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Should Jon Stewart remove the beard

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A total of 35 votes have been cast on this poll.

Jon Stewart has been bearded recently, what do you think? I think without the beard he presents a more open and friendly face. Also he looks much sexier without one

Video evidence of beard

Allowing members to post pictures in their comments?

We can already post videos in comments, wouldn't it be nice if members (of a certain rank) could also post pictures from a reliable source like Sometimes a picture can be useful, sometimes it can be funny.

I've been wanting to post this one for a while now, it applies to many videos

Hosted by

Or maybe pictures like these are the reason picture comments aren't allowed

YouTube allows full 1080p HD

YouTube Blog
We're excited to say that support for watching 1080p HD videos in full resolution is on its way. Starting next week, YouTube's HD mode will add support for viewing videos in 720p or 1080p, depending on the resolution of the original source, up from our maximum output of 720p today.

And those of you who have already uploaded in 1080p, don't worry. We're in the process of re-encoding your videos so we can show them the way you intended.

As an example you can check out the Dark Knight trailer in full HD here. That is if your computer can run it. If you right click the video and press "show video info" you can see the amount of bandwidth and the FPS your computer runs it at.
If this becomes popular it will require a staggering amount of bandwidth from YouTube. I'm quite surprised they allow it.

More examples:
Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus HD 1080p Trailer
Prince Of Persia the Movie HD 1080p trailer
Avatar HD 1080p Trailer

Some awesome features for the Firefox Status Bar

I think the charter price for having a blog is a bit too steep for me. But on my own blog I made a post where I shared a range of neat addons for the FireFox status bar. Here's the link. *Warning* my collaborative blog looks very kiddy with its nice care bear theme, but some of the content we post is absolutely not child friendly.

If this post constitutes a breach of self promotion guidelines then please delete it.

So how are these Amazon links working out?

I have diligently added Amazon links to my and other posts where relevant. I wonder if it is helping you pay the bills in any significant way. And on that topic, how are you managing? Not long ago it seemed like you were very low on money.

Lower threshold for channel sifts?

I was thinking that it might be a nice idea to have a video Sift into a channel page when it reaches 5 votes or something. It would not reach the main page and would not yield a star point until it reaches 10 though. This might improve the channel pages, especially those that don't have a lot of submissions, and help lift some gems out of the queue.

Can we have a *brief channel?

Sometimes I'm just looking for a quick fix and want to see a short clip.
Ideally all posts would list the runtime and I could sort by desired runtime, but that would probably be a lot of work.

The highs and lows of Sifting

Do you have these times where all your queued videos seem to make it, some even to the Top. Those times are good and make me *happy.
But then also you sometimes have queue after queue fill with videos that seem destined to go to your pqueue. Filling up the PQ, and forcing you to kill off a few of your precious babies, as to not clog up your pqueue. That makes me *sad

The highs and lows of Sifting...

Saving the Sift one step at a time

The current #2 on Videosift
It has a fair amount of comments so there are a lot of avatars loaded each time this video is clicked.
I saved all the avatars to my computer and the cumulative size of the avatars was 132 KB. This doesn't sound like a lot, but it's probably responsible for a large part of the bandwidth used to provide this page to the user. Especially if you consider that most of the Sift's design is based on code and not graphics. Importantly the top videos usually have long comment threads, thus a lot of avatars, and the top videos are also those most watched.

So my point is this: The Videosift can save a lot of money on bandwidth if they only allow avatar images which are externally stored, like on your own webspace.
Or you could upload a maybe bigger and better avatar to VideoSift for a nice price. People must pay much extra if they want to buy the option of animated avatars

Submission Form idea

When submitting a video I often have to pause for some time to check out in which channels this video could belong. This usually means going to their respective subdomains and reading the posting criteria.

My tip to make this process easier would be to make the channel text beside each checkbox a link to that subdomain (or a specific page with posting guidelines for that channel)
This might also have the added advantage of less videos posted to wrong channels.
Alternately the information you get when you hover over the channel text could contain more relevant information.

Two questions on multipart videos

-If a video is multipart, is it allowed to make a separate submission for each part? I've always thought it wasn't allowed, but I have seen it happen.

-If the first part of a multipart is less than 10 min, but the sum of multiparts is greater than 10 minutes, should it be flagged as long?

Also "Please do not post entire episodes of television shows or movies, unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are in the public domain." needs to be removed from the posting guidelines or many many videos are in violation and must be discarded.

I think there is something wrong with the Unsifted section

I posted a video and it starts out at the bottom of the second page of the unsifted list. This can't be right? There were many other videos which had been there longer and had a worse votes to view ratio. I've noticed the Unsifted videos section behaving strangely many times before.
Is it just me? Or is something not quite right?

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