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BSR says...

I like it. A lot of options. Something for everyone.

I like to find some of the places in the puzzle on Google Earth if they give a good enough location or name. It's like a before and after thing between the puzzle picture and the newer picture from street view on GE.

eric3579 said:

I got instantly sucked in.

Mordhaus says...

Well, I don't see anything. The only thing I have is an option to enter a name for a subdomain, which I did, and it didn't make a new channel pop up. Maybe the button went away with the latest VS update?

According to any Ruby or above sifter should be able to create so something happened.

@lucky760 I don't know where to go from here.

eric3579 said:

I don't see anything that would allow me to set up a channel, however i originally had one and gave it up so maybe i'm not seeing it. I assume it would be in account preferences if there was such a thing.
Lucky just sent me a msg
"I recall there being a "create my channel" type button people would get on their profile when eligible."

Hmmm, maybe look for that. I don't recall how it was done. So long ago.

newtboy jokingly says...

It's easy to miss on a kindle screen...but I still probably wouldn't have gotten it before BSR if I had seen it. Thanks for the points, I only have 187 now.

eric3579 said:

Ah, you didn't have a chance without noticing the fire. Is pretty tough to see. Have some participation points

newtboy says...

Men with clouds in the background about to touch fingers....granted, neither is reclining.
Also, until I just rewatched it, I didn't see the fire at all.

eric3579 said:

Sorry, that is not the correct answer. Although curious why Sistine chapel.

newtboy says...

Cool. The article I read was from last Saturday and indicated only the bike thrower even faced any charges, and he's unknown. Not sure how he faces charges if they have no clue who he is.

It indicated no charges pending at all for the lying woman or motorcycle guy, or the others that blocked and hit/kicked the car. I hope your info is correct. Note, this happened months ago.

Got a link to your info?
Here's where I got some of mine....

eric3579 said:

"On Wednesday afternoon, deputies said they were preparing charges that are being send to the prosecutors.

The woman is being charged with disorderly conduct, the man who jumped on the hood was arrested on a separate warrant and the first man in the video wearing a hood will also be charged.

As of Wednesday, the man on the motorcycle has not been charged and neither has the man who threw the bicycle. Deputies said the man who threw the bike has not been identified and will likely face charges."

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