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Your Filthy Past On Videosift

Let's play a game. We have all been party to fiendish thoughts or actions of nefarious sorts on the site, eh? True confessions time. Self-linkers that slipped through he cracks, ad-hom to private profiles worthy of banning were it not for the patience of both parties(to not act like douchebags or punk-ass bitches, you know who you are), acting like a bitch on the telephone after you heard an actual human voice, etc. etc., you know who you are... tell us some stinky shit you feel fucking ashamed for before you lose the battle of life in a dickhead costume!

You girls don't have to play, yer outnumbered and off the hook...You ladies may talk shit to me as you will or anytime you please.

Videosiftifonlyif Newbies

Seems to meeee, that if like swampgirl said with her play list here,,
that if y'all full a yerselves would dodge yer egos for a few seconds, and give some support to the folks who ditch this wankfest once they see the true colors of some of the worst violators of the cult of MeHe ("shes" don't factor in, too few women on the site that will put the less than gentlemen here in their places) would care to go and lookit'....we'd stop scaring folks away!!

..ya .buncha doofs!

I hope to scare away personally, more than a half dozen of ya regulars!!

Proud of Videosift....

...cause of the last week or so, the place has been relatively unpolluted with excrement from television news, dog shit, diversion, and mind control talkin head personalities.......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BABOONS!!!

It may be my imagination though...What needs to happen perhaps, maybe the posts you folks offer from the so-called, "news," with one side or the other on the block, should be picked clean like a carcass with regard to tone, timbre, underlying propaganda theme, and stripped of the bullshit...This could transpire as , no more Olbermann or Maddow fans, TYT can suck a fat cock, and the shit that passes for "journalism" nowadays???, A motherfucking illusion, designed to keep slow folks, in a very small box, or America on top, either way, the world may be beyond fucked silly by a distant cousin in some extra bedroom and it never come out till years later......


One of my favorite shit-stirrers, this cat has contributed quite a bit of wonderful content to the site-Go and dig on the man's fetish for rally racing and horsepower, or check some of the twisted human tricks he has been able to find-Cheers mate, you've been here longer than scribblings on French cave walls, bout time. I predict you will eventually withdraw from society with a Japanese sugar-momma.

Oh, and he's the MC for the upcoming roast of Kulpims as well.....should be fun.

D O T D U D E : The Benevolent Monarch


Step right up and give this man his much deserved props, stroke the crown he so dutifully and reservedly deserved after having had to suffer the likes of others more daring than himself with more ruthless, self-serving ageeendas,

BUST his cherry with some new bling, HURRY HURRY HURRRY, celebrate the wonder of the man with 3 noses!! See her perform feats of unimaginable dexterity as it gliiiides on grease, through the Piaaaatza!

Ten cents, 5 pennies and five, one thin dime, a tenth of a dollar HUUUry Hurry Hurry!!

MERRY XMAS... all from choggie who happens to be spending Xmas here on VS watching all the viddies of therealblankman that i up-voted tonightin a wholesale flurry of arrows-up...... Merry Xmas thereal, try not to dump yer bike on the way home....

So as far as votes go on this site the meaning of this post is, "Who and what floats yer fuckin' boat"...bottom-line-Rules or proper decorum be damned, no one around to provide a dissenting opinion otherwise, merry, fucking, Christmas.

Rules, are for the evolutionarily disabled...s'all about adaptation and appropriate response to the same.

VOTE the 8's and 9's outta the queues ya sorry-ass posers!

Refining Channels

Hi everybody, Dr.Nick here, with a bit of good news for all you insects.

As some of you who care may be aware of, by some spontaneous effort on the part of a person/user with status and appeal, I was welcomed back with open arms to this masturbatory romp called Videosift®, that after I had shit upon a few users, thanks to all who know and love the input, I'll be here all week, yer all beautiful....

With my powers restored, I tried to push the envelope by creating yet another channel(choggie birthed 3 during his infamous tenure, all bastard children that others take way better care of than myself)... Ornthoron, thanks for dealing with "jazz", EIA is still the sifts since Karaidl is "P' now and has killed his contributions, and the wildwestshow is about to die... one of those, "girl makes you do crazy shit" kinna channels, we love and miss you Raven.

Anyhoo, I created a new channel because I had the power afforded me by way of campiondelmundo's tireless efforts to improve the place while making everyone happy or otherwise ignoring function over form.....the new channel sits dormant (now abandoned) awaiting disapproval, however...-I DON'T WANT A CHANNEL!


I apologize beforehand for posting this e-mail from RS to me regarding my wonder at why no new channel, and propose the following consideration with a view to helping this place tick, sputter,fire and wail, on all twelve cylinders.....REFINE CHANNELS!
Surrender like for like and make this project a special thing. We don't need to have channel assignments loaded with unrefined egos...

(Brian Houston
to me, Rommel

[New channels are actually a bit of a problem for us it turns out. They are bad for the way we get indexed in Google and actually result in us getting less traffic and advertising revenue - this has to do with page rank and splitting duplicate content over different URLs. So while we're happy to award people a channel when they reach that milestone- and take the hit that comes from it - we don't want to encourage multiple channels per user.

I still feel that as you've had 3 channels (more than anyone else on the Sift) that should be enough. You can appeal to the Sift for a second opinion - but this is how we stand now.]

Thanks, admins....I concur-Here's some reference material:

Whittle the shit down (I will get the ball rolling by abandoning the wildwestshow)

Up to y'all to figure out the details...campioin??? Please eliminate the wildwestshow, I can't, it belongs to the collective.

Have a (NICE) day....and you allllll know how much I fucking hate that particular phrase, all you pussies. whatz'actly is a "nice" day, anyhow?

Posted For Removal...

