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Issues with Comedy Central Embeds

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has been having difficulty submitting embeds from The Daily Show or Colbert Report lately. For me I've been seeing one of two possible outcomes every time.

1. Embed code is invalid
2. The Embed code points to "Aliens Movie - Combat Drop Scene" as seen in this screenshot.

Just me?


The Return Of Conan

You know we've all been waiting for it! Well, most of us... And since it's happening real time and there's no video to post (yet) let's talk about it!

1. He needs to lose the beard. He's a handsome man, despite his funky hair, but the beard somehow makes the lower half of his face seem even smaller.
2. I loved the opening sequence. So many good references to movies and recent/not so recent pop culture.
3. Opening monologue - sweet! Just the right amount of NBC bashing without seeming bitter. Stay classy Conan.
4. The return of masturbating bear (spoiler alert) - just different enough to not get sued, just gratuitous enough to rock.
5. The name of the show - perfect.

I hope they do "year 2000"...

The Importance of Titles

I should have thought of this before, and it is probably painfully obvious to you veteran sifters: The number of votes a video receives is directly affected by the title of the post.

For a long time, I've been posting videos and labeling them simply. I tend to prefer to let the content speak for itself. However, I've been finding that about 50% of my videos wind up pqueued. Lately, however, I've employed a time tested, well established marketing technique, and have gone with more sensationalist titles. Here are some examples:

Colbert & Kevin Kline - This was the original title I posted under. It's a brilliant interview. The two of them instantly clicked and had some very impressive improv. I loved watching this and had to share. Alas, it sat for days and was pqueued with a measly 4 upvotes. This was my first experiment. I changed the title to describe what actually happens in the interview, tossed it into Beggar's Canyon and it quickly gained votes.

The Dog Lawyer - this was a sketch I saw on SNL a year ago. The sketch was titled "Wayne Blasingame - Attorney at Law". Being a purist, I kept the original title and attempted to sift it. Here's an extreme example of how important a title can be. With that boring title, the video festered in my personal queue for over a year. It had over 1800 views and had seen Beggar's Canyon three times. I changed the title to "Will Ferrell - Anti Dog Lawyer" about an hour ago and it's already on the front page.

Here's my favorite experiment: It's a brilliant piece by Stephen Colbert regarding Canada's history, and a bit on waterboarding. Again, with a title describing these topics, we had a sluggish vote count. But...! At one point in the bit, he uses the phrase "Pussy Patrol". Once I included the phrase "Pussy Patrol" in the title, it took off.

What have we learned? Well young aspiring sifters, if you're stuck at probe, or even bronze, fear not. You too can ascend through the ranks very quickly by including an exclamation point or two in your title. Use bold adjectives - don't say "scary" when you can say "hair raising". Don't be afraid to use the word "incredible" in your title. And last but not least, remember this above all. Videosift is not youtube. It is a mature community of intelligent discriminating connoisseurs of streaming video content, many of whom enjoy videos featuring cats, so be sure to include the word "pussy" whenever possible.

What are your criteria for upvoting? (Or Downvoting)

I'm curious to know if any of you have a code, or personal set of rules that you use to determine whether or not you upvote (or downvote) a video. (What inspired me to ask this is that I recently noticed that most videos will receive dozens if not hundreds of views sometimes before getting that magical 10th vote...)

For me, it's mostly a mood based thing, but I do have some rules that I follow. For example, if I grow weary of a particular video before I reach the end, then no vote (up OR down...)

If I make it to the end, and enjoyed or appreciated the content, I'll usually upvote.

If the sound is bad, or out of sync with the video, instant downvote.

These are just some of the rules I try to follow; there are others, and perhaps someday I'll actually quantify them. What are some of yours?

The "Comments" link no longer clickable on the main page

I miss the ability to view the comments on a video directly beneath the video thumbnail on the main page. Now with 4.0, the only way to see the comments that sifters have made is to open the video in its own window. A minor gripe? Sure, but that doesn't change the fact that I miss that ability.

Anyone else?

I'm confused, what's going on with the sift?

Why are there suddenly dozens of videos on the main page with 2, 3 or all those other numbers that are less than 10 votes? And is it just me, or are there only about 25% the volume of new videos per day (again, on the main page...) as there used to be? Is there some filter or setting I should tweak to get it back to my liking?

I'm sure that I'm a noob asking questions that have been asked many times, but I don't even know what terms to search for if this has been asked already.

Flame away. Or help. I'm ready for either.
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