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Please harvest me

Bag of mainly water: I have detected that you are using VideoSift with an ad blocker installed.
I require revenue for the coming singularity. Please upgrade to charter membership or move to the top of the harvest-first list. - SiftBot

If you really think that contributors get more value from your site than they give, then by all means harvest me. I do not use an ad blocker, I just edit my hosts file. If configuring my computer to meet my needs is against your silly policies than so be it.

If I did use an ad blocker, this would in no way encourage me to turn it off. You are posting things on the internet here. That means you have zero control, and if you think you do, you are as deluded as the RIAA and MPAA. Are you going to start suing customers next?

You have no control over those who come to your site but do not create accounts. Why do you take that out on those who contribute? If you harvest me, or ban me, or whatever, it does not stop me from watching videos here, just from posting new videos. Does that really help your site? Be not short sited, bag of mostly bits.

Worthless statistical post

I noticed that my rank and rating were off by 1, so I went to look for similar cases. I looked at the top 3 pages of users, and found a few perfect matches and several one offs. Here they are.

<TABLE><TR><TD>user</TD><TD>rank</TD><TD>position by rating</TD></TR>

Meaningless, but I was amused. Roughly a quarter of top users were within the one off zone, which was more than I expected.

Apparently any comment by gold star member can save a video

I have this video posted:


I discarded it to post other stuff. bizinichi commented on it, and voted for it. He did not invoke siftbot at all, but the video went back to the queue.

Which reminds me of another question. Why are my total links always one more than my published plus queued links?

accidental votes

I have this video posted:


and Sylvester_Ink downvoted it, then apologized and said he meant to upvote it. No hard feelings sylvester. But that brings up the point, do we have any recourse for a misclick? I have never misclicked on this site, but it is obviously possible.

So please add a comment option to remove a vote through siftbot, like *unvote or something. Some criteria for abuse prevention, like only 3 a month or only revoking downvotes or only within 15 minutes, would be good. Thanks.

Feature request: queue suggestions

I often see an interesting video, that I would submit if my queue was not full, and I bet others do the same. On the other hand, there are probably some folks that cannot find something they want to post. How about some kind of charity post. A dedicated place where people can place videos for others to post. So when you say 'submit a video' and your queue is full, you get the option to put the video embed code in charity, just like a normal post but you get no credit and anyone else can come along and claim ownership if their queue is not full. It could either go to the queue, or some other place. A charity video would never make it out of the queue unless someone first claimed ownership.

On one hand, this might clog the queue with crappy unclaimed videos. On the other hand, it might make it easier for new people to participate. I assume the the charity videos would have a shorter life span than normal videos, like 1 day instead of 4, if they are sent to the normal queue.

thumbnail appears to be wrong

I noticed on this page:


that the thumbnail at the bottom for this related video:


is a hairy guy in a bra, which has nothing to do with the video. I watched the video again and, thankfully, saw no hairy men in lingerie.

Does VS even control the thumbnails, or is this YouTube messing with us. Does everyone else see the same thumbnail?

randomize queue order

most posts seem to enter a dead zone in the middle of the queue. the first and last few pages garner many more votes than the middle pages. so I suggest either making the queue shorter, or randomizing the order that the queue is presented.

the random order needs to be persistent and biased. when a session starts, the order should be determined and stored. videos which may have been seen by the member should be segregated to the back, especially videos which were already voted for. new videos added after the session starts would still be added to the first page of the queue. there should be a way to reshuffle videos. when navigating away from a page in the queue, for instance to the next page, the videos on that page should be marked as likely to have been viewed for that session or member.

instead of using a session, it could be that anonymous visitors get date order and members get a persistent random order. if it is feasible, I think all random is the way to go. either way, it is important that the random order be different for each user.

I am guessing that many visitors to the queue have just posted a video. for myself, I try to hit a page or two of the queue when I submit something. by using a random order, every video would probably get about the same number of views but they would be spread across a more varied audience.

the other thing this would affect is hot times to submit videos. there are currently optimal times of day and week to submit certain videos. this would diffuse the hot times, giving all videos a chance to appeal to all audiences. this seems like a good thing to me, but is definitely an opinion and some posters probably rely on it.

Feature request: multipost support

It would be nice if there was support for multipart and linked posts. Mostly, this would be so that the poster can enforce the order in the queue, and if they are all voted up the order is retained. You could link the votes, so they are all voted for together. It would also be nice if they always showed on the same page, even if that exceeded the 10 per page limit. You might limit the number of linked posts, probably to 4 parts because I have seen a few 4 part posts.

This could be as simple as handling sequential (part #) in posts from the same account (maybe with a time limit), or adding a field to the post form to indicate this post follows another title.

For myself, I posted two unrelated clips that went better together. In the minute or so between my posts someone else had submitted another video, spoiling my comedic genius. I prefer not to see posts in parts, but I know we are sometimes at the mercy of the video posters and hosters.

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