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Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to drop by following a 'Sift absence and wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a belter, and offer my condolences to those who can't stand this time of year. On a personal note, this is the end of an era as next Christmas I'll have a kid. I cannot fucking wait.

All the best, see you in 2010, and good luck with the sprouts.


Videosift iPhone App?

hey bitches.

i realise the top dogs are busy due to videsift 4 being near to completion 'n' junk but i just wanted to ask: is a vs iphone app on the cards at all? i'm thinking you could make some serious wonga with a nicely designed app, assuming you charge a couple of quid for each install. i'd personally buy it in a heartbeat, plus i can't think of a similar app already available.

it makes sense.

p.s. i just got a 3gs. the quality of its video recording is really impressive.

BBC iPlayer Uncovered

bbc's iplayer (i suppose the british version of hulu?) is fucking awesome and one of the most visited websites for me. there's so much to watch and listen to, with no adverts whatsoever, plus they just introduced HD. it's a monster.

anyway, there's a really interesting interview with the guy in charge of the system over on cnet (read here). i thought fellow stat junkies might appreciate it.


iPlayer usage on the iPhone is very popular and it's growing strongly month on month. Here's a fun stat: iPlayer usage, for streaming, peaks about 10pm –- just a little later from TV. But interestingly, iPlayer on the iPhone peaks at about midnight. So people are clearly going to bed with their iPhone and watching in bed. And we also see on the weekends, there's a peak of Saturday and Sunday morning usage at about 8 to 10am in the morning on iPhone.

I think that at the moment, just for streaming, iPlayer uses about 60Gbps of bandwidth (that's about 7.5GB downloaded every second) in an evening peak. I think about 15Gbps for downloads, and about 1.5Gbps for iPhone. So overall on a particular peak day we may hit 100Gbps (about 12.5 gigabytes per second) although typically it'll be somewhat less than that. That turns out to be up to 7PB of data transfer a month.

Petabytes is a nice number. Some people know about gigabytes, some know about terabytes, and then there's petabytes.

The Dance Channel Is Open

Anyone fancy a quick waltz?

Earlier today I posted two dance-related videos and quickly realised there was no blasted dance channel. So here it is. There's a gigantic amount of shit that can be *danced that's already on the sift and even more that hasn't yet been sifted.

I think this little fucker has potential.

(Cheers for the idea Rasch)

P.s. I'm a hideous dancer.

Anyone Else On 8tracks?

alongside the sift, takes up the majority of my spare time at the moment. the premise is simple: you upload songs and make playlists/mixtapes consisting of at least 8 tracks. you can then embed the playlists anywhere. i've found a lot of good music through that site and would recommend it to anyone who used muxtape before its demise.

so, any sifters already on there?



is it possible to see the highest rated comments of all time?

i was just reading one of dag's comments (something rubbish about embryos having brains) and realised it had 50-odd upvotes. i then thought to myself, "wouldn't it be nice to see all comments ever made on here, listed according to appreciation". next thing i did was walk to the recent comments room. i noticed a box in the corner that let me see comments with the 'highest rating', so i went for that option. a huge wave of disappointment then washed over me as i realised that the comments hadn't been listed from 'best' to 'worst'.

so is there a way to do it? if not, can it be done? maybe with a cron-job? they're easy right? i've heard joedirt mention them before.

The Mystery Of Beggar's Canyon (ooooOOOOOOOOOooohh)

what the hell is it? when did it arrive? i know i've been absent for a while but surely i'd have noticed it. i just took a few days off work to read through the FAQ but couldn't find any mention of it. i even used advanced sleuthing techniques (pressed ctrl-f and searched for 'beg') but nothing relevant was caught in the net. thinking back, i do remember seeing people *beg. is that a related spell? or are there internet-based tramps (siftramps?) making a living on here?

i apologise in advance if the canyon's raison d'être (french) is plastered on the homepage and i've simply chosen to subconciously block it from view. however, i do believe it should also be explained in the FAQ for imbeciles such as myself. that FAQ could do with beefing up anyway.

i look forward to your assistance, presumably followed by me feeling even more stupid. that 2nd part i am not looking forward to. i should've worded the original sentence differently.


Someone Take My Baby

Mornin' all.

I have less and less opportunity to participate fully round here these days (I only seem to have time to watch other people's vids) so think I should really give my 'Did that just happen?' collective up for adoption.

She's a good kid with a lot of friends and I think with a bit of love and affection she could grow up to be a winner.

Let me know.

Google Video's Getting Better

they've just added another feature to googlevideo.

in the search results page you can now watch the clips without having to go to youtube. dunno about you fellas but that's a small godsend for me, the less time i have to spend on youtube the better. plus the search results are more up-to-date than if you use yt.

now all they need to do is put the embed code on gv and i'll be content.


the last thing i wanna do is drag this out so apologies in advance but i felt i needed to comment.

i'm not a hugely vocal sifter but half the fun of this site is the community and the discussion it generates. in fact one of the reasons i don't comment as much is purely due to the fact that i spend a huge amount of time reading other people's opinions.

however, yesterday's reaction to fedquip's 'slip-up' was horrendous. i actually felt uncomfortable reading a lot of it and imagine it must've been pretty shitty to be on the recieving end. i'm not condoning his actions, whether they were intentional or not (for the record, i believe he did misunderstand the policy to some extent. the youtube account points to him too blatantly for it to be considered devious), but i just think on the whole we could've been slightly more willing to listen to his reasoning before pouncing and getting personal.

as he isn't a first time poster, far from it, the offending videos should be discarded and he should be warned. it'd be a shame to make him leave the site as we all know he has a lot to offer.

the last thing we want is for the site to degenerate into a hostile environment full of youtube-esque comment threads - that's exactly why i love the place so much and i'm pretty sure that's why we're able to boast such a high calibre of users at present.

anyone got half a brain?

does anyone know how to put the videosift widget thing into a wordpress blog? i can't work it out and it's starting to make my head go funny.

any help would be appreciated.

Computer Games Collective

Just wanted to give a little hint to any Goldies without a collective yet - there's no Computer Games Collective.

Surely that would be a popular one?

Maybe I'm talking out of my arse but there's a lot of scope...

Best games ever. Shittest games ever. Unreal games performances. Speedy game completions. Vintage computer games intros.

Whaddya reckon?

Multi-video post request

I read a great story this morning that was accompanied by a couple of very relevant video clips. I then wanted to post both the clips but didn't want to do it in two seperate posts.

Therefore, I would like to make a request. When we go to make a post, would it not be fairly simple to allow us to post more than 1 clip within it (assuming we had enough 'slots' left)?

Thinking back, it would've helped on a few occasions in the past too. It would enable us to make 'meatier' submissions, show more than one viewpoint to a story etc.

Just a thought.

P.s. If you don't comply with this request I'll continually submit soft porn for the rest of my stay here (that's a long long time). Hmmm....

VideoSift made me unhappy

Apologies if this has already been asked and answered but what's going on with this site?

Siftbot is being an arsehole for a start. He used to be so responsive and eager to please, now it seems the fame has gone to his head, he'd rather hit the town and stay in bed for most of the day.

Then there's the layout.

When I click on 'Queue' all I can see is an immense line of vertical text. When I click on my profile everything that should be on the right hand side is on the left. Everthing that should be readable is in Egyptian.

Any reasons available? Is it my computer that has an illness?

Search question

Would it be possible to include the text in the video descriptions when getting search results?
Or would that be asking for trouble?

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