddhists aren't strapping on bombs."

If you knew anything about the race riots in India you would now about the appalling crimes committed by Hindu extremists against Muslims - I suggest you read Arundhati Roy's 'The Algebra of Infinite Justice' where you can read about Hindu gangs blowing up mosques and Muslim homes, burning Muslims alive and pregnant Muslim women having their stomachs slashed open and their unborn babies ripped out and thrown into fires.

>>>> It's true that Muslims don't hold the patent on barbarity. You can site Hindu extremism, but the flavor is a little different; they have their own caste system that pits one against the other in addition to anti-other-religions nuts. But despite their problems, India's loudest leading religious leaders aren't at war with the West and no American that recognizes Hindus fears them. Indian people have integrated well in American society.

"You are in the unenviable position of defending the indefensible."

Right back at you - I preach tolerance and understanding, you preach intolerance and hate. I have studied Islam and lived in the Islamic world - you've probably never been to university and don't even have a passport. You are not a monster - you're just plain ignorant.

>>>> I preach intolerance and hatred of the same fanatical side of Islam that you purport to abhor. I take it you're not an American (I am unsure of this) so the fury at watching American innocents die on 9-11 means something different to me than it does you.

>>>> On a personal level, I view the trappings of the Muslim faith as overly complicated and needlessly dogmatic.

>>>> Where we differ is, I see the rest of Islam as backwards. Not evil per se, but unfit and unworkable in its present state the 21st century. Muslims move into Western countries and refuse to assmilate. That's not immigration, that's invasion, and the politically-correct cowards who tolerate this will soon find themselves without a country, as is happening all over Europe.

>>> I invite you to read this essay by one Robert Locke, from 2002. I think you will find yourself agreeing with much of it. he highlights many of the same challenges you do.

>>> It's well established that the "Palestinian people" are a fiction that did not exist before 1947-8. The facts are plain about who these people were and are. You found a few Israeli apologists who disagree, but that doesn't change the reality. "Palestinians" are forever being used to threaten Israel, held up as eternal victims by the monarchs Israel's ongoing success has made fools out of for decades. Destroy Israel and give it to "Palestinians" tomorrow and they wouldn't know how to build a civilization.

>>> I am far from ignorant about what matters to me. Only the paranoid survive, and because the loudest mouthpieces of Islam are terrorists, and because the people who should be horrified by being represented by terrorists do little or nothing about it, they have been placed in the unenviable position of being forced to war against Western nations in a winner-take-all scenario.

>>> You wish to be a Gandhi for Islam and that is commendable. I maintain that the first people who would love to silence you are the Islamofascists, not Westerners, and certainly not me. A few million more like-minded gwaans might yield an Islamic country ready for the future. Good luck.

bizinichi says...

In reply to your comment:
"Ban the Burkah, or any such coverings for the women of Islam.....a symbol of species decay, subjugation, and demeaning inhumane treatment."

I agree with banning the Burka - there is nothing in the Qur'an or the hadith which says that women should be covered, and the burka is a barbaric and cruel institution. As for the hijab, women should be able to make their own mind up whether they wear it or not. One of the key principles in Islam is that 'there is no compulsion in religion' لاَ إِكْرَاهَ فِي الدِّين (Qur'an 2:256). Unfortunately this is a principle which many reactionary elements choose to forget!

What of the women who choose to wear the Burkah, as seen numerous times in your recent post . Wanting to wear the veil/hijab/burqa/niqaab is, according to those women, a personal choice. But it hints at how much trust they have in their society, a grave conclusion to be made there.

Besides being a personal choice, what about the direct mention and demand of such things in numerous religious documents? (setting aside the 'no compulsion in religion' issue we've talked about briefly)

Gwaan, honestly I'm not so sure you can say that "nothing in the Qur'an or the hadith which says that women should be covered" is true... Depending on the translation of these verses, you could justify that the best women of Islam (the role models for other Muslim women, the wives of the Prophet) were commanded to veil up (to what extent? depends on translation)

In the Quran - 33:59 and 24:31
In the Hadith - Volume 6, Book 60, Number 282 (Sahih Al-Bukhari), Volume 1, Book 8, Number 368 (Sahih Al-Bukhari), Volume 1, Book 4, Number 148 (Sahih Al-Bukhari), and a number of others in Abu Dawood books...

It just seems like a battle over semantics to me over how much clothing = modesty...

michie says...

please upvote All the feckin sports posts..dribbel..not been to bed. <coughs> thanks for your help. looks like it's really taking off.looks shiftely over his shoulder...<yawn>.. but i m still weary of catching peoples imagination early before the novelty wears off.

man ive sent about 100 + invites out. not all entiely the same .trying to gear it to their sport ...ahhhhhhhrgggghhh i'm knackered....why do i do this? why?!? some more please. the queue is heavy so go for some real classic stuff. more zidane...any interviews with zizou? sport, sport,sport,sport,sport and no play makes al a tired boy

bizinichi says...

Some simple questions:

Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't Islam forbid the use of musical instruments besides the drum (and your own voice)? How does this man justify against that:

About Sharia, isn't it true that Islam doesn't necessarily force action, but leaves it upto each individual person to make a concious choice to do a religious duty or not? When did Sharia gain such a dictatorial stance, to the extent of punishing for doing things deemed unIslamic?

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