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Sagemind says...

I have to admit, being raised and living in Canada does leave one sheltered to some of these issues.
We are a nation of multi-culture. Yes, I hear about fighting on the news but it seems so far away when you never see it for real. I also hope the people immigrating to Canada will continue to leave some of this behind before coming over and joining our country. I know many come here for a fresh start but some can't help but hold on to old views. So far, they are still a minority and we have many programs aimed at teaching community and tolerance.

So ya, I guess I am a little sheltered on the issues.

In reply to this comment by demon_ix:
Well, first off, the world is much smaller today than it was in the 40s. Talking to others, learning about others, understanding others is much easier. The world Jews lived in until the 20s-40s (When the first waves of immigration or Aliyot as we call them started) was much different. Even though the Jewish communities in Europe were thousands of years old, they were still very much outsiders. There were Jewish neighborhoods, Synagogues and cemeteries were desecrated and there was occasional violence (In Russia they were called Pogroms).

My point in all of this, isn't to justify hatred, Israeli violence against Palestinians or anything like that.
It's simply this: Jews here still feel like the world is out to get us at worst, or simply resents us at best. Whenever I hear someone say the Jews control the US (paging Rick Sanchez), that Jews are greedy, even I get a little feeling that says "You're not safe, they don't trust you".

I'm one of the more informed Israelis. I go out on the web, I read more than just local stuff and I understand most of that is ignorance, but I am aware that true anti-semitism is still out there. A friend of mine is studying in Europe right now, and I hear stories of skinheads, swastikas and bricks-through-windows regularly.


Bah, I talk too much

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