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What Do We Watch Next? (Blog Post)

I need some advice.

Like many people these days, I watch programmes after they've run at least a couple of series so I don't have to wait a week between each episode. For that reason, plus the fact that we're massively behind when it comes to these things, myself and my missus are just about to finish watching The Sopranos after battering it to death for the past few months. Previous to that we spent our free time watching Lost (only continued watching the last few series due to the time already invested), Heroes (seriously disappointing after the first series), Damages (again, downhill after the first series), This Life (awesome british drama).

So the question is: What do we watch next? It's a big decision. Whatever we decide on will take over our lives for the foreseeable future. I'm still thinking in Tony Soprano's accent at the moment. 

Here are the options...

1. The Wire (haven't watched a single minute of it)

2. Deadwood (i know nothing about it apart from the fact that Lovejoy features)

3. West Wing (watched the first few episodes and then got sidetracked)

4. 24 (watched one episode a couple of years back)

5. ER (never got past the 3rd series)

6. Six Feet Under (a couple of people i know swear by this programme)

I know, I know. It's a criminal amount of quality tv that we've never given a chance but other shit always seemed to get in the way. On the plus side, we've got a huge amount of quality tv to watch. 

So which one first?

(as a sidenote, we've never watched the following either... Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, Dexter. i've not included them because from what i've heard i'm pretty sure my girlfriend wouldn't enjoy it. this needs to be a team effort. there's nothing worse than watching a programme with someone who isn't as engrossed)

new spike jonze trailer (Blog Post)

'where the wild things are' is being adapted for the big screen by spike jonze and the trailer was debuted on the ellen show's website (strange choice i know) just a few minutes ago. anyway, i uploaded it to youtube, here it is. feel free to post it to the sift (i just posted it from a different source). i've read a lot about this film and i reckon it'll be pretty fantastic.

also, much respect for the arcade fire soundtrack.

i've got severe writer's block (Blog Post)

to celebrate, here are some photos of a fucking brilliant mural on highland tower in thompson, canada.


normally i'd write about the mural in more depth and post the results on my site but as i said, i've got writer's block. maybe this vs blog will become a dump for shit i can't be bothered finishing. or maybe it'll help kickstart my creative juices. we'll see. 

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