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Videosift brought ~30K votes to this video WITHIN A WEEK!

So I posted this terrible video to the 'sift about a week ago - since then it has amassed "36,590" views.


    I can't recall exactly how many votes it got before I sifted it, but I recall it was a few hundred - I only found the video because I was looking at American Idol "Worst Singing" videos and it showed up, and obviously thought it was ridiculous and I never should have seen it.

    I think the video is an interesting test case of the influence of VideoSift on the 'net, and who rides its success.


    April 8:
  • Video was sifted.
  • On Fark:

    April 10:
  • On The Atlantic blog:

    There is no mention from these sites they saw it from Videosift.

    And this is only what I can tell from YouTube's stats, which give Videosift only 6,150 views of that total.

    Anyway, just sayin'.

    *Edit on title + "WITHIN A WEEK!" reference with Drew Carey Price is Right voice

  • Anyone else sick of the imvu "Live the Lifestyle ..." ads?

    I am.

    The two CGI cartoon gals making out under the banner "Live the Lifestyle You've Always Dreamed Of" don't really speak to me.
    Not after the first 30 times I saw it.

    Is it Dag's way of getting us to want charter membership to remove the ads?

    If you're sick of it too, maybe if we can all pledge to click on it, they'll make enough from the site and go away. But then again, that may get them to stay longer.

    Just rantin'.

    *eia rename suggestion: *fail

    I suggest that *eia be renamed to *fail.

    I find that *eia is too restrictive, focused on videos featuring people or animals instead of a situation. *eia does not necessarily cover all *fails, whereas *fail (imho) would cover all *eias.

    What do we think?

    Suggestion: Tag Cloud!

    Can the Sift get a Tag Cloud?

    (i.e.: )

    Not sure where it could go (I'm sure the more impolite of you have some ideas to mention in your comments where I could put it), but it could help some come across a popular topic here on the sift they wouldn't have otherwise.

    I'll bet big tags that would come up are:
  • Ricky Gervais
  • Atheism
  • cats
  • Obama
  • Olbermann
  • Sarah Palin
    (cut from my comment on this post)

    What other topics you think will be big?

    Functionality dept.:
    perhaps tags can be drawn together to be counted with the name of the channels as well. (it would suck if "obscure" didn't come up because it was already listed in the channels). Also duplication of the channel name and the tag for a single video should be discounted (i.e.: a video with the tag "comedy" and the channel assignment "comedy" should only count 1 toward the "comedy" tag.)

  • Start YouTube Video At Specific Time

    Google Blogoscoped blog has a tip on starting videos at a specific time.

    I thought it would be useful for some videos, such as the popular "5th grade reporter asks Joe Biden "What a does a VP do?" where the pertinent point of the video is 3m45s (or 225 seconds) in to the video.

    Essentially you add:
    to two parts of the embed code of the video after:

    I've posted an example of it working here, where I start the video 15 seconds in:

    I know it's a bit technical, but I've come across some videos that would greatly benefit from this tweak. Perhaps those who are familiar with embed tweaking can give this tip in some comments to the videos.

    Just a thought.

    Idea: Sifted Video order number

    Here is an idea:

    The Front sift should indicate with its posted videos, what order number they have in the sift.

    If you're like me, you want to make sure you don't miss your chance to view a sifted video. A few days away from the Sift, and you're hunting down the last video you left off and catching up on the latest ones. Sometimes it's not so easy, with pages 1 to 5 no longer having the same videos as others get pushed down the line.
    ... more inside ...

    If each video indicated what number they were, you can keep track where you left off and make sure you get up to speed.

    I suggest that videos, like that last one, indicate in small among its other info (published long ago • with how many views, and the tags), it's order number in the Sift (#43295) with perhaps a link to those pages in reverse order to the latest video (#43295 with the latest 10, say up to #43305).

    Just suggestin'. Hope this wasn't too complex.

    Suggestion: Power Points awarded according to activity

    Here's an idea -
    How about Power Points being awarded according to a combination of:
    • time on VideoSift
    • number of votes cast
    • number of comments posted

    I was just thinking how awesome it would be if Power Points were awarded not by time, but by activity of the users - that more active users should get more Power Points (or get them more often) instead of waiting by the clock.

