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Hey Guys

Hey there. Just thought i'd pop in and post a friendly hello and see how all you guys are doing, now that i'm all growed up =] tea, anyone? (sorry for the double post people, vs aint very phone friendly, ya'know?)

So Long, Fare Well, Auf Wiedersen, Goodbye...

After a lot of thinking and decision making, i have decided to leave the Sift. Being the age i am, there are many important exams coming up (namely GCSE's) which will play an incredibly importnat factor on what i can do in life, and i'm afraid that the Sift is just one big distraction for me. This was a very tough decision i have made on my own, but i will return for short breaks in my holidays.
Now, for some personal messages:-


Lucky:Ahhh, Lucky, a fellow of which internet legends are made out of. Thank you for making life on the Sift more user freindly, and keep up the good work!
Dag: A God, who is well up there with the people who have created all the best sites on the net. Good work.
Mr. Roe: Bye


LadyBug: I can never repay you for your generous act of kindness, thank you so much!
Choggie: Gonna miss you chogster. Loved the randomness.
Michie: Thanks for the support with my collective.
Westy: I'm sorry if i hurt you with making fun of all your speeling misteaks, but it was jsut rather funny.

All of the others, i would love to mention, but i ever really spoke to you all on a one to one basis, but thanks for making my life here at the sift enjoyable. See ya.

(nb: Please don't delete my account, ill still use it form time to time.)

Online Video Pays

Another little story some of you might find interesting:-

"Scott Kirshner at The New York Times has this piece today about how user-generated videos are starting to pay off — in cash. One fellow profiled, an amateur magician, earned $13,000 so far from 30 short clips he posted to Metacafe."

Link to page Here

It's Gone! My Baby! It's Gone!

Houston, we have a problem. Posted a video, but it hasn't appeared in the queue, which is a bit of a nuisance. I've tried to re-submit, but that didn't work. I demand an explanation!

Link to the vid: here


Personally, i'm very interested in psychology. I find it fascinating, just taking a new perspective, or taking a backseat and observing everyone around me, and how they interact with others, what they do and who they are.

Psychology is something i like to observe in communities, especially VideoSift. It's amazing how people from around the world can log on to the internet and find people with the same interest, and talk calmy, argue or even make a mini-war over things.

The most amazing thing i observe is how our minds work. There are countless videos on many sites like VideoSift, that contain things we either do not understand or don't want to face. When videos like this happen, i noticed so many people have said it's fake. This is just a perfect example of our understanding and beliefs.
Just thought i'd share this with you and see your thoughts on this.

News On VideoSift

Seeing as there are so many news reports added daily to video sharing websites, i thought it might be a good idea to have a news channel. The news channel being a bit like Sift Talk, but it would contain stories (Text, Video, Pictures) fomr around the world that would interest Sifters, and members could discuss all about the stories.
Sifters could be nominated/elected/apply to become a SiftReporter. Just a thought.

Or maybe it could go into the coffee house, i just don't know.

Top Gear

Good news for all top gear fans. The new series of Top Gear since Richard Hammond's car crash is being shown tommorow (Sunday 28th January). The new series will include his car crash, just in case you didn't know already.

The Radio Times Listing

Well, That Was Long...

No sooner have i joined you again, but i have to leave you again, and we are going inot a murky depths of a land without Broadband. Wish Me Luck.

I leave you with this nice riddle:

Until I am measured, I am not known. Yet how you miss me, When I have flown.

I'll give you the answer when i return (and no cheating)

EDIT: Well, it looks like the invention of the internet made that to easy. I'll have to make my own question then.
1. What word in the English Dictionary has the most meanings
2.Which word in the english dictionary has the most consecutive double letters e.g. "boom", oo are the double letters.

Guess Who's Back, Back Again?

Hello great people of the video sifting community, it is is I, your beloved leader of VideoSift Youth, who has just recovered from the immense depression that can only be caused by "PTDCD" (Post Traumatic Dead Computer Disorder). This has been releived a bit every so often when i was able to use friends computers to access the holy grail i like to call VideoSift.
So you have two choices, you can:
A. Love Me
B. Loathe Me

Only you can decide...


I've only just noticed that the e-mails from Sift-Bot are: Nobody@videosift.com. Would it be possible to get an e-mail for users e.g. Darksun@videosift.com. Maybe just for chartered members, but it would be good if everyone could have one.


I know nobody does this anymore, but i've been waiting so long to do this.

I've gone and got myself a 100 star. finally! Yayy. Ok, funs over, back to posting.

Random Video

Surfing Wikipedia.com, i have taken a liking to the random article button, which made me think that a random video button would be good to have on Videosift.

Countless times i have been searchng videosift just wanting to see a video i havn't seen before, or for a while, so it would be appropriate.

VideoSift HTML Banner Designs

<hr>I thought i would try and make some HTML banners for you all to put on your sites and in your siggy if any of you frequent forums. Please post your own banners here as well, so we can build up a nice little collection.

Personal Profiles

I was wondering if it would be posssible to have homepages like MySpace and Bebo for user profiles, but in a VS format and template.

Sections could include what is already on the profile, such as comments and videos, just set out.

E-mail, E-mail, E, E, De E-mail...

I'm using AOL (I hate it, i hate it, i hate it) unfortunately, and im not geting e-mails telling me when people have left a comment on my post etc. I have checked all the boxes, and the only e-mails i get are ones telling me my vieo has been discarded. Anyone else get this problem?

Too... Much...Daily Show

Don't get me wrong, i absolutley love the daily show, but isn't there far to many clips? Looking at the queue there is five clips from daily show. It seems like we should have a *daily show invocation. VideoSift is about the best solitary videos from the web. Isn't it time we moved on?

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