...of the eyesore that IS, the current Tiger Woods poll on the top of the sift talk.
All this fuss over the Golfer who wants better than he's got kinna makes ya wanna play baseball with a giant bat and a few dozen communications satellites....


...of being here waiting for admins to give the user, (formerly known as choggie), some basic, operating power back.
When, boys? Times' a wastin'...Please, take a fucking poll if it helps to speed things along....I will remind the site and all her users, that decisions made here shape the site's future. Anyone who would like to have direct questions from choggie relative to this post answered on this thread.... feel free to ask here.

I remind anyone in the know how patient and long-suffering we are.

Upvote the Good Ol' Days

In the spirit of goodwill and The Order of Brotherly Brownnose, we suggest a reminiscent ejaculatory upvote of a user's pquequed package, as a once and never to be repeated in an as eloquent and acceptable a gesture, action.
For example: I got all wiggly and decided Kulpims deserved some love, and proceeded to blindly upvote EVERYTHING, but only in his non-published area known as pequeuedina (hence the bunch of stuff of his all in the front like he's some god of the fucking universe!!)

I attribute the action to and thank the same for the inspiration, my fellow sifter Blankfist...and westy, and all of you who want to see my motherfucking "P" GONE GOOOODAMMMMMIT!!!!!!


Swell group we have here tonight....Have fun publishing the ramblings of the deranged or otherwise distracted

Appeal From ADX Florence

Hey well-wishers.....Until choggie's probationary status is lifted, he is unable to perform properly and efficiently. Can't re-rase comments from users clogging his personal profile, (some old as dirt, others banal and self-destructive), can't privatize comments (which we can't imagine why this restriction even matters with all the cut-and-pasters and ignorers out there), and he can't FIX DEAD VIDS WITH NEW EMBED CODES-Which is what he would like to do before they die.

Choggie received some auto-generated e-mails this AM from siftbot, reminding that a number of his published viddies are dead-Choggie checked, the embeds are out there for most of them. Perusers with good-intentions or otherwise in their stalwart efforts to keep the sift free of clutter have started a clock-o-tikkin' he is helpless to smash with a hammer.

Would anyone like to help fix some of them??? He would be most gracious, as always, to return the favor in kind once his restrictions are removed.

Eat More Greens,
Mildred Krauthammer, SAC, SPA, NHA

Thanks & Apologies & A** Gravity

I am speechless..... but don't get too used to it. Thanks to all-You ALL played a part in making this happen, whatever is is that happened. You all know the nemesis-oriented relationships I seem to still maintain here-It has been quite frustrating to deal without a forum or a voice to speak to the detractors, policeMen ( no ladies involved), and the hopelessly linear during my foray into the sift's backdoor (screen door on a submarine). A few confessions regarding my alias':

I was telling dagmar that I could only recall about 6 other accounts-Phonecium, Sallyjune, VJDJ247365, Eliza(still active, forgot the password and e-mail so I never used her, I created that one before the ban just to see if it would work) and some cat I made form and e-mail address with the name, Heinz Tabischer.

Sorry KP, BF, all the ones that were users with only numbers, were not mine-Thank you for thinking of me daily though, the energy you sent my way fueled my seething hatred for most of mankind, puppies, and the elderly. And to both of you guys, my most humble apologies for fucking with you two more than anyone else.

To NetRunner and mintbbb I express a thoughtful regret for having *poopies so often on NR's posts-I simply hate politics, I see it as a lesion in need of excising to make way for a paradigm I may never live to see, and I can only promise, that on a good day, I may offer more insights into my, OPINIONS, which is all any of us have. If you would like, NetRunner, I will avoid posting any responses to your alternative to Major Media, liars and charlatans all-I may still downvote the occasional post, however, if I even have the ability to do so anymore. ..and I do....least I think I do, lemme go try it out right now on some random post.....(stnd by) Yep, still works!...sorry ant, it was only a test and you were the closest.

A word of advice for the man who seems to enjoy the flavor of his foot at least once a day.....gwiz665: Don't Grope. If I had been the chick, I would have reset your jaw...and thank you for the poll FINALLY I never asked this directly of anyone, and you did it out of sheer mischief, seasoned with love-I believe it must have been the Ivor Cutler that gave me away. I have no regret for my actions on the whole during the past year-If anyone would like some personal insight into this last statement, please feel free to leave me a message and a way to contact you off site

By the way, dag, Lucky, and all the hip women of the sift (I think there's only one left)-I LOVE MY SHINY NEW HANDCUFFS!!!!!!

*poopies-alternative world view

B A N N E D R E D A C T E D-Dedicated to Westy

Ready F0r That Ban Now, Daddy
Who's yer daddy?

Hey Dag.....Go fuck yourself-Better Yet, have the pants-wearer don the pulsation.....Strap it on , baby, and show yer man-thing who's boss-

Fuck Yas, Dag-You have no balls.

Never have I heard as much bullshit as I have in the past week, than in my entire history on the sift
-Bye bye, and love to all who know and love.....the Prived few who are comforatable with their progress......

Passive Agression Blows
Unilateral Ass-Showing and ego-tripping, a similar disease...equally as putrified-

Forcing the hand motherfucker-Not my way-But yours.......

That's All Folks
Back inna few with a new puter and IP and username-Guess who's formerly choggie, snakeplissken, whothefuck-does it matter???......Not done here by a damn site....Ban me KP, yer kinna dickless now, too-perhaps this will assist in you dropping a pair as well.....Dag? What's wrong???....Minerals??? Go diggin'!


Hey folks-Head over, find a viddy, replace the embed, and do another user instead of jacking off for a change.....then resume jacking-off.....

S'real easy way to say you care about someone's hard-earned beans.......

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