    Just a thought.

    Appeal for More Downvotes on the 'Sift (I must be crazy...)

    I want to advocate for people who don't, to use their discretionary downvote powers.
    I hope they know that it's okay to downvote if you do not support a video.
    It's okay.

    I just believe there are too many out there who hardly ever downvote, and way too many who indiscriminately upvote (without a peep from any who have no problem).

    ... more inside ...

    Implore section:
    Go ahead - try it - on that video that
    • wasted your time, or
    • you think wouldn't interest a soul out there, or
    • you feel you were misled by the title/description, or
    • has poor quality, or
    • fits with your consistent downvote criteria

    just as long as it is not personal.

    Caveat: Just be wise about it - as everyone should be about upvoting as well.

    Tip! Leave a simple comment as to why you downvoted it, is a good idea - it's just a good practice to follow.

    I suppose some are going to downvote my videos now for imploring this just for the twisted irony...I see the risk...I implore you not to and reserve the right to seek painful siftquisition against indiscriminate siftvotes against me.

    What say you?

    Prince and Radiohead in Youtube video skirmish

    Videos of Prince's performance covering Radiohead's "Creep" are getting taken down all over YouTube from requests by Prince's lawyers (Prince hasn't been very supportive of YouTube as a medium to communicate his music)

    Here's the weird part - Radiohead want them up.

    The good folks at TechDirt report that Prince argues they're his performances. And Radiohead say it's their song. Should be an interesting development.

    Link to the story:

    Hope to see the video sometime - and of course here on the 'Sift

    Feature Request: "Long" videos as a channel?

    I think it would be nice to keep Long videos separate than the others - they're harder to sift, and exist among 20second and 2 minute videos.

    I'm sure like others here, I like to sit down and choose a 10min+ video to really get into. Maybe to fall asleep to, to watch while washing the dishes or with the morning coffee.

    Instead I'm clicking away and switching and buffering videos here and there or going through my playlists of saved Long videos not quite finding something recent...

    Suggestion: Filter setting for Region-blocking videos?

    Perhaps there should be a setting for videos, like NSFW that applies to region-blocked videos.

    I suggest:
    -Users & uploaders can invoke whether a video is region-blocking (*region)
    -The video will show up as unavailable to the user (greyed out?)

    I don't know how often I've loaded a video only to think my computer is screwed up or sit through a few commercials to find out it's blocking the content. I'd definitely love to filter these duds out from my list, and would be willing to *tag/categorise them as *region blocking to save others the waste of time.

    Time to semi-retire the email Verification code?

    When we try to send the link via email, a fancy bot-excluding verification code comes up in a green box forces some of us to reach out to our keyboard with squinting eyes to chicken peck at the keyboard. It bugs the heck out of me.

    I think it's time for me to boldly suggest retiring it.

    I understand that it is to block possible bots - so perhaps it would be a good idea to no longer request the verification code for members who have:
    1. logged in and confirmed their email?
    2. Or been with videosift for over a month?
    3. (my favorite:) or have successfully forwarded a video by email 3 times?

    I was inspired by Facebook's verification method when sending a message via their system, which I believe is my first suggestion point

    *requeue should get 'some' response

    So I did a *requeue. And another, and another. No response.

    If someone evokes a *requeue, the Siftbot should reply with a (polite) message informing the user that the invocation of *requeue has been removed, please feel free to do *beg.

    Now, 2 things I'm jumping the gun with:
    I'm guessing *requeue was removed, reasonably, and replaced with the Powerpoint stuff with the Beggar's Corner and the PQueue, makes sense. I still have to find the memo that indicates this, perhaps the explanation could be cited as a Hyperlink in the SiftBot's response.

    My Personal Sad Disclaimer & Request
    This is my second Sift Talk Post EVER.
    Did I do it okay? If I don't find this, and the comments, or where it's moved, can someone please send me a message about what happened to this? I've posted a message before and never saw it again, and was discouraged to use SiftTalk again.

    Many thanks. VideoSift rocks.
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