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Missing Stuff 2.2

Video titles... posted by.... missing all the time. I have to wave my mouse over title areas to make them pop up.I see the vote box and the video box only many times. I'll make a screenshot if I can still command my nerves to move my muscles later.

missing things

Whats up with VS and IE? Is it just me?

#1 issue is that I get missing voting buttons all the time, here and there. Seems to stick to certain videos.

Also, when I go to my profile, and look at "Submitted Videos", say, the 2nd listing might be completely blank, like an empty gap on screen between listing 1 and 3. Then I go to "Published Videos" and a different one will be missing, maybe the 3rd and 4th entries, with the missing one from "Submitted Videos" showing up.

Is it my IE messed up? Is it IE in general.

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