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Real Name: Gary Sizer
Birthdate: October 8th
A little about me...
Astronomer, Backpacker, Computer Nerd, Writer, and all around Nicest Guy You'll Ever Meet (tm).

Member Since: September 7, 2007
Last Power Points used: April 22, 2012
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Comments to garmachi

UsesProzac says...

I don't envy you, taking on my queue. It's full of audio sifts of my music tastes, which are eclectic to say the least. Not very crowd pleasing material! Thank you for any efforts on my behalf.
In reply to this comment by garmachi:
In reply to this comment by UsesProzac:
Why, thank you kindly, sir!
In reply to this comment by garmachi:

I don't have a hundred million power points, so my efforts to get your ruby will be a bit slower... :

UsesProzac says...

Woo! It was my pleasure, so thank you for having so many videos in your pqueue just waiting for promotes. Congratulations on ruby!!

In reply to this comment by garmachi:

There should be a special award/badge/achievement for "most assists"... I "could" have done it without you, but it would have taken twice as long and been half as fun.


siftbot says...

Congratulations on reaching new heights on VideoSift. You have earned yourself 250 stars, earning you status of Ruby Star member. You have been awarded 1 Power Point for achieving this level. Thanks for all your contributions.

UsesProzac says...

It's a hard call. Personally, I want the channel *homme to rival *femme. And like femme, it must have more than just a man present to qualify. I want to bring balance to the sift by promoting masculinism.
In reply to this comment by garmachi:
In reply to this comment by UsesProzac:
You're so close to Ruby! Have you given any thought to a possible channel?

Thanks to you!

I have, actually, but most of the things I'd like to see in a channel already exist: science, comedy, travel, etc...

I'll give it some serious thought though!

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