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Mordhaus!!! says...


eric3579 said:

Im surprised this hasn't been taken down yet. The original was removed quickly after it was posted.

The below is quoted from an article in the Sporting News article...

Commissoner Rob Manfred said Thursday that MLB made a commitment to the umpires that if they agreed to wear microphones then certain interactions, like the one with Collins, would not be aired publicly.

"We promised them that. It's in the collective bargaining agreement. We had no choice in a situation like that than to do everything possible to live up to our agreement," Manfred said, per the Associated Press. "It is Labor Relations 101. To not do that is the kind of breach of trust that puts you in a bad spot over the long haul."

temanski1 says...

Eric, just a thought.. Waylon Jennings was supposed to be on that plane.. he did not board and survived.. I suggest that the reference to him is in the line "Them Good ole Boys were drinking Whiskey & Rye" since he penned and sang the theme to the Dukes of Hazard "Good Ol' Boys"... just me take on this... thoughts?

BSR says...

Because it was absurd. I would have put the JUST JOKING thing in except I only have the SARCASM thing.

eric3579 said:

I'm curious why you said that?

Zawash says...

Trankapsler, Eric! I've been going through a bit of this Norwegian's video list - a lot of fun stuff there!

eric3579 said:

That was a lot of fun and i really enjoyed her voice. *promote

Zawash says...

Happy birthday, Eric! May you live long and prosper! Any may you sift all the videos!

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