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4.1 is here!

It's been a bit since 4.0 has been introduced and we are very happy to bring you the newest version of your favorite website, VideoSift 4.1! Without further ado, let's take a look at what's new:


Quoting has never been more fun. Since comments and discussions are an important part of this site, we've reworked the way quotes are being displayed. While long back-and-forth exchanges benefit the most from this feature, even single quotations look more appealing and include a smaller version of the quoted person's avatar.


Dynamic comment loading

Loading times can be quite long for videos and talks that enjoy a healthy dose of discussion. That's why we've implemented a system that loads an initial batch of the comments and adds more to the page on request, rather than loading them all on page load. It should speed up those page loads. You still have the option to load all the comments by either clicking the corresponding link on the given page, or by disabling this new feature all together in your preferences.


Related video display

You've just watched a video and want more of the same? You don't want to scroll down past the comments to find the related videos? No problem. Once your video has finished, you'll be greeted by a presentation of related videos in its place. This feature is only available for YouTube embeds.


Preview comment posting

This feature has been requested a couple of times and we're proud to announce that it has made its way onto the sift! It is now possible to post comment from the comment popup, making it no longer necessary to leave a listing page and open another page to post a comment. Simply click the "submit new comments" link within the popup to show the comment edit box.

More comment goodness

The comment box toolbar has been extended with a "pin" button, which pins the comment box to the bottom of the screen, making it possible to read through comments while still having the edit box on screen.
The invocations in the listing above the comment box are now clickable and will insert the given invocation into to comment box on click.
The comment icon under a video's thumbnail will change depending on the number of comments it has. It'll be semi-transparent when there are no comments at all, while it'll feature an exclamation mark once a video receives 10 or more comments.

Revamped user preferences and country flags

The user preference section has been restyled to be more in touch with v4. In addition, a "country" setting has been introduced to the profile prefs. The country you choose will be represented by a small flag on your profile page.

A whole lot of small tweaks and fixes

There are alot more small changes, most of which you will discover eventually, such as

  • The ability to read a video's extended info while the embed is expanded in gallery mode.

  • The sift lounge has been opened for silver star members

  • A new bookmark icon.

  • A whole lot more social sharing options for videos.

  • Faster initialization of the navigation and user menu.

  • A revamped channels page.

As usual, please let us know in case you're experiencing any problems.

Getting Ready for VideoSift 4.1

Now that we've all been using 4.0 for a while, I'd like to get some feedback on things that you think could use improving. These could be little issues to do with how you use VideoSift that are frustrating or don't work the way you think they should, or just ideas for improvement.

Our own Campion is hard at work tweaking and prodding the UI for 4.1- so now is a good time to let fly with any ideas for little improvements, glitch fixes or issues.

As usual, thanks for your help in improving the Sift.